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Brown County Brouhaha - August 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - August 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 
9:32 pm – 8/1/19
W Mason – Taco Bell – Verbal disturbance - male subject angry his order is taking too long

2:42 pm – 8/2/19
Brown County – Ex-wife walking around complainant’s house – he can see this on security cameras – she’s wearing a white baseball hat, white shirt, blue jeans – he’s out of town – the last time this happened she was hiding in complainant’s shed when he got home

11:49 pm – 8/2/19
Coral St – Weapons call – male throwing things around & screaming – at one point he had a knife – he stabbed a cereal bag and there’s cereal all over the kitchen

6:10 am – 8/3/19
Western @ Taylor – Driver of van ran from police, crashed into a pole – multiple children involved w/ injuries – at least one female taken into custody

7:28 am – 8/3/19
12th Ave – Check welfare of Hispanic male wearing a white shirt and black pants – he is currently sitting in a tree across from this address – he just dropped off a birdcage with a bird in it at complainant’s house – they do not know this man
UPDATE: 7:29 am – Complainant is outside, male is still sitting in a tree

3:56 pm – 8/3/19
N Monroe – theft of a dream-catcher – unknown suspects

1:50 pm – 8/4/19
High risk stop after vehicle seen blowing through a red light going approx. 80 MPH on Main St

Noon – 8/4/19
9th St – Female just drove by the apartments and threw a dog out of her van and then left – the dog is currently wandering around the property

4:48 pm – 8/4/19
N Chestnut – In the alley on the south end, check for a male white, dark tee shirt, dark shorts, who is doing lewd & lascivious actions
UPDATE: 4:51 pm – Officer: “Out with him. He’s in fact doing what he’s been reported to be doing.”

10:54 am – 8/5/19
12th Ave – Complainant’s ex-girlfriend is trying to break into the home, is smashing windows – unknown weapons – complainant stating he’s grabbing a baseball bat for protection

8 pm – 8/6/19
Main St – Vehicle vs. Arby’s – no injuries

12:20 am – 8/9/19
3000 block E River Dr – For the last 30 minutes, someone’s been ringing complainant’s doorbell and running away

8:48 am – 8/9/19
Winford Ave – Two (apparently there was only one) trash pandas stuck inside a dumpster
UPDATE: Per comments: “She couldn’t get out because there wasn’t much in there…animal control came out and put a dresser drawer in there so she could climb out.”

10 am – 8/9/19
University Ave – Originally a 911 hang up, on callback male party stated he was involved in a disturbance with a female who was threatening him with a hammer – she also cut him earlier with a broken vase – male has lacerations to the face and arm

11:12 am – 8/9/19
Brown County – Check the welfare of female, approx. 30-years-old, that’s been stretching and doing exercises and was digging in the bushes looking for a ten-dollar bill on a baby doll, she’s now sprawled out on the grass

2:04 pm – 8/10/19
N Military Ave – Two intoxicated males were physically fighting; they now appear to be hugging 

2:55 pm – 8/10/19
2200 block Main St – “The iguana’s in custody.”

8:40 pm – 8/10/19
2000 block Lime Kiln – Complainant was using the bathroom and there was a male in the next stall that was possibly recording him

9:30 pm – 8/10/19
Green Bay – Complainant stating he was involved in a verbal disturbance in a vehicle with a female – the female said she was going to ruin all of his clothes at the home – he does not really know this female, his items are at his house – they just met and he just got out of prison

4:20 pm – 8/12/19
Near the Cherry St parking ramp – Report of a male by the dumpsters exposing himself – male black, 30’s
UPDATE: 4:22 pm – Officer found the suspect in the alley

8:22 pm – 8/12/19
University @ Henry – Check welfare of female party riding a bicycle – appears intoxicated, she ran into a light pole – last seen walking into the liquor store

9:14 pm – 8/12/19

Brown County – Caller stating neighbor is running their weed wacker

8:03 am – 8/13/19
East side GB – Complainant stating there’s a bat inside her toilet

11:40 am – 8/13/19
East side GB – Caller states there’s a male party that goes outside in his robe and exposes himself to another female neighbor

1:55 pm – 8/15/19
Western Ave – Caller states there’s a small tan chihuahua chasing people down the street

6:20 pm – 8/15/19
Shawano Ave – Business requesting no trespass order on a customer that was recently in the store – customer started making threats after an employee told him to put his tooth away

9:14 am – 8/16/19
High speed/wrong-way chase on I-41 – suspect arrested (news story

2:29 pm – 8/17/19
Eastman – 10-year-old driving a car

9 pm – 8/17/19
Denmark – Kwik Trip – Looks like a male squatted under his semi and defecated – unknown if he’s still on scene
UPDATE: The male who took care of business under the truck is still on scene, as is the witness

4:25 pm – 8/18/19
Lombardi Ave – Disturbance - hotel guest is upset that there’s no power 

9:30 pm – 8/18/19
Western Ave – Complainant stating the people below him are watching videos of him and he doesn’t like it

1:57 pm – 8/19/19
Western @ Taylor – 2 or 3-year-old pushing a shopping cart in traffic – no adults around

Approx. 3:30 pm – 8/20/19
Shawano – Meijer – 4 suspects arrested for ID/credit card fraud (news story

7:53 pm – 8/20/19
Alpine Dr – Edison Park – Two people having relations in an orange Tahoe

8:49 pm – 8/21/19
Colburn Park – Couple having relations in a red & silver pickup

6:40 pm – 8/22/19
Duck Creek Parkway – Check welfare of male party who has been in the store for 17 hours

11:41 pm – 8/22/19
Shawano Ave – McDonald's – Male party passed out in the drive thru

11:35 pm – 8/22/19
S Oneida – Perkins – Approx. 5 kids on the roof urinating

6:22 pm – 8/25/19
William St – Voyageur Park – Report of a male sleeping in a hammock at the park

7:30 am – 8/26/19
Main @ Monroe – Large disturbance involving Brown County inmates in a Lock & Load van 

1:07 pm – 8/27/19
University – GB Metro – Male urinated on the bus – he’s not aware police are being called, unknown if he’ll be cooperative – male 60’s, carrying a red backpack, red shirt, black pants

12:47 pm – 8/27/19
Ray Nitschke bridge – Male white exposing himself to traffic – wearing a hat, short sleeve flannel shirt
UPDATE: Officer out with suspect near Hotel Northland

10:15 am – 8/28/19
Kellogg – Report of a male black, black pants, walking down the street carrying a baseball bat – he’s not doing anything with the bat, just carrying it – currently walking towards Dousman

8:08 pm – 8/29/19 #DaggerReport
1265 Lombardi Ave – Lambeau Field – Male vomited on complainant’s child, seems intoxicated

8/29/19 #DaggerReport
Shirtless Guy Runs onto Lambeau Field (newsstory)  

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