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Brown County Brouhaha - October 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - October 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 
7:13 am 10/1/20
2646 Manitowoc Rd - male/white, wearing a Packers beanie, dark blue long-sleeve shirt - he’s in the store walking up to customers saying he wants to kill people - he’s also talking to himself - no weapons seen

Approx 🕛 10/3/20 🎃
De Pere - female caller is locked in her bedroom, stating she rents this house 🏠 w/ her roommate who is not home - the roommate left the window open for a female to climb 🧗‍♀️ through and the female friend is now on scene, caller asked her to leave and she’s refusing

1:10 am 10/3/20 🎃
Durham Rd - there’s two people in complainant's driveway dressed like 🤡 clowns - they also rang the doorbell

12:13 pm 10/3/20
Regent Ln - intoxicated caller on 911 trying to get their cousin’s phone number 

10/3/20 🎃
Green Bay - Kwik Trip - 'Plague doctor’ sighting - avoid area💀

5:21 am 10/4/20
Trailwood Dr - disturbance involving an ‘extremely’ intoxicated female, she's destroying things in the garage

7:07 pm 10/4/20
800 block Lombardi Ave - female party being destructive and kissing people's kids 
UPDATE: 7:15 pm - female took off running

1:06 pm 10/5/20
1500 block 6th St - two people having sexual relations in the parking lot - they’re in a maroon Dodge Caravan

Approx 5 pm 10/6/20
Velp Ave - day care - female parent that's swearing and being verbal to staff - "Looks like she just pulled her pants down and urinated all over the floor."

5:37 pm 10/7/20
S Oneida - Goodwill - man that is wearing what appears to be a bulletproof vest and a uniform - is driving a vehicle that looks like it could be a police car 
** registered owner of the vehicle was charged with impersonating an officer in August and is on probation for weapon violations 

12:10 am 10/8/20
Green Bay - male/female disturbance - female cut up all the male's clothes

5:56 pm 10/9/20
41 S south of Lineville - report of a large fish 🐠 in traffic

6:20 pm 10/9/20
1850 Dickinson Rd - BP - possibly intoxicated female last seen eastbound on Dickinson in a red Ford Focus - she could barely walk, appeared intoxicated or on something - also appears to be pregnant - caller advised she was trying to buy alcohol 
UPDATE: 5:27 pm - Officer spotted vehicle, the vehicle slow rolled to her residence on E River Dr - possible 55 (OWI), she’s cooperative

7:22 pm 10/11/20
GB - complainant’s husband locked her out of the house - she’s currently pacing back & forth in the driveway

1:30 pm 10/15/20
University Ave - female calling on 911 stating she needs someone to help move her bed 🛌 - she did also mention that she fell but doesn’t want rescue - numerous priors here, she was warned that she would get cited for misuse of 911

5:27 pm 10/16/20
Main St - Walmart - customer cannot find their vehicle in the parking lot - thinks it might be stolen

5:15 pm 10/16/20
W Mason - (Culver’s I think - not 💯% sure) - female party that’s been there since noon - she keeps walking in & out of the business telling employees that she’s waiting for a tall dark handsome man - she just currently chased an employee out of the parking lot

9:00 🕘 pm 10/17/20
Lombardi Ave - female in the girls bathroom with all of her clothes off - possibly on drugs

12:17 am 10/18/20
E Mason - hotel - female walking around topless with a blanket wrapped around her - possibly under the influence - also has blood on her face but refusing rescue

12:24 am 10/18/20
S Oneida - she’s back at IHOP in the lot wearing a shirt, no pants, and dancing around (same girl from Lombardi earlier?)

8:00 🕗 am 10/18/20
Ashwaubenon - ongoing issue with harassment from the neighbors - the complainant has it on video from last night - the neighbors came over and put things in their yard and also vomited 🤮 on their front stairs

6:18 pm 10/18/20
Pecan St - there’s a female wearing a fuzzy jacket that went inside complainant’s house, started undressing, then walked back out - possibly on some type of drugs - last seen headed eastbound

Approx 11:00 🕚 pm 10/18/20
1871 Shawano Ave - Kwik Trip - attempted robbery - male reached over the counter and tried to take money from the till - no weapons - he did not get any money - male/white, black face mask, black button up shirt and jeans - left on foot 
UPDATE: 11:06 pm - 612 S Military - BP - robbery - male jumped over the counter and took some change - last seen northbound on Military - no weapons - suspect matches description from Kwik Trip 
UPDATE: 11:12 pm - Officer has the male in custody on Perkins Ave north of Western

1:00 🕐 am 10/19/20
Farlin Ave - caller stating there’s two males on their roof, unknown who they are

2:08 pm 10/19/20
Denmark - political sign complainant doesn’t approve of

4:31 pm 10/19/20
Main St - Walmart - two males punching each other in the face in the grocery section
** correction, near the grocery entrance

Approx 5:10 pm 10/21/20
Velp Ave - laundromat - male/female verbal disturbance - sounds like the male party was verbal with complainant over items being taken out of a dryer - no weapons seen but the male party did threaten to KILL the complainant 

1:39 pm 10/22/20
East GB - complainant is outside stating he doesn’t know the apartment number, but his ex boyfriend stole his chihuahua and is holding it hostage - he’s requesting a keep the peace

3:16 pm 10/23/20
Brown County - supermarket - complainant states the manager just pulled a box cutter on him for not wearing a mask 😷

5:03 pm 10/23/20
Eaton Rd - Taco Johns - female in the line crying stating her boyfriend dropped her off here and now has hypothermia - call taker got her to go inside - she’s been here about an hour and a half 
& 5:15 pm 10/23/20
Pilgrim Way - PetSmart - female party acting strange - she tried to steal a snake 🐍 and was hitting and talking to herself - last seen headed towards Best Buy on foot - hair in a bun, black jacket, black pants

9:11 pm 10/23/20
Near Main @ Mason - report of a male making gun gestures with his hands at passing vehicles

1:05 pm 10/24/20
Green Bay Botanical Garden - report of an opossum in the kitchen

10:35 pm 10/25/20
Green Bay - motel - there’s a male party extremely strung out on meth, complainant is worried about him and his welfare 
** this may be a false report - complainant was rambling about how this male keeps looking at his wife like she’s a pork chop and that he has to be careful

12:35 pm 10/26/20
1300 block S Broadway - male party urinating on the walls of the bar and spitting and swearing at people

1:51 pm 10/26/20
Mason @ Bellevue - welfare check - female party who was yelling at cars going past and swinging & punching in the air 

8:56 pm 10/26/20
Green Bay - tenant states she asked her landlord to turn up the heat and he instructed her to turn the stove up

2:26 pm 10/28/20
Ashwaubenon - hotel - yesterday this subject was arrested, today staff found a 12 inch python 🐍 alive in the refrigerator, also a backpack 🎒 full of needles

5:43 pm 10/30/20
Lombardi Ave - male and female dropped their cocaine at the front desk when they were checking in - they need to be removed 

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