Thursday, October 14, 2021

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a mugshot?
    • A mugshot is a booking picture taken during investigation. It is not an accusation or an admission of guilt. 
    • Regardless of case resolution, the arrest has happened and a booking photograph was taken. This by itself is true and factual and what a mugshot represents.
    • This does not represent resolution of a case; guilty plea or not guilty plea.

  • Booking records and mugshots are considered and legally recognized as public record.

  • Is everyone listed on your website guilty of a crime?
    • No. All mugshots posted and people listed are presumed innocent unless proven guilty through due process in a court of law.
    • For the latest status information, contact Brown County Clerk of Courts or the Law Enforcement agency that originally released the data.

  • How does this information benefit our community?
    • There are many public benefits of releasing official records and mugshots.
    • The release of this information can help citizens identify criminals and keep an active role in the community.

  • I was found "Not Guilty", the case was "Dismissed", my charges were "dropped", or "no charges were filed". Why is my mugshot on your website?
    • To answer this question, refer to "What is a mugshot" section on this page.

  • Isn't posting my mugshot a violation of my rights?
    • Posting a mugshot is not a violation of privacy or rights. Mugshots and booking records (including booking charges) are legally recognized as public records. While you or someone you know may be in the mugshot(s), the ownership of the records is public.

  • In regards to the 'Daily Arrest Records,' why do I see the same person listed on multiple dates?
    • A person has been arrested & is being booked with new charges.
    • A person has been charged, convicted, and sentenced but their jail time has been "Imposed & Stayed". The court notes will state to be used at the discretion of Probation & Parole (P&P) or Treatment Court. If the person has a violation, the court or P&P can "impose" a specific number of days that the individual must spend in jail for their violation.
    • A case is relevant due to the nature of the crime and in the interest of the public, we will provide updates:
      • In these situations, we will post only in the following scenarios: (1) Competency Hearing (2) Sentencing Hearing (3) Appeals Court
      • The case number (clickable URL that will direct you to the case on CCAP) will be listed under the person's name and an italicized note regarding why the case is being posted. Ex: Competency Hearing on (date).
    • A person has been charged & convicted of specific charges; however, the court does not immediately take them into custody of the jail. 
      • The person has reported to jail to serve their sentence on the date agreed upon by the court and the defense attorney and/or defendant. 
      • When this occurs, we specifically note the case number in italics (clickable URL that will direct you to case on CCAP and "Sentence beginning on (date)" and will note the details of the sentence if they are available. If the sentence details are not available, we will note that on the arrest as, "Sentence beginning on (date), details not yet available".
What is a federal safekeeper 0001.00 ?
It just means someone was charged in a federal court and was booked into the county jail by a US Marshall. 

Why we no longer post packer games - right now the scanner feed does not share that channel due to all the complaints called into the Green Bay Police regarding training calls.

Will Dagger Dingo ever be back? I hope so! It was MY BEST CREATION EVER.

Are the two admins really dead. YES they are sadly. I will not post obituaries but, I can ensure you they really are in fact deceased. One in November, then one in December. 

Is the page ran by a new admin? 
Sadly no, she stepped away to pursue a career in criminal justice. Now, she is back. She has been with the page since it's creation. It started with TWO original admins and we added a THIRD. There never was "OFFICIALLY" a FOURTH. 


  1. Thanks for the info! And thanks for posting the daily crime reports...not only is it beneficial for keeping the community active in helping to identify criminals, but it is helpful on a personal level, as well. I am a recovering addict (2.5 yrs of sobriety under my belt) and I come on almost every day to look at the crime reports. It keeps my headspace in a real in, that was me a few years ago and it could be me again if I give up on THANK YOU! for keeping us "in the know" with this.

    1. Congratulations on your sobriety! Thank you for the positive feedback. Please don't ever give up on yourself. Every day is a new day and another chance at staying sober. Take one day at a time, sometimes you need to do it one moment at a time, but remember that you pulled yourself out of that darkness that you were living in and you are now living life in the light and happiness. Some days you will struggle. Remember that everyone does, but you may struggle a little bit more because of what you have been through. Remember there are many resources out there available to you if you need or ever feel yourself wanting to go backwards. Reach out to your sponsor if you have one or a close friend in times of need. If they aren't available to you, reach out to local resources, even our Crisis Hotline will listen and guide you through it. Thank you f

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