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Brown County Brouhaha - November 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - November 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

4:53 pm – 11/1/19
Restaurant on Main St: 6-year-old male that has a toilet seat stuck on him, he’s unable to get out

10:56 pm – 11/3/19
Green Bay – Intoxicated male fell off bar stool, is unresponsive – EMS en route

5:23 pm – 11/4/19
1500 block W Mason – Shopper left a foot-long knife wrapped in a towel in the bottom of a shopping cart

3:45 pm – 11/5/19
Glendale @ Cardinal – Vehicle fire

8:44 pm – 11/5/19
Brown County – Complainant’s wife never came home from work – they’re not having any apparent issues but their saving’s account has been drained and all credit cards are maxed out

5:21 am – 11/9/19
Green Bay – Male party screaming “I’m going to kill you!” – caller not sure if he’s screaming at a person or his pets

2:17 pm – 11/9/19
1620 Lawrence Dr – Kwik Trip - Complainant is stuck in the car wash

10:22 pm – 11/10/19
Main Ave – De Pere – Male/male disturbance – one male drew a line in the snow and threatened to kill the other male if he crossed it

10:44 pm – 11/12/19
111 Bohemia Dr – Denmark – Kwik Trip – Wife just had a baby – they’re in a Ford Explorer (news story)

5:16 pm – 11/13/19
Green Bay motel – Complainant is renting a room here – she gave a male a key to her room and he gave it to someone else – she just went to her room and there’s an unknown female sleeping in there

6:28 pm – 11/13/19
1600 block Westminster Dr – vehicle fire – no injuries

6:22 pm – 11/13/19
Brown County – Complainant saying there’s been a male knocking on her door aggressively for the past twenty minutes, ringing the doorbell and not saying anything
UPDATE: Comp stating they no longer need officers; they were trying to return their dog – no emergency

Brown County – Tenant putting strange writings in balloons on all the apartment doors

5:42 pm – 11/14/19
14th Ave – Male who’s refusing to leave – subject keeps telling the caller that he slept in his garage last night and forgot his stuff in it – caller does not know who this man is

11:51 am – 11/16/19
Velp Ave – Female/female physical disturbance – complainant’s mother hit her with cooking tongs

7:41 pm – 11/16/19
Brown County hotel – Suspicious vehicle – male party sitting in a U-Haul that’s been in & out of the lot all day – complainant believes he appears to be “sketchy”

2:27 pm – 11/18/19
Berkely @ Prescott – Check the area for a small black car - driver’s door was open with a male sitting in the driver’s seat with his pants around his ankles

4:20 pm – 11/18/19
Lombardi Access Rd – Outside in front of the store – customer with a hip injury due to a Christmas tree falling on top of them – EMS en route

9:42 pm – 11/20/19
2300 block San Luis Pl – Vehicle fire in the parking lot – no injuries

5:20 pm – 11/20/19
Lineville @ Bayshore – Vehicle found flipped and submerged in the bay, headlights were still on
UPDATE: 5:25 pm – Conscious & breathing female was pulled out of the vehicle – alcohol appears to have been a factor (news story)

7:43 pm – 11/22/19

Woodington Way – Complainant says there’s a gray Honda or Toyota parked by the cul de sac, believes people inside are having relations

9:12 am – 11/23/19
E Beaupre – Complainant has a turkey in his backyard that’s been chasing people in the neighborhood and recently tried to get in his house

GB east – Female arrested after multiple armed robberies

3:25 pm – 11/25/19
Near Finger @ E Mason – Report of a bunch of juveniles doing push-ups in the roadway

3:44 pm – 11/25/19
Brown County – Caller said Publisher’s Clearing House told her to check her mailbox, who was very persistent on checking her mailbox, and now she’s afraid to check her mailbox

10:23 pm – 11/25/19
Hobart area – Caller said somebody keeps ringing her doorbell and left food at her door – she was not expecting anyone – she’s currently hiding in her bedroom


4:07 am – 11/26/19
11th Ave – Parties are intoxicated and used a sled to go down the stairs – one of them has a gash to their head – send EMS

9:55 pm – 11/27/19
Old 57 Rd – Male party calling 9-1-1 multiple times because someone he doesn’t know pulled into his driveway, sat there for a bit, and then left at a high rate of speed

11:27 am – 11/28/19
N Fisk St – female party going up to houses on pounding on the doors with a hammer
UPDATE: 11:32 am – Female in custody

11:51 am 11/29/19
Green Bay - squirrel behind complainant’s fridge - she’s called four times already, have given her multiple pest control numbers, she just keeps calling saying nobody will help her

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