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Green Bay Community Policing Districts

Green Bay Police - Community Policing Information

The city of Green Bay has been divided into four separate policing districts: Adam, Bravo, Charles, and David. Each district was created based on different factors, including major geographical boundaries and call volume in specific areas.

For each district, there is not only an assigned Captain, but also Community Policing Officers who are assigned to the district Captain. Community police work on solving chronic crime and quality of life issues in their assigned areas. Some of these issues include chronic nuisance abatement and other crime specific programs (Retail Theft Reduction Initiative).

  • What is District Policing?
    This is an organizational structure and is used in assigning police resources in an efficient way. The use of police resources are data driven, emphasizing on crime analysis in specific areas. The intent of district policing is to involve all members of the department instead of a few specialized units. Through district policing, patrol officers are assigned the same part of the city on a more consistent basis. This allows patrol officers to familiarize themselves with the areas they patrol and allows the public to familiarize themselves with their community policing officers.
  • How does District Policing affect me and my family?
    The GBPD designed this strategy to provider better, more efficient service. By reorganizing and allocating resources more efficiently, they can provide better and more personalized service to the community.
    • Officers will be more familiar with areas they patrol
    • Citizens will have increased familiarity with officers who patrol their neighborhood
    • Police will detect problems and crime patterns/trends more quickly
    • Officers will have more time to engage in proactive patrol, rather than simply responding to calls.

  • Who is in charge of the districts?
    Each district has a captain. The captain will monitor activity in their district and appropriately allocate resources based on this. The district Captain uses crime analysis combined with community concerns to make decisions on how to best serve the public.
  • How were the district boundaries determined?
    Using data analysis, factors such as: call volume, natural boundaries (Fox River), population, and nuisance activity were all considered when creating the district boundaries.
  • How will Community Policing Officers be Affected?
    Community officers will remain assigned to specific neighborhoods and work on long-term neighborhood problems.
  • How can I find out which district I live in?
    You can view your district in the map at the top of the article.

Policing Districts - click each district below to learn more about the district, Captains, and who your Community Policing Officers are

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