Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Missing / Runaways - TIPS

 This page is going to be a literal ground zero for when it comes to reporting a loved one missing. In order to do so, it is common to be asked a few generalized questions such as: 

What was the person wearing?

Height/Age/Tattoos/Piercings/Past Surgeries (all medical hardware has a serial number) Build/Eye Color/Unusual Moles

Did they take their phone with them? If you have an IPhone make sure sharing is enabled. As for facebook watches too. If they only have their watch with them it can usually be pinged using the towers. That way you can develop a parameter for searching.

What make/model of vehicle they are driving. Make sure to try to remember (or write down) the plate number. For hindsight, keep a record of your loved ones plate numbers. 

Look into Geolocating/Geotagging. Then unextend it until you reach a few plausible places. 

Try to come up with a timeline. Like, if you know the specific time they wake up. Or when they should be at work. If they have any other pre scheduled functions. 

Have you noticed any new or unusual people in your neighborhood? 

Have the reporter describe how the person was that day. You can establish if they were clear-headed or if they were just off that day. Those little details can mean a lot. 

Did they do something with their hair that seems unusual. 

Do they have any enemies? 

Are they drug users? Are there certain bars they frequent? 

They may even ask you if you suspect foul play. 

Look into their credit info if you can. Have they been using their cards lately? Or have they not been used? 

What is the person's usual habits (AKA, stuff they do on a everyday basis) List all the stores or places or people they would go to. You can then have these said places pull security camera footage and you can see what "state" your loved one is in.  This is solely for the purpose of knowing but, without revealing they could be kidnapped. 

Look for skews in their routine, the people who they talk to. The people they are likely to be around say if they were in serious trouble. 

Like everything in this world we live in now. Develop a plan. Like a place that is only accustomed to certain things you did. Such as: say a camp spot you would always go to as a kid. That gives you one "safe" and definitive place to look and start your search. If they leave the area have them set up something as a say "emergency plan" in case there are signs of distress that can't be communicated. 

If you are being kidnapped try and execute a call to one of your "emergency" people and come up with a code word that you can easily use into sentences. An example would be, "I am just going bananas here" or look for messages that are being conveyed to you that just seem out of place. 

Those subtle antics could save your loved ones life. 

With runaways - you usually start out with the family/home/dynamic - If you discipline your child and they don't like it. They could runaway. 

Look for signs of teenage rebellion and acting out. More than usual. Even change in diet you could pick up on that and realize something is amiss. 

If your teen did runaway, they are often gone by friends or doing something you would forbid them to do. That is most likely what they would be doing. 

Also, look what type of things the individual took with them. Like personal items, did they forget to take their favorite shirt?  Anything that seems out of place. 

Runaways typically happen after large disputes with parental units. 

Find out if they have been talking to people online. Have your teen unintentionally give you their facebook password. All you have to do is talk about something they are really passionate about and they will be more intrigued by that and that is when you can ask them "hey what is your facebook password" Then you can monitor any weird or unusual conversations. 

Make sure to have an up-to-date photo of your loved one. If something new changes in their appearance take a new photo. 

Typically, the PD makes you wait around 48 hours to report someone missing. Since that is the legal waiting period. 

But, with Crime Reports. I can post your missing loved one at any time. Get their name circulating via social media. 

For a missing/runaway poster what will be needed is: A few recent photos, certain words the person would respond to: to know you are curious as to why they went missing. Also, include all the normal stuff; age, height/weight, what the person was last seen wearing. If you can provide me with 2-3 pics and all said info I can create a missing persons flyer. 

If you message me through the page and I still don't respond to your missing request email them to me at: [email protected] 

We need to provide as much awareness as possible. 

-10/24/23 - EDIT

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