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Brown County Brouhaha - February 2018

Brown County Brouhaha February 2018

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime WaveBrown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

2/1/18 - 4:35 pm
Verlin Rd – Complainant want to speak w/ officers because his ex girlfriend took his phone and sent inappropriate photos to his contacts while he was sleeping – caller does have his phone back and ex is no longer on scene

2/2/18 - 2:39 pm
1551 Lawrence Dr – Life Church – suspicious male acting strange and making threats against the safety of the church – he also placed a package inside the doors of the church

UPDATE: Suspect in custody – employees exiting out back – calling in bomb squad to clear building (no explosives found)

2/2/18 - 3:11 pm
1400 block Velp Ave – Disturbance – female party throwing things around – broke a window, a TV, and throwing around free weights
UPDATE: Suspect now throwing things at complainant, suspect now has a knife
3:18 pm – Suspect in custody

2/4/18 - 2:15 am

2800 block Viking Dr – Possible burglary in progress – female party trying to get into apartment door on the back patio – she is screaming at caller at this time

UPDATE: Female is lying on the ground ripping her clothes off

**she’s now covering up with a blanket

**now throwing herself into a door
**comp believes female is on something
**female is extremely hypothermic and possibly on drugs – sending EMS

2/4/18 - 4:48 pm
1100 block Harvey St – Neighbor reportedly punched a hole in complainant’s back door – they are threatening to get physical

2/4/18 – 9:46 pm

2400 block Velp Ave – In or near fast food parking lot – “Male party performing sexual acts on himself” – black Nissan Sentra

2/6/18 – approximately 10 am
100 block Jefferson St - Vehicle accident – Columbus building

2/6/18 – 2:16 pm
14000 block Velp Ave – EMS for 22 year old male who accidentally shot himself in the leg – he’s parked outside in a red Malibu, conscious & breathing
UPDATE: “He’s ok.” 

2/6/18 – 5:43 pm
1100 block Harvey – Report of a bleeding man with no clothes on
UPDATE: In custody, he’s not making much sense, has injury to his hand

2/7/18 - 6:35 am
Military @ Dousman – Vehicle fire

2/7/18 – 10:19 am
200 N Jefferson – Probation & Parole Office – found baggie of marijuana

2/7/18 – 8:14 pm
500 block W Walnut – Male party tried buying cigars, when he was carded he tried stealing the cigars and a case of beer from the cooler, stated he’d be back tomorrow

2/9/18 – 8:58 am
2200 block S Oneida – Nativity of our Lord Church – Male white wearing a hoodie came in and stole a 5 foot crucifix – possibly left in a dark blue Ford
UPDATE: Same individual is now smashing a sign outside WLUK Fox 11

2/9/18 – 10:43 am
300 block N Oakland – Complainant just witnessed a male in a blue car beating a dog with his fists

2/9/18 – 4:23 pm
Military @ Shawano – Baby in stroller left in middle of the road/median
UPDATE: Now in Shopko parking lot, and there is no child, it’s a doll, and there’s now a verbal disturbance there between a male & female

2/9/18 – 10:40 pm
Highway 29 – Van driving recklessly. All windows including the windshield are covered with towels

2/11/18 – 12:09 am
505 3rd St – St Norbert College – Male who was smoking weed and now has a rapid heart rate

2/11/18 – 1:07 pm
S Ridge Rd – Male party walked into complainant’s house and said, “Sorry, wrong house” and then left in a green Jeep

2/11/18 – 7:33 pm
1700 block Gross Ave – EMS responding to an intoxicated male party who fell and got his head stuck in the snow, complainant is unable to get him out

2/12/18 - 10:51 am
Amy St – Three-year-old accidentally handcuffed herself to a hutch

2/13/18 - 12:08 pm
Velp Ave – vehicle vs. mail truck 

2/13/18 - 3:35 pm
Cherry St – Job Center – two males physically fighting in the parking lot – no injuries, no mention of weapons

2/13/18 - 10:14 pm
2440 W Mason – Walmart – Physical disturbance involving three females in the checkout line

2/14/18 - 12:07 pm
1722 Main St – O’Reilly Auto Parts – vehicle fire in parking lot

2/14/18 - 2:55 pm
500 block Dousman – Four vehicle accident

2/14/18 - 7:40 pm

2420 E Mason – Applebee’s – Four people dine & dash – complainant states they left in a dark colored suburban and they “Smelled like marijuana.”

2/15/18 - 8:47 Am
County Line Rd – Oneida – Vehicle vs. School Bus

2/15/18 - 9:27 am
2360 Costco Way – Starbucks – male/female physical disturbance – female threw coffee at male, both left scene 

2/15/18 - 5:05 pm
100 block S Military Ave – Complainant witnessed an adult male employee slap another employee about ten minutes ago

2/16/18 - 10:09 am
1200 block W Mason – Female party punched vehicle and took some items from the car

2/16/18 - 12:45 pm
Male party calling 911 stating he knows how to prevent school shootings

2/16/18 - 3:52 pm
Ramada Way – Disturbance – female is trying to purchase vehicle through power of attorney and owner is refusing to sell to her, she stated she’s going to kill someone if she doesn’t get it

2/16/18 - 4:55 pm
1800 block 9th St – 3 males playing ding dong ditch

2/16/18 - 5:47 pm
2500 block Trojan Dr – “Extreme” smell of marijuana

2/16/18 - 5:33 pm
300 block N Adams – Happening near Alorica, male suspect by Liberty Café, male white wearing a camo jacket & jeans, “He’s trying to pee on complainant.”

2/16/18 - 8:37 pm
1000 block Moraine Way – 14 year old female stuck in a washer

2/16/18 - 11:49 pm
2220 Main St – Taco Bell – Check the welfare of a 1-year-old child being dangled out the vehicle window, a blue sedan, still in the drive thru, complainant stating driver keeps honking the horn and may be intoxicated

2/17/18 - 1:21 am
St Norbert – Michels Commons – EMS for male 20’s behind the building that’s intoxicated, has slurred speech, fell and hit his head – has two different ID’s on him
UPDATE: 1:24 am – Patient is not cooperative, being physical & verbal – no weapons – police also en route

2/17/18 - 12:40 pm
S Chestnut – Welfare check – party went downstairs to close the door, neighbor from lower unit came outside with a gun on his lap saying he was waiting for a package and wanted the door left open, male possibly has mental health issues

2/17/18 - 8:59 pm
Laundromat on Webster – Intoxicated female has blood on her face, demanding money from people

2/17/18 - 11:33 pm
**Two calls that are somehow connected
2600 block S Memorial Dr – Male claims he was in disturbance tonight and was bit in the back of his head and on his back – states it happened in Oneida – however, another party is on the line stating that this victim stole his vehicle after a disturbance at Maplewood Shell which followed a disturbance in Oneida

2/18/18 - 2:08 am

3030 Curry Ln – Brown County Jail – Male party near the garage in the parking lot approaching people as they leave work, videotaping, writing down license plate numbers, and harassing people about the police and their treatment of people

2/18/18 - 8:50 am
Area of Lyndon @ Velp – Noise complaint – complainant states ongoing issue w/ paper delivery person blasting music - drives black vehicle w/ flashing yellow light

2/18/18 - 1:44 pm
2100 block Riverview Dr – Around 9 am today a male rode a bicycle up to complainant’s garage – male then left and did not take bicycle w/ him

 2/18/18 - 1:44 pm
2600 block Glendale – Report of a sinkhole in parking lot

2/18/18 - 5:26 pm
Hwy 29 WB @ J – Complainant in blue Town @ County hit turkey, it’s currently stuck in windshield
UPDATE: Everyone is ok, except the turkey

2/18/18 - 5:28 pm
Leo Frigo Bridge (Tower Dr) – Baby stroller rolling in traffic

2/19/18 - 1:49 pm
Edgehill Dr – Disturbance, possibly involving a shovel

2/19/18 - 4:45 pm
S Van Buren – Three 911 hangups from female party – first she said she needed to speak w/ an officer and disconnected – called back and she said something about “murderers on my back” & something about a male being there illegally & hung up – finally on 4th call back she said “ask my neighbors” and then disconnected – sounded intoxicated

2/19/18 – 6:59 pm
W Mason – Male party hiding in a dumpster, stated he was trying to get away from somebody then disconnected

2/20/18 - 2:41 pm
Area of Randall Ct – Shopko – Male party who tied a dog to his car and is riding around – gray or bluish car still in the parking lot, dog still attached to it

2/20/18 – 7:36 pm
500 block 5th St – Complainant states neighbors let their dog defecate in their yard and also put a mattress in their driveway

2/21/18 - 9:42 am
E side GB – Complainant states she was burned while getting her eyebrows waxed at a local business the other day, would like to speak w/ an officer

2/22/18 - 12:09 pm
1400 block E Mason – Retail theft – male Hispanic w/ dark hair, black coat, & Sesame Street fleece pants, took some items and just left on foot towards East High

2/22/18 - 8:44 pm
Angie Ave– Two semis fully engulfed next to warehouse

2/23/18 - 8:46 pm
300 block S Washington – Disturbance – male party kicked in cab door over price of fare

2/23/18 - 9:33 pm
1600 block Lawrence Dr – Caller stating there’s three people stuck in an elevator

2/24/18 – 10:58 am
Oneida @ Reed – Car vs. house

2/24/18 – 1:10 pm
500 block 3rd St – EMS for male party who was drinking last night, is now unable to move

2/24/18 – 9:17 pm
2100 block Velp Ave – Male/female verbal disturbance – male party states he can smell marijuana in his wife’s purse, both are intoxicated

2/25/18 - 2:37 pm
Shawano @ Oak – Vehicle vs. pole, Shawano will be shut down between Gray & Oak for 5-6 hours

2/25/18 – 2:56 pm
300 block S Washington – Reopened call from earlier in regards to a male who was punched in the face by an unknown male – male suspect has turned himself in at front desk

2/25/18 – 4:44 pm
St. Clair St – Complainant stating kids were throwing oranges at their window approx 10 minutes ago 

2/26/18 – 12:46 pm
1600 block Shawano – PDQ – In the back of the building for an intoxicated male lying on the ground stating he cannot get up

2/26/18 – 1:09 pm
Main St Bridge – Suspicious situation – two male blacks that were walking eastbound, caller was a passerby and said one was acting like he was pointing an assault rifle at someone – they never saw a weapon, he was just holding his hands like he was holding something

2/26/18 – 3:18 pm
Elm @ N Irwin – Report of 10 juveniles involved in a physical fight – 2 are fighting and the rest appear to be videotaping

2/26/18 – 6:24 pm
800 block Heyrman – Complainant just saw a child fall off a trampoline and get back on – is concerned for child’s safety

2/26/18 – 7:57 pm
Webster @ Greene – Male party on the side of the road stating he was almost hit by a vehicle and wants rescue to check on a foot that is very cold – male is very upset, rambling on saying he has just one shoe on, possible mental health issues - male white, green sweater, white pants, one black hiking boot

2/26/18 – 8:05 pm
2600 block Monroe Rd – Black vehicle in row 4 or 5 with towels covering the windows, dome light on, complainant’s not sure what’s going on but wants it checked out

2/26/18 – 9:18 pm
Main St – Disturbance – female being restrained outside the bar
UPDATE: Male & female now verbal, female wearing a work shirt and male wearing a fur hat

2/26/18 – 10:21 pm
1688 E Mason – Speedway – Armed Robbery at knifepoint

2/27/18 – 12:24 pm
1600 block Westminster Dr – Male 20’s jumped from 2nd story balcony “just for kicks”, has head injury

2/27/18 – 12:35 pm
500 block Pine St – Disturbance – female yelling, swearing, and being physical w/ customers – she just left, female white, long brown hair, gray long sleeve shirt, maroon pants – male tried taking keys from her and she spit in his hair

2/27/18 – 3:51 pm
Pecan St – Male party walking and making gun gestures at people

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