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Brown County Brouhaha - May 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - May 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Western Ave – Reopened weapons call from early this morning where a female was hit by a tomahawk

11:10 pm – 5/2/19
W Mason – Marathon – Robbery at knifepoint – no injuries (news story)

11:00 am-ish 5/3/19
W Mason – Walmart – Huber escapee (in jail for retail theft) stopped by police for…you guessed it…retail theft

2:10 pm – 5/3/19
St Joseph @ Libal – Report of a female party not wearing pants (No Pants Day)

9:14 pm – 5/3/19
Western Ave – Male party reportedly threw a hammer at complainant’s vehicle

Approx 1 pm – 5/4/19

Sports bike driving eastbound at approx 140 MPH – police terminated chase for safety, chase resumed around Main @ Allouez Ave and then from Manitowoc Rd to Crab Apple Ln – on to Altair and then he ditched his bike at the dead end on Emory – foot chase ensued, rider reportedly ditched something in the woods before taken into custody at gunpoint

Approx 1:12 am – 5/5/19
2700 block Nicolet Dr – Vehicle rollover accident – unknown injuries

11:32 am – 5/5/19
307 S Adams – Green Bay Weed Reports

12:53 am – 5/6/19
Sandhill @ Sandia – Silver sedan, unknown plate, keeps driving around the neighborhood playing loud music and will randomly stop and honk the horn for 30 seconds

5:14 am – 5/7/19
Commanche Ave – Disturbance – Male came home to find his wife in bed with another man

10:37 pm - 5/7/19
Green Bay – “Very intoxicated” male on the line stating a 5-year-old is stomping on his face

10 pm – 5/10/19
Cormier – Mom crashes SUV with kids inside (news story)

5:22 pm – 5/11/19
1300 block S Fisk – Stolen vehicle vs house (news story)

5 pm-ish – 5/11/19
N Military – Disturbance – customer being verbal about not being able to use somebody else’s laundry detergent


10:38 pm – 5/11/19
West GB – Male party keeps pulling the fire alarm in the building because he thinks everybody hates him

11 pm-ish – 5/11/19
Male driver rear ended a vehicle at Walnut @ Monroe and later crashed into another vehicle and someone’s fence on Day St, where he was taken into custody

5:24 pm – 5/12/19
College Ave – De Pere – Reports of multiple people wearing orange/orange vests, putting out traffic cones, and using “fake radios” to direct traffic the wrong way down 4th, telling people they are Campus Safety – 5 males & 1 female

2:15 pm – 5/13/19
Hinkle @ Larsen – Vehicle vs train

1 am-ish 5/14/19
1100 block Lime Kiln – Disturbance – suspect used a mini bat to smash out her headlight and was throwing trail mix
UPDATE: 2:23 am – Officers requesting rescue for male party bleeding from the head

1:09 am – 5/14/19
1600 block Shawano Ave – Civil disturbance over $20 bucks – now suspect stole complainant’s television and left in a blue Oldsmobile, SB on Military

10:30 am-ish 5/14/19
2700 block Viking Dr - Found cat contained in a box, the box was taped shut - they found it in the dumpster - the cat is alive.
Update 5/15: Woman arrested (news story)

7:45-ish pm – 5/14/19
S Broadway – Shell – Male threatening people with a hammer – 2nd caller said a male white with gray hair, black shirt, & jeans, asked him to call 911 because there was a meth cook in the store but they never saw a disturbance

9:44 pm – 5/14/19
Cyrus @ Cypress – Cow in the road

7:30-ish pm – 5/15/19
EB on Deckner from Bellevue St – Check the welfare of male subject walking down the road talking to himself & yelling “I’m a goddamn patriot!” & that police don’t do anything – complainant believes he’s on drugs and will be confrontational

8:04 pm – 5/15/19
1025 S Fisk – Colburn Pool – Rescue & PD for someone slumped over in front of the pool house with a needle sticking out of their arm

9:21 pm - 5/15/19
Ray Nitschke Bridge (Main St) - Complainant is being followed by a male that is inappropriately touching himself - subject's in a tan van - now at Dousman & Broadway.
NOTE: Unsure if PD caught up with the perv, but they have his plate info - vehicle comes back to a party out of Sun Prairie, WI.

7:06 pm – 5/16/19
Shawano Ave – Meijer – Complainant was a customer, stated there was a female white, approx 40’s, short frizzy brown hair, tan long sleeves & white shorts, was acting like she knew the complainant as well as other females in the store – she kept following comp throughout the store and tried to make conversation with her

7:45-ish pm – 5/17/19
Main @ Baird – Male subject acting erratic

10:56 pm – 5/17/19
East side GB – Caller said her husband is intoxicated and she found him in bed with another woman and now wants him to leave

8:25 am – 5/19/19
Oak St – Oak St Café – Vehicle vs building

11 am - 5/20/19
Green Bay - Male party reporting his girlfriend stole his dog and some other items from Motel 6 last week.

5:29 pm – 5/20/19
Woodrow Way – Person used their riding lawnmower to go through complainant’s backyard

10:36 pm – 5/21/19
2300 block Velp Ave – Report of a stolen Chevy Silverado
UPDATE: 11 pm – Vehicle spotted, short chase ensued, suspect crashed into parked cars at Kellogg @ Kelly Jo Dr – suspect in custody (news story)

7:21 pm – 5/22/19
Brown County – Complainant just woke up and his teeth fell out and he’s gushing blood

7:43 pm – 5/22/19
Brown County – Female party is very upset about the power outage and wants officers to help her, not exactly sure with what

7:09 pm – 5/22/19
Lombardi Ave – Male sitting at the bar acting strange – taking video of himself and venting about the food

7:51 pm – 5/22/19
Brown County – In reference to a male calling himself ‘Electron’ – he fell out of bed and hasn’t eaten in 4 days due to the injury – he’s saying that ‘Kevin’ will be very upset, doesn’t want lights or sirens, unknown who ‘Kevin’ is – saying he’s (Kevin) is not mentally capable of understanding

11:30 pm – 5/22/19
E Mason – Vehicle fire – no reported injuries

12:09 am - 5/23/19
Area of University @ N Quincy - Son jumped out of mom's car and is now running through yards and jumping fences - male is wearing a black shirt & jeans
NOTE: Mom was upset at him for either breaking into cars or attempting to break into cars, which led to an argument, which led to him jumping out of the car
UPDATE: 12:14 am - Officer out with the juvenile 

6:56 pm - 5/23/19
2800 block Viking Dr - Food stolen out of refrigerator 

8:30 am - 5/24/19
Shawano Ave - Kwik Trip - Male party in his vehicle since approx 8 am - he's refusing to leave, claiming he's a 'sovereign citizen' 

1:39 am - 5/27/19
1200 block Stuart St - Car vs. house (news story

8:37 am - 5/28/19
Lost Dauphin @ Nicolet Pl - Vehicle vs. telephone pole - no injuries but the pole is broken in half and lines are down 

12:33 pm - 5/28/19
EB on Morris towards Oneida - Male party, 30 to 40-years-old, wearing a safari hat and an orange jacket, was knocking on doors in the area - he stopped and sat in (comp's) front yard and ate his lunch - he proceeded down the street and is dancing in the street 

10:22 pm - 5/28/19

1200 block Dousman - Male screaming and knocking over dumpsters 

12:38 am - 5/30/19

600 block S Webster - Male party on the ground "growling" at complainant 

10:30 am - 5/30/19

1000 block Dousman - Vehicle vs. house hit & run - vehicle hit gas meter - Ford Ranger, last seen WB on Dousman - evacuating house due to gas leak
UPDATE: 10:32 am - Suspect vehicle stopped Shawano @ Taylor - suspect not obeying officer commands 
10:35 am - Suspect taken into custody at gunpoint 

9:57 pm - 5/30/19

Ledgeview VFW - Report of 8 cows in the parking lot

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