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Brown County Brouhaha - January 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - January 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed.

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Midnight – 1/1/19
1300 block Riverside Dr – Male/female physical disturbance – female party threw an apple at the male #HappyNewYear

12:14 am – 1/1/19
1200 block Reber St – Report of a large fight in the street – about 10-15 people physical – no weapons – was a report earlier of a possible underage party

12:25 am – 1/1/19
100 block S Washington – Male on 911 stating he was hit in the face and is gushing blood – is following the suspect to another bar – lots of shuffling & yelling in the background

4:13 pm – 1/1/19
Manitowoc Rd – Male/female physical disturbance – female smashed a picture frame into the male’s hand and cut his hand, then stole the picture and left in a gray Malibu headed towards Lime Kiln

6:58 pm – 1/1/19
Biemeret @ Argonne – Male party with open warrant taken into custody following foot chase

8:30 pm – 1/1/19
Main St – Dollar General – Retail theft that’s over with – the male brought the items back, however, he needs his welfare checked – he has spray paint all over his mouth and nose

8 am – 1/2/19
Wood Ln – Suspicious person – male white in a Packer jacket that threw pottery in the middle of the road and now is standing in the driveway watching vehicles go around it

2:25-ish pm – 1/2/19
Lineville Rd – Vehicle vs. The Bottle Room

8:13 pm – 1/2/19
1500 block Main St – Male came in and asked bartender to call 911 stating he was all bloody and difficult to understand – the male is refusing rescue – unknown if he’s intoxicated – male Hispanic wearing a neon yellow shirt with “Event Staff” on the back and gray pants – also stated he doesn’t want officers

  • UPDATE: Officers following the complainant and his girlfriend – male is stating he was robbed

3 pm-ish - 1/3/19
S Ridge Rd – DQ – Female that has been inside the business for the past 2 hours – she was slumped over in a booth at one point and then went into the bathroom and is now smoking cigarettes in a stall and refusing to leave

4:23 pm – 1/3/19
1200 block E Mason – Disturbance involving a female with a needle – she tried to stab another female with it

5 pm-ish - 1/3/19

Dousman @ Military – Blue Ford Explorer cut complainant off NB on Military – driver also threw a beer can at complainant’s car – 2 male occupants now EB on Dousman

5 am – 1/4/19
Monroe Rd – Phin Sushi & Steak – Structure fire – no injuries

7:13 pm - 1/4/19
41 NB @ 172 – Traffic jam due to accident

8 pm-ish – 1/4/19
N Quincy – On the sidewalk caller found a folder with blood on it – looks like it belongs to a child – there’s a name on the paperwork in the folder – caller has not touched anything

6:52 pm – 1/5/19
Report of someone throwing a muffler off the Mason St overpass onto I-41. No description other than they were adults, not kids

7:33 pm – 1/5/19
Bay Park Cinema – Someone loosened all the lug nuts on complainant’s driver’s side front tire – no suspects

10:50 pm – 1/5/19
1900 block Basten – Vehicle vs. tree with injuries & entrapment – 3 patients, all alert & conscious

4 pm-ish – 1/6/19
Rosedale – Ongoing neighborhood disturbance with one another – comp just got home and the neighbor flipped her off

12:30 am-ish – 1/7/19
Western @ Military – Male party was shot in the hand (news story)

11:00 am-ish – 1/7/19
1100 block Radisson – Male party trying to pay with a $25 bill

7:30 pm – 1/7/19
S Military – Superior Discount Liquor – ARMED ROBBERY – Suspect fled on foot in unknown direction – suspect is a white male, approx. 5’8” to 5’10”, dark jacket – no reported injuries

11 pm-ish – 1/7/19
S Ashland – Dino Shell – ARMED ROBBERY – no reported injuries

4:15 am-ish – 1/8/19
University Ave – Pit Row Shell – ARMED ROBBERY – suspect possibly headed towards Tower Drive in a white Ford – no reported injuries 

10:38 am – 1/8/19
Ramada Way – Smell of THC, unknown exactly where its coming from, said they can smell it through the vents

11:35 am – 1/8/19
Holmgren @ Vanderperren – Gray Toyota that’s been following complainant for a few minutes and shaking their fist at them

8:48 pm – 1/8/19
Main @ Lime Kiln – Unoccupied vehicle fire

4:55 pm – 1/10/19
1800 block Nancy Ave – Complainant said that there’s usually only two buses here after school and today there was three – one was empty – said this sounded a little suspicious

11 pm-ish - 1/10/19
Brown County – Complainant stating that locks were changed yesterday due to her ex husband getting into the apartment – somehow the male still made entry after the locks were changed while she was at work – nothing was taken, but she believes he put something in her shampoo that makes her hair fall out

3:41 pm - 1/11/19
Brown County – Complainant stating his girlfriend just broke up with him, stole his PS4, and sold it so she could get a bus ticket

3 pm-ish - 1/12/19
Suspicious situation – Caller found a note from a neighbor saying that they’ve been watching her and he wants to get to know her better

1:17 pm - 1/13/19
100 block Dousman – Male walking east dropped his pants in front of complainant and then flipped her off – male Native, white jacket 

2:40 pm - 1/13/19
1300 block Grant St – Vehicle vs. building – no injuries

11:52 am - 1/14/19
S Maple – Suspect with felony warrant for armed robbery crashed into a house after brief chase – suspect was taken into custody at gunpoint

2:56 pm - 1/14/19
1100 block S. Taylor - Male party pinned underneath a stone in the driveway.
  • UPDATE: Patient freed.

4:06 pm - 1/14/19
300 block S Adams – Female wants her phone back – she’s refusing to leave until she gets it back and is advising staff to lockdown the building until officers get there

4:28 pm - 1/14/19
Main @ Baird – Two vehicle accident – 2 female parties injured but refusing rescue at this time

8:30 pm - 1/14/19

3800 block W Mason – Structure fire – nobody inside home

6 am - 1/15/19
Centennial Centre Blvd – Structure fire 

1:40 pm - 1/15/19
Mason St bridge – 3 vehicle accident

4:38 pm - 1/15/19
Another victim of the Suamico railroad bridge 

8:35 pm - 1/15/19
Quincy @ Pine – ROBBERY – Party stating they were just robbed at gunpoint by a white or Hispanic male wearing a black do-rag over their face 

9:09 pm - 1/15/19
300 block S Ashland – ROBBERY - Approx 10 minutes ago complainant was robbed at gunpoint by a male wearing a black mask over his face – last seen running down the alley

9 pm-ish - 1/15/19
1100 block Chicago St – Caller saying last night at midnight he was robbed at gunpoint – he couldn’t call until now because his phone was dead – stated he was followed on foot on Main St – male Hispanic wearing a black hooded sweatshirt – had a small 9mm, told caller to empty his pockets and then ran WB on Chicago

11 pm-ish - 1/15/19
Pine @ Van Buren – See complainant in reference to a spitting incident that happened between 12 and 18 hours ago – he’s claiming there’s some damage to his vehicle and has possible suspects 

2:30 pm - 1/17/19
700 block Riverview – Near River’s Bend Supper Club, DNR is calling in for a male who is ice fishing and has marijuana on him

8:00 pm-ish - 1/17/19
W Mason – McDonald’s – Group of kids vandalized the tables – caller told them they needed to clean it up but they weren’t cooperative – 4 of them are now leaving on foot – two female blacks, one wearing a black crop top with splattered metallic paint on it – the other is wearing a blue jacket – there’s also a male white wearing a gray jacket – last seen headed towards Hardee’s

3:55 pm - 1/18/19
GB west - Someone posted on Craigslist that complainant's house is for rent and people are showing up.

4:53 pm - 1/18/19
1900 block Larsen Rd – Stolen vehicle, suspect ran from officer – suspect vehicle hit squad car – airbag deployment – one suspect caught and tased after brief foot chase – other suspect tracked down and caught with help from K9

10:44 pm - 1/18/19
Brown County – Civil matter – complainant met a female today and bought her a phone and now she is refusing to answer his calls

7:30pm & 9:52 pm - 1/19/19
Resch Center love triangle

1:30 pm - 1/20/19

S. Oneida - Texas Roadhouse - Complainant would like to speak with an officer because a female in a 2000 Cadillac, silver in color, pulled into a combat veteran's parking spot and then went into the restaurant.

6:45 pm - 1/20/19
Oakdale @ Jacob – Vehicle vs. telephone pole – driver has blood on him and is driving away

  • UPDATE: Suspect taken into custody in the 300 block of Lau St

9:30-ish pm - 1/20/19
1300 block S Military – In reference to an accident that occurred at 4:30 pm today – sounds like he’s a driver’s ed teacher and was giving lessons and the student hit a pole

6-am-ish - 1/23/19
Bellevue St – Complainant woke up about 20 minutes ago and found a male party hiding in her bathtub – he did leave on foot – had a small beard, mustache, wearing rubber boots, headed towards Grand Central Station – unsure if he took anything, he told the complainant he was just trying to find a place to stay warm and left

10:04 am - 1/23/19
41 SB near Lineville - Female outside her vehicle, cleaning her windows in a lane of traffic.

3:34 pm - 1/23/19
1000 block Main Ave – Verbal disturbance between a customer and the plow truck driver – customer is upset with the way the plowing is being done, is waiting behind the plow to speak with an officer

4pm-ish - 1/23/19
Martin St – Disturbance regarding neighbors and the proper placement of snow blowing

9:33 pm - 1/25/19
S Broadway - McDonald’s – Caller on 911 because he wants staff to check the cameras to show them that he didn’t get cookies – and he’s refusing to leave

Noon-ish - 1/26/19
515 Pine St – Downtown Library – Male party by the public computers area making shooting gestures at other customers – male white, bald, wearing a navy blue fleece

  • UPDATE: EMS for male party who was tased and sprayed (news story)

3:30-ish pm - 1/26/19
Eastman Ave – 20 minutes ago complainant’s vehicle broke down on Eastman, while broke down two males approached him, took his keys & wallet – one of the male suspects did choke the complainant and threatened him with a gun – comp didn’t see any weapon though

4:46 pm - 1/26/19
Lombardi Access Rd – Chuck E. Cheese – Several 20-year-olds in the back of the facility – caller believes that they have marijuana on them and that they smell of marijuana

7:22 pm - 1/27/19
600 block George St - WEAPONS CALL - male party was shot - rescue will stage.

  • UPDATE: 29-year-old male shot dead in the basement. (news story)

9:47 pm - 1/27/19
2000 block Deckner Ave - Male/female disturbance that happened around 7:30 pm - male reportedly pulled a knife on the female - female has a facial injury, is refusing rescue - complainant now stating her car is missing.

  • UPDATE: 9:55 pm - Male now pulling into driveway - male is taking off in a gray Honda.
  • 9:56 pm - SUSPECT AT GUNPOINT, is cooperative

10:00 am-ish - 1/28/19
Lineville Rd – Scanlan Jewelers – Party just came in the store and found it burglarized – parties possibly gained entry through the nail salon next door sometime over the weekend between Saturday and now

7:48 pm - 1/28/19
Brown County – Language barrier – complainant not making much sense – said he saw something in the sky with possible aliens – refused to give his info

8:45-ish am - 1/30/19
600 block Abrams St - Suspect with open warrant surrenders to police after all-night ordeal involving SWAT

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