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Brown County Brouhaha - June 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - June 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

4:22 pm – 6/1/19
Smith St – Complainant’s wife broke out a car window with a baseball bat – she did leave – complainant was here picking up some belongings

10:00 pm – 6/1/19
S Quincy – Welfare check – small red car in the alley behind the residence, there’s a male white sitting in the backseat of the vehicle and he’s been there for several days – caller saying they haven’t seen the male move at all, and the vehicle has not been running
UPDATE: Officer: “If we happen to get any more calls, it’s a mannequin, in a suit, in the backseat.”

10:45 am – 6/2/19
2300 block E Mason – Road rage incident – was a verbal disturbance – female Hispanic in a white Camry spit on caller, caller then punched out female’s taillight, and now he came out of the restaurant to find his windshield broken

12:05 pm – 6/3/19
Lebrun @ St Croix – Male/male physical disturbance – one male was throwing items at the other – no weapons seen – they appear to be part of a lawn care service

2:38 pm – 6/6/19
Green Bay – Caller states suspects damaged her vehicle with a bat – she now wants to confront them, she’s not listening to advice, she also has a bat

10:43 pm – 6/7/19
1125 Radisson – McDonald’s – 8 to 9-year-old that’s walking up to the drive thru window with some cats in a backpack

9:58 pm – 6/8/19
EB on Harbor Lights over 41 – six cows walking in traffic

10:31 PM – 6/8/19
Optimist Park – Report of juveniles playing basketball

12:18 am – 6/11/19
Harvey St – Intoxicated caller reporting their TV was stolen

10:21 am – 6/11/19
S 9th St – Caller is upset about construction happening every morning before 10 am – when advised this was not an ordinance violation, he became very upset and said that he feels like he’s going to snap

10:40 pm – 6/12/19
Main St – Female driver in a black Infinity rammed a squad car and took off – chase ensued – suspect blew stop sighs, stoplights, and was driving into oncoming traffic – suspect vehicle reached speeds of 110 MPH – spike strips were unsuccessfully deployed – chase terminated for public safety
UPDATE: 6:30-ish am 6/13/19 – Unoccupied stolen vehicle involved in high-speed chase recovered at Oliver Park in Howard

6:42 pm – 6/13/19
3031 Allied – Microtel Inn – WEAPONS CALL – Subject with gunshot wound to the groin – possible suspects left the scene (news story)

11:35 am – 6/14/19
Willard Dr – Suspicious person – female in the parking lot running after people, asking them to ‘fill her cup’ – she’s dancing in the rain, caller is concerned about her

3:28 pm – 6/14/19
2400 block Main St – Suspicious female – she’s in the bathroom and says she’s “Cleaning money”, has been in the bathroom for over 40 minutes

10:14 pm – 6/14/19
East side GB – Intoxicated male fell off the toilet – unknown injuries – EMS en route

1:04 am – 6/14/19
1100 block Main St – Intoxicated female in the parking lot being verbal and won’t leave – she’s also slinging her shoes at the complainant – pink & purple hair, short pink flower dress, gold shoes & black purse

9:34 am – 6/14/19
N Irwin @ Berner – Officers on scene of a welfare check requesting rescue for unconscious male in a SUV in the intersection

3:05 pm – 6/16/19
2700 block Humboldt Rd – Caller stating their daughter is in a tan Honda Accord trying to run people over

10:00 pm - 6/16/19
Fern Ln - Ding dong ditchers

Eventful day in Green Bay – SWAT search warrant on 13th Ave, subject taken into custody – High priority stop on 172, subject taken into custody – SWAT on Newtols, subject taken into custody

8:48 am – 6/21/19
N Quincy – Vehicle fire – no injuries

12:47 pm – 6/21/19
Mason St bridge (Tillman) – Multi vehicle accident

8:48 pm – 6/21/19
1400 block Clark St – GMC Envoy vs. ice cream truck

9:13 am – 6/22/19
Oregon St – Complainant woke up to find a bowling ball in her front yard

11:21 pm – 6/22/19
1265 Lombardi Ave – Lambeau Field – Intoxicated female 30’s fell on the escalator, unknown injuries

9:21 am - 6/22/19
800 block Christian - 9 year-old calling 911 concerned that someone stole her roller-blades - she then disconnected the call

4:21 pm – 6/23/19
Hickory Hill Dr – Marquette Park – Large group in a disturbance – a female black, unknown clothing description, has a frying pan that she’s attempting to use as a weapon

3:03 pm – 6/25/19
1058 Reed St – Resch Aquatic Center – At the splash pads, an adult male is cleaning himself and is getting upset with people because the water is not splashing on him – male white, tie dyed shirt, white shorts, & red bandanna

7:49 pm - 6/25/19
Crooks @ Monroe - Male party swearing at vehicles

2:23 pm – 6/26/19
Eastman @ Grognet – Male party passed out inside running vehicle
UPDATE: Per Officer on scene rescue is not needed, male subject was taking a nap 

3:14 pm – 6/26/19
George St – Ex took complainant’s car without permission and went to Wisconsin Dells

10:53 pm – 6/26/19

Green Bay – Female caller on 911 upset the people at Little Caesars aren’t answering the phone

12:15 pm – 6/27/19
2199 S Ridge Rd – Tower Park – In front of the park for a purple car with subjects having adult relations inside

1:22 pm – 6/27/19
Velp @ Mather – Female party w/ difficulty breathing currently lying on the sidewalk – is not conscious, possible broken arm – called in by passerby – EMS en route
UPDATE: Per officers of scene this is not a medical issue, party was just taking a nap in the shade

12:13 pm – 6/28/19
Crooks @ Madison – city bus vs. car

2:57 pm – 6/28/19
Irwin just north of Main – Male/male physical disturbance – one male has a brick, the other a 2 x 4

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