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Brown County Brouhaha - November 2020

 Brown County Brouhaha - November 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.
5:07 am 11/3/20
Roland Ln - noise complaint for a LOUD TV 📺

Green Bay - T-Rex 🦖 & the Wolfman 🐺 spotted casting their ballots 🗳 today

8:37 pm 11/3/20
Brown County Voting location - male refusing to leave after getting in line late

11:20 pm 11/4/20
Bodart St - female just took alcohol from the bar and is now verbal in the background - she’s standing in front of the bar holding the two bottles - female/black, gray sweatshirt, blue pants

7:20 pm 11/6/20
400 block E Allouez Ave - group of kids being LOUD and sounds like ding dong ditching - been going on last couple of nights - 3 females last seen northbound on Libal 

7:33 pm 11/6/20
Bay Park - old Shopko lot - red car with two people inside having intimate relations with children around

5:32 pm 11/7/20
Main St - male stating he was jumped by some people and they were using bottles to hurt him - unknown if rescue is needed - unknown where the suspects are
  • UPDATE: 5:33 pm - apparently the suspects are gonna be the male’s family members, 3 of them, and they’re across the street at KFC 

9:33 pm 11/7/20
Seymour Park - female defecated 💩 on the slide and is now napping on a bench 

10:57 pm 11/7/20
N Washington St - there’s a female that vomited 🤮 in the bar and she was removed - now she’s being verbal with people outside - female/white, blonde, green shirt, approx 5’10”

11:30 🕦 pm 11/7/20
Crooks St - assist complainants, they have handcuffs on and don’t have a key 🔑

9:11 am 11/8/20
Main St - McDonald’s - road rage incident - suspect in a green Toyota got out of their vehicle and was threatening the driver of another vehicle w/ a baton or bat 

6:25 pm 11/8/20
East side GB - complainant’s child was outside playing and the male inside this address has been masturbating 
6:30 pm - eastbound on Mason from Irwin - Jeep, black in color, with a male party that’s masturbating inside 
NOTE: not sure if this is the same male from both calls

11:13 am 11/9/20
Brown County, WI - truck driver on 911 is upset and verbal with staff, said he was supposed to be unloaded and gone by 8 am and they’re making him wait and holding him hostage

1:43 pm 11/9/20
Curry Ln - Brown County Jail - male party who was just released - he’s now in the lobby nude - possible excited delirium - EMS/PD en route

Green Bay - porta potty blowin’ in the wind - partially in traffic

4:23 am 11/11/20
1600 block Cormier - vehicle vs tree - 2 males ran off, 2 are still on scene

11 am 11/14/20
Acme St & University Ave - car vs cattle truck - no known injuries 

2:10 pm 11/17/20
Velp Ave - male lying on the sidewalk, unknown problem 
** complainant approached him, he’s moving - black hat, green jacket 
UPDATE: Officer: “Yeah he’s definitely intoxicated. He urinated on the light pole. Intoxicated and belligerent.”

3:07 pm 11/18/20
S Military - male & female passed out by the compressor room in the back of the building - complainant states the female has been in the store a few times to buy bottles of vodka - male, possibly native, black jacket & jeans, female/Hispanic, black jacket and black sweatpants

10:21 am 11/21/20
400 block Main Ave - De Pere - passerby saw a squirrel 🐿 running across the power line and then saw a large flash and explosion 💥 - possible wire down - unknown status of the 🐿

1:47 pm 11/21/20
W Point Rd - male party fell last night while drinking and now he’s unable to move

9:10 pm 11/21/20
GB - intoxicated female fell out of bed 🛌 , possible broken tooth 🦷 - EMS en route

9:00 🕘 pm 11/21/20
Alvina St - male party calling on 9-1-1 stating that Outagamie is refusing to send him an officer - sounds like Outagamie’s been dealing w/ the male party all night, something about a girlfriend taking out an auto loan 
UPDATE: 9:03 pm - now getting a call about this male standing on the corner of Shawano & Fisk ranting about someone hacking his phone 

1:18 pm 11/23/20
Shawano - Meijer - there’s a female sitting in a red Oldsmobile in the parking lot drinking a White Claw

11:06 am 11/24/20
600 block George St - vehicle vs building w/ entrapment
** possible 55 driver (OWI)
** 2 female occupants, one left on foot - unknown injuries

2:32 am 11/25/20
Just received a call ☎️ from a female on 9-1-1 stating that about a week ago she heard screaming coming from an address on S Taylor 
👮🏻‍♂️: “A week ago?”

5:30 am 11/25/20
Officer: “Returning one chihuahua (unknown chihuahua: ‘Thank You’) to S Webster.” 
Dispatch: “10-4” 

7:03 am 11/25/20
Eastbound on Mason from 12th - female got out of a green 4-door and tried to hit complainant’s vehicle with a bat 
UPDATE: Officer has the suspect vehicle at Mason and Baird

7:18 pm 11/25/20
1401 E Mason - Walgreens - there’s a male lying underneath a black car - complainant believes he’s intoxicated, he keeps trying to get up and falling over - black jacket, blue jeans

8:21 pm 11/25/20
Western Ave - check welfare of male party that called and said he feels police are coming after him then disconnected - on call back he didn’t want to provide any information but he did state that he’s been high for the past few days

7:00 🕖 pm 11/27/20
Brown County, WI - caller stating their daughter saw on Snapchat a video of a gathering that appeared to be KKK 
** Approx 9 pm - report of a large bonfire with LOUD music, 20 people wearing white sheets and burning crosses 
UPDATE: Officer: “The white bed sheets that the complainant is referring to is going to be winterized trees. There are no signs of KKK out here.”

10:43 pm 11/27/20
N Monroe - male calling on 9-1-1 stating someone’s coming into his apartment and accusing him of stealing their beer 🍺 - female also calling and saying the male came over and stole her beer, she went back to get it and he’s currently drinking it but she has the receipt with her

9:06 am 11/28/20
Brown County, WI - complaint for a political sign that hasn’t been removed yet

4:08 am 11/29/20
GB - motel - 3rd hand info that a female that was staying here was transported to jail today and now her daughter is here taking things from the room and she’s not supposed to be - she’s known to sometimes carry a knife 🔪

8:54 pm 11/29/20
W Mason - Popeyes - male got out of his vehicle and yelled at complainant in the drive thru

9:21 pm 11/29/20
Alvina - intoxicated male trying to break into his own apartment, he may have lost his keys 🔑

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