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Brown County Brouhaha - November 2017

Brown County Brouhaha - November

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

11/3/17 -  9:11 am
Angeline Ct – Harassment complaint – complainant states neighbor used to yell at him and now he just stares at him

11/3/17 - 9:21 am
Claude Allouez Bridge – Male dressed as a city worker pulling a little kid’s wagon – complainant thought it was suspicious – he’s WB
UPDATE: Officer” “Yeah, I was just that way; he’s carrying some electrical tools. Everything is fine.” 

11/3/17 - 5:27 pm
7th St near 11th – Male outside w/ no clothing on

11/5/17 - 12:11 am
600 block Morning Glory – Suspicious situation – complainant states someone left a box outside of a door and the box is beeping

11/5/17 -11:58 am
300 block Danish Way – Complainant found a kitten in the dumpster

11/6/17 - 9:13 am
Packerland @ Hudson – Two vehicle accident w/ injuries – one patient may have broken arm – report that one vehicle is on top of the other (pic courtesy of GBCR follower)

11/6/17 - 1:40 pm
Main Ave – Complainant received a message from a friend stating “SOS” AND “I need help” w/ a map to this location – he’s waiting in the parking lot but doesn’t see his friend around 

11/6/17 - 4:39 pm
1900 block Williams Grant Dr – Complainant states there is a farmer harvesting corn – he is blocking the entire roadway and has manure all over the road

11/6/17 - 5:47 pm
1900 block Orrie Ln – Suspicious situation – Caller states there’s a white Astro minivan w/ pvc tubing on top w/ two white males sitting on the van – it smells like marijuana – they put something in the tubing on top of the van and left the area – male white, Packers winter hat w/ a beard – other party tall, heavyset w/ a Packers hat – last seen EB on Blue Ridge 

11/7/17 - 9:09 am
1000 block Dousman St – Report of a woman outside hitting people w/ a stick

11/8/17 - 9:56 am
1800 block S Broadway – In reference to a possible scam check worth 478 trillion dollars 

11/8/17 - 9:24 pm
2600 block w Mason – At least five people vomiting in the parking lot

11/10/17 - 2:05 pm
Party near Quincy storage approached officer regarding someone giving them the finger in a silver Trailblazer
>UPDATE: Officer to dispatch: “You can close it out…Free speech.”

11/11/17 - 2:03 am
Earnhardt Ct – Elderly female called 911 because she could not get her TV to turn off w/ the remote control – several prior welfare checks to this address

11/11/17 - 3:44 am
County V @ QQ – 6-8 cows currently in the road – caller states the cows began “charging” at her vehicle
UPDATE: 4:05 am – Officer: “I’ve found the cows. They are at V, Victor, and they are certainly in the road.”

11/12/17 - 8:20 pm
Crystal Rock Ct – Complainant’s ex boyfriend reportedly used a garage code to enter the home and attacked her current boyfriend

11/13/17 - 11:41 am
200 block Tony Ln – Neighbor’s dog continues to defecate in complainant’s yard 

11/13/17 - 12:18 pm
3800 block S Webster – Employee on drugs – she can barely walk – she’s going to try to drive home but looks like another employee is gonna keep her from driving – it’s how she came to work 

11/14/17 - 8:44 am
Ronsman Rd – Complainant wants to speak w/ an officer about someone having possibly shot his cat – possibly happened Sunday night

11/14/17 - 9:32 am
Shawano Ave @ Hillcrest – Caller witnessed a gold vehicle that had a bag of groceries on their roof – fell off when they turned a corner and a glass bottle broke in traffic

11/14/17 - 11:08 am
Francis @ Blesch – Four kids about 14 to 16 years old all males smoking marijuana

11/14/17 -  4:35 pm
1200 block Shawano Ave – Meet w/ complainant in reference to throwing lemonade at a neighbor because they vomited in their driveway

11/15/17 - 12:11 pm
University Ave – Male party no longer on scene stating there’s two people passed out in his apartment and they have warrants and are possibly under the influence of meth – he’s refusing to meet w/ officers and states he wants to be anonymous but this is his apartment

11/15/17 - 8:11 am
Clover Ln – Someone keeps knocking on complainant’s bedroom window and then running away

11/16/17  -  4:14 pm
600 block Pinehurst – Parent smelling like marijuana

11/17/17 - 5:37 am
1100 block S Norwood – Tires taken off of vehicle – vehicle was left on cement blocks

11/17/17 - 11:11 am
300 block S Washington – Guest refusing to get out of bed and leave

11/17/17 - Unknown time
Sandia Dr – Complainant’s boyfriend, who’s in the process of moving out of the home, locked her out and unplugged the garage door

11/18/17 - 5:17 pm
Humboldt @ University – Welfare check for male stumbling in the road and seems to be undressing himself

11/18/17 - Unknown time
2700 block W Mason – Female for sale?

11/18/17 - 6:56 pm
Bay Park Square – Complainants saw a red SUV in the parking lot w/ CA plates – security walked them out to their vehicle and spoke w/ the people that said they were “Waiting for a massage” – thought that was suspicious and want to speak to an officer

11/18/17 - 7:17 pm
Bay Park Square – Retail theft in progress – male white gray sweatshirt & kaki pants – he put the new shoes on and put his in the shoe box – he arrived alone and is still in the shoe department
>UPDATE: Male put another pair of shoes under his sweatshirt
He left the store on foot
He’s running towards Holmgren Way
Officers caught him – IN CUSTODY

11/19/17 - 9:27 am
1200 block State St – Owner of bar received text message from their employee stating a man is there demanding money and her cell phone
UPDATE: 9:29 am – This is not a robbery. Just a male who is extremely intoxicated and needs to be removed from the bar

11/19/17 - 9:38 am
1900 block S Broadway – “Employee found a couple having sex in the back parking lot.”

11/19/17 - 10:44 am
1265 Lombardi Ave – Guy “lopped off” (cut) the top of his finger.” #DaggerReport

11/19/17 - 2:26 pm
1265 Lombardi Ave – Literal dumpster fire of a game – Lot 1 near Oneida Gate #DaggerReport

11/19/17 - 5:27 pm
1700 block Edison – Kids in the neighborhood just egged complainant’s house – stated this is an ongoing issue

11/20/17 - 9:43 am
600 block N Ashland – WEAPONS CALL – subject pulled a gun on complainant and is chasing him in a vehicle 
UPDATE: 9:55 am – Officers are out w/ complainant
9:59 am – Officers discovered the firearm in suspects vehicle

11/20/17  -  11:30 am
1100 block S Quincy – Complainant no longer in the area states they saw a blue Saab station wagon parked on the street w/ “A missile inside of it” – “It’s covered, only the nose cone is showing” – address comes back to Emilie St

11/21/17 - 3:36 pm
200 block N 10th St – Report of a buck chasing people! – Caller cannot exit vehicle because the deer is charging at her car
UPDATE: 3:42 pm – Cedar @ 10th & moving (pic courtesy of GBCR follower)

11/22/17 - 12:09 pm
Henry St – Check on someone who just got out of jail and is “Immortalizing Ted Bundy” at the house

11/22/17 - 2:52 pm
1200 block Hobart Dr – Caller stating there’s a 6-year-old female throwing rocks at the back door and there’s a 7-year-old who has a butcher knife and put it in the ground by the deck

11/23/17 - 8:23 am
800 block N Clay St – Intoxicated male stumbling into yards – every time a car goes by ducks under something – male white, black hat & jeans – currently hiding somewhere between Clay & Webster

11/23/17 - 3:14 pm
5000 block Cnty Hwy JJ – Approx 30 cows in the roadway

11/23/17 - 7:10 pm
PD Lobby – Disturbance – Complainant was threatened with a fork on Burgoyne Ct – they were separated before anything happened

11/24/17 - 11:20 am
2000 block Woodrow Way – Female in an electric wheelchair stuck on the side of the road – battery may have died
UPDATE: 11:24 am – cancel – sounds like she got it going

11/24/17 -11:57 am
500 block W Adam Dr – Complainant saying they had a gunshot come through the wall from the north – almost hit one of his kids – he can’t see hunter but it came from the north

11/24/17 -12:20 pm
Eastman Ave – Eastman Park – Parties witnessed a male try to take a little girl from the park and then crashed his vehicle into a fence
UPDATE: Hispanic male – wearing a hat and jeans – may have some relationship to the girl’s mother but is not related to the child

11/25/17 - 4:40 pm
1300 block Lime Kiln – Suspicious person – female is staring at children on the playground from the wooded area – female white wearing all black 

11/25/17 - 5:50 pm
Packerland Dr @ Calaway Dr – Vehicle fire – was fully engulfed – now just smoldering (video courtesy of GBCR follower)

11/25/17 - 6:18 pm
Viking Dr by Creekwood Apts – Report of a bear being spotted in a wooded area

11/25/17 - 7:02 pm
Witrz Ave – Female having a breakdown of some sort – is throwing things – not intoxicated – no drugs involved – no weapons – sounds like she’s trying to leave

11/26/17 - 4:13 pm
Unknown location – complainant just discovered a dead fish in their mailbox – suspect is going to be the “Soon to be ex wife”

11/26/17 - 6:38 pm
5500 block Quarry Dr – Complainant states mother of his children hit him w/ her truck – is refusing rescue 

11/27/17 - 10:41 am
PD Lobby – Complainant wants to report her vehicle stolen – she let a male take it on a test drive & he never returned it – suspect lives in Ledgeview – premise info on comp – she is considered delusional, known to have weapons & has violent tendencies – also an active meth user

11/27/17 - 2:46 pm
Park St – Disturbance occurred on Thanksgiving between family members and now they’re continuing to harass complainant

11/27/17 - 5:38 pm
Shawano @ Taylor – White SUV w/ no lights on – “Flashed lights, waved, and yelled at driver…remained oblivious.” Video courtesy of GBCR follower

11/27/17 - 6:30 pm
Custer Ct – Male party refusing to leave – has been there about two months – is intoxicated

11/28/17 - 2:41 pm
Complainant would like to speak w/ an officer in reference to his wife committing adultery

11/28/17 - 7:29 pm
1100 block Scheuring Rd – Disturbance – female is attempting to run her husband over with a black SUV

11/29/17 - 5:44 pm
500 block Abrams - Abandoned chicken - someone recently moved out and left the chicken behind with a note

11/29/17 - 7:36 pm
Military Ave - near Burger King - male subject was jumped and his vehicle was stolen - suspect had an unknown weapon - victim has head injury and is refusing rescue

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