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Brown County Brouhaha - September 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - September 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Military @ Lombardi – Turkey running from Officer

1:40 pm - 9/4/20
Front St – Report of a stolen dumpster 

6:46 pm – 9/4/20
Dickinson Rd – Ledgeview Park – Male party ripping out plants, throwing rocks, and being verbal – black hat, jean jacket & jeans

1:22 pm – 9/6/20
Hobart Dr – Four kids in the dumpster throwing garbage out
UPDATE: Looks like one kid locked the dumpster trapping the other three kids inside

10:42 pm – 10/6/20
N Ashland – Intoxicated female stating that she’s getting texts from an unknown female 

9:14 pm – 9/8/20
Holmgren Way – Report of a prostitute that walked into a storage shed next door

7:47 pm – 9/9/20
Hartung St - Report of a doggie door bursting into flames

2:28 pm – 9/11/20
East GB – Male broke into complainant’s garage and is now lying on the floor nude 

7:28 pm – 9/12/20
Maccaux Dr – Male subject looking into vehicles – when confronted, he said he was looking for work – last seen headed towards Basten St 

9:25 pm – 9/12/20
S Washington – Intoxicated male that got onto the Foxy Pedaler and refusing to get off – male/white, black hat, black jacket, blue jeans

12:12 pm – 9/13/20
E Mason – Speedway – Intoxicated party came into the store, cracked a beer, and left

10:34 am – 9/14/20
S Webster – Disturbance – female party was asked to wear a mask, she then threw a product at the complainant and walked out – female/white, white tank top, black yoga pants, black hair

9:50 pm – 9/16/20
N Military – Dominoes – Welfare check – female party talking to herself in the parking lot – female/white, gray shirt, sweatpants, no shoes
UPDATE: 10 pm – Officer requesting rescue for the female, possibly on meth 

2 am – 9/18/20
Brown County motel – Check the welfare of male party who states he’s hearing things from next door about himself cheating on someone – thinks that the males in the room are going to jump him – states he does have a knife but will put it away when officers arrive

10:43 am – 9/18/20
Area of Clinton @ Norwood – Welfare check – complainant stating one of his workers was chased on a tractor by a female with pink hair, black shorts, pink socks – appeared to be intoxicated or under the influence 

Basten St – From inbox: “This lady drops her garbage and drove off”

1:02 am – 9/20/20
Howard, WI – Female caller stating that she’s tripping 

12:55 pm – 9/20/20
Reserve St – Noise complaint – person in the apartment that is dropping bowling balls on the complainant’s apartment

2:51 pm – 9/20/20
Dousman – Murphy Park – Possible weapons call – complainant went to the park to meet with an ex to get some money and they were threatened with a blowtorch, said they would blow his face off

3:53 pm – 9/20/10
Side St – Noise complaint – complainant stating there’s a band playing for the last 20 minutes and their windows are rattling 

12:45 pm – 9/21/20
Fox River Tr – Female party threatened to spray complainant with pepper spray
** Female pointed the pepper spray at responding officer 
UPDATE: 1 pm – Female in custody

9:30 pm – 9/21/20
Cherry St – Complainant is a delivery driver and a male/black tried to steal their pizza – short hair, wearing a red hoodie and dark pants – comp does have an arm injury but is refusing rescue

10:33 pm – 9/21/20
Radisson St – Welfare check – female party talking to the slot machine – may be under the influence of something 

7:52 pm – 9/23/20
St John St – St John Park – Garbage can on fire in the pavilion 
UPDATE: 7:56 pm – Fire Department on scene – no garbage can on fire, people cooking food on a Weber grill 

11:18 am – 9/24/20
Mountain Bay Dr – Pulaski – Male party stating he’s lying in the ditch about 500 ft from the Cobblestone Hotel, said his girlfriend left him here and he’s intoxicated, said he’s a drug addict and an alcoholic

2:38 pm – 9/24/20
Main St – Starbucks – A tree was purposely set on fire during a disturbance 

9:44 am – 9/25/20
S Broadway – Report of a female party screaming obscenities and spray-painting vehicles 
UPDATE: 9:58 am – Female in custody

11:16 pm – 9/26/20
Holmgren Way – Female is harassing the DJ and refusing to leave

11:38 pm – 9/26/20
S Oneida – Taco Bell – Male on a moped in the drive thru, looks intoxicated, has fallen off the moped twice
UPDATE: Employees moved the moped away from the male, he was begging them not to call the police, said he lives close by

5 pm – 5/27/20
Hobart Dt – Officers requesting the fire department assist in getting a child down off the roof of the school 
UPDATE: 5:04 pm – Cancel, Officers got him down 

5:36 pm – 5/27/20
Mason St bridge – Vehicle ran over a mattress and now it’s stuck under their car 

9:17 pm – 9/27/20
Applebee’s – Disturbance – Cook who was refusing to leave and throwing things around in the kitchen – sounds like he possibly ran out of the building

11:41 pm – 9/28/20
Main St – Laundromat – Intoxicated male pulling a TV off the wall and pushing over machines

10:06 am – 9/29/20
Motel 6 – Disturbance – Male calling saying a female in the room took $500 from him – it sounds like this is a disturbance over money for services he was trying to get from the female

11:13 am – 9/29/20
S Adams – Welfare check – Male in the PD lobby stating he’s the President of the United States and all his checks are getting sent to the Dallas Police Department

9:16 pm - 9/29/20
S Chestnut - male wearing a white shirt, jeans, has an open beer with him - he's trying to start fights with people who are trying to watch the debate 

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