Friday, November 24, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a mugshot?
    • A mugshot is a booking picture taken during investigation. It is not an accusation or an admission of guilt. 
    • Regardless of case resolution, the arrest has happened and a booking photograph was taken. This by itself is true and factual and what a mugshot represents.
    • This does not represent resolution of a case; guilty plea or not guilty plea.

  • Booking records and mugshots are considered and legally recognized as public record.

  • Is everyone listed on your website guilty of a crime?
    • No. All mugshots posted and people listed are presumed innocent until proven guilty through due process in a court of law.
    • For the latest status information, contact Brown County Clerk of Courts or the Law Enforcement agency that originally released the data.

  • How does this information benefit our community?
    • There are many public benefits of releasing official records and mugshots.
    • The release of this information can help citizens identify criminals and keep an active role in the community.

  • I was found "Not Guilty", the case was "Dismissed", my charges were "dropped", or "no charges were filed". Why is my mugshot on your website?
    • To answer this question, refer to "What is a mugshot" section on this page.

  • Isn't posting my mugshot a violation of my rights?
    • Posting a mugshot is not a violation of privacy or rights. Mugshots and booking records (including booking charges) are legally recognized as public records. While you or someone you know may be in the mugshot(s), the ownership of the records is public.

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