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Brown County Brouhaha - July 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - July 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

1:45 pm – 7/1/20
43 N near Greenbrier overpass – Vehicle fire – fully engulfed – no injuries

 2:30 am – 7/2/20
Ft Howard Ave – De Pere – Burglary in progress
UPDATE: Suspect in custody

12:13 pm – 7/2/20
West GB – Male party fell out of his pickup truck, is possibly under the influence

1:06 pm – 7/2/20

Spinnaker Ln – 3 parties that entered the residence through the window and are cooking rice – they’re now currently sitting outside – complainant would like a no trespass on them

6:25 pm – 7/2/20
De Pere – McBloop

Midnight – 7/3/20

1400 N Baird – N Baird Trailer Park – Structure fire – no injuries

Midnight 7/3/20

300 block Bellevue St – Vehicle rollover accident

10:00 pm – 7/4/20
Green Bay – Party crying and screaming, stating their cat ‘Cuddles’ is stuck under the bed


9:23 am – 7/6/20
De Pere – Welfare check – ongoing issue between two brothers – one is 65 years of age, one is 72 – one is stating his brother’s been playing loud music all day and was drinking all day yesterday – he’s in his room not doing anything now but complainant wants to talk to an officer 

8:30 pm – 7/7/20

Royal Blvd – Caller would like an officer speak with a resident in reference to their cat getting out and killing wildlife
UPDATE: Officer: “You can put me out with our subject, the cat. I think he’s trying to get a bird right now. I’ll try to catch it here.”

8:24 pm – 7/9/20

1200 block Elmore St – Vehicle vs pole – unknown injuries
UPDATE: Driver tried leaving, being held down by bystanders – power outages in the area

3:56 pm – 7/10/20

Western @ Oak – Vehicle fire – no injuries

10:00 pm – 7/10/20

Brown County – Complainant would like to speak with an officer in reference to their neighbors being LOUD and obnoxious 

Approx. 7 pm – 7/11/20

1200 block Chicago St – GB – Search & arrest warrant served – female taken into custody (suspect was hiding in the dryer)

1:19 pm – 7/12/20
Bellevue St – Welfare check – report of a female, about 17 or 18 years of age, running and screaming about Jesus and someone walking a dog – female/white, jeans, white top
UPDATE: Officer requesting rescue for the female, possible excited delirium

5:36 pm – 7/13/20

Baylite Dr – Female party came to caller’s address and broke out a window with a crowbar in the driveway – left in a silver Pontiac – both females in the car had crowbars 

6:08 pm – 7/14/20

Madison @ Doty – Vehicle plus foot chase – driver ditched vehicle at Ft Howard Park, ran to CN Railroad under Atkinson, climbed up on top of rail cars, refused to comply with officer commands at gunpoint
UPDATE: 6:47 pm – Suspect in custody

7:28 pm – 7/15/20

Green Bay – Report of LOUD puppies 

3:03 am – 7/16/20

E Mason – Intoxicated male wearing a suit came in and tried to buy $25 dollars worth of items for $1 dollar – male is now arguing with the manager

9:40 am – 7/17/20

Waube Ln – Keep the peace while complainant retrieves a rabbit

12:18 pm – 7/17/20

Lear Ln- Damage to vehicle by tacos and food smeared over complainant’s vehicle

10:00 pm – 7/17/20

Brown County – Female calling on 911 saying that the neighbors are doing black magic and she can hear voices

11:09 am – 7/19/20

Lineville – Two or three people verbal with the manager over mask policy 

10:05 pm – 7/19/20

Irene St – Male outside hitting caller’s air conditioner with a bat and trying to enter their home
UPDATE: Male in custody

8:44 pm – 7/20/20

Area of Dousman @ Ashland – Female on 911 stated a raccoon was eating something and the line disconnected

4:20 pm – 7/22/20

S Norwood – Male stabbed in the groin with a screwdriver, is bleeding severely – suspect is a female/white, wearing a brown shirt that says “Here Comes Trouble”
UPDATE: Female in custody

2:40 pm – 7/22/20

130 S Military – Vehicle vs building – no reported injuries

2 am – 7/24/20

Webster – Officers suspect reckless driver is “Pulling our chain to try to get out of drunk driving, which he’s under arrest for.”

2:45 am – 7/26/20

Coral St – People having relations in a red Dodge pickup truck 

10:28 am – 7/27/20

Village Ave – Duck Creek Golf Center – Hysterical female on the line – she accidentally hit her friend in the head with a golf club 

6 pm – 7/28/20

S Military – Check the area for a tan RV in the lot claiming to sell fish – caller believes they’re selling cocaine out of the vehicle

6:24 am – 7/29/20

Edgewater Beach Rd – Report of a porta potty in the bay

9:53 pm – 7/29/20

Lombardi Ave – Titletown District – Security for the Packers can see a male flashing a gun – he’s not threatening with it – he’s in front of the Titletown Tech building – there’s other people around him, is possibly making a rap video

10:51 pm - 7/29/20

Brown County - Complainant found drugs in a table that was given to them by a neighbor 

3 pm - 7/30/20

Suamico - Verbal disturbance between two pregnant females 

5 pm - 7/30/20

De Pere - Culver's - Vehicle fire - no injuries 

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