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Brown County Brouhaha - October 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - October 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 
3 pm - 10/1/19
Mason @ Packerland – Two vehicle accident

8:37 pm – 10/4/19
Brown County – Complainant heard knocking on the door but was nobody there, when they went outside, they found a receipt with their daughter’s birthday written on the back

12:20 am – 10/6/19
1100 block Shawano Ave – Failed field sobriety test

1:08 am – 10/6/19
Main Ave – Burger King – Customer ran over an employee’s foot in the parking lot and left  

5:30 pm – 10/8/19
Fox Heights Ln – Report of a female trying to run over a male with her truck – was at one point driving in a field, hit multiple other vehicles during this incident

2:30 pm – 10/9/19
Pilgrim Way – Dick’s Sporting Goods – Retail theft – suspects were two male/blacks dressed as females – they left in a black Honda Civic, unknown plate

11:08 pm – 10/10/19
Green Bay – Damage complaint – Caller said someone stamped a picture of a llama and a quote about being magical on the planter in front of their house

1:08 pm – 10/11/19
Brown County – Ordinance violation – Complainant states people in this home have about two hundred snakes in the home as well as rodents

6:06 pm – 10/12/19
Lily Dr @ Violet Ln – Report of juveniles walking around with their pants around their ankles

2:35 pm – 10/13/19
1200 block Shawano Ave – Weapons call – Blind female throwing knives and glass around – no reported injuries

11 pm – 10/15/19
S Webster – Female refusing to let a different female in – looks like they’re partners and the other one is upset because she wasn’t in time after she got a burrito

1 am – 1:30 am – 10/16/19
Lakeview @ Sunset Beach – Officers pursue and apprehend stolen vehicle suspects

6:50 pm – 10/16/19
900 block University – Report of a female party chasing a male party with a knife – female/black, red braids, wearing pink

9 pm – 10/16/19
S Oneida – Halloween Express – Female caught stealing now trying to break the emergency exit door

5:15 pm – 10/17/19
Bay Park Cinema – Male party was being verbal at the mall according to security, they’re also saying he exposed himself – last seen walking into the cinema

9:24 pm – 10/17/19
Marquette Park – Check the welfare of two highly intoxicated males walking a big black hairy dog
Officer: “10-4. Hairy dog.”

10:32 pm – 10/17/19
1265 Lombardi Ave – Lambeau Field parking lot – Male that was throwing around furniture in the Titletown district – broke at least one piece of furniture – security is following him
UPDATE: 10:35 pm – Officers out with the male


4:41 am – 10/18/19
Officer: “41 south of Brown Road, he passed me at about 100 MPH and now he’s screaming out the window.”
Dispatch “10-4”
UPDATE: Officer: “She’s in labor can you get me an ambulance?”

3:24 pm – 10/19/19
Brown County – Dispute between two neighbors involving one throwing dirt on the other’s property

6:57 pm – 10/19/19
Lime Kiln Rd – Customer that’s been in the store for over an hour, appears to be under the influence and keeps complaining about dirty bathrooms

11:04 pm - 10/19/19
N Broadway - Female that needs to be removed - she's an intoxicated employee - no weapons, but she is pushing people.

5:33 pm – 10/21/19
41 NB north of Scheuring Rd – Vehicle vs. goose – it shattered the window; male driver has cuts all over his face


7:28 pm – 10/21/19
Newberry Ave – Requesting welfare check for a female that’s been sitting in her car and honking the horn off and on for the last 3 hours

10:11 pm 1 10/22/19
Brown County – Report of a suspicious vehicle
UPDATE: 10:13 pm – Officer: “They’re eating chicken wings”

9:30 pm – 10/22/19

Approx 11:20 am 10/23/19
Cormier @ S Point – warrant stop/police chase

7:19 pm – 10/23/19
Riverside Dr – GCS – Report of a person going into the gas station wearing a clown mask


Approx 5:35 pm – 10/24/19
W Mason – Stolen vehicle suspects taken into custody


8:51 pm – 10/24/19
Voyageur Park – Check for one of the people that are fishing, they said they pulled something suspicious out of the river


Approx 10 am – 10/25/19
S Webster @ Broadview – Vehicle accident following short police chase


7:36 pm – 10/26/19
Batman working with GBPD??

8:25 pm – 10/27/19
Moraine Way – Parties having an argument over the Packer game and male party kicked the door in

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