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Brown County Brouhaha - June 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - June 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

10:24 am – 6/2/20
Brown County – Male party stating he took too many drugs ‘and possibly cocaine’, EMS en route

2 pm – 6/3/20
Columbia Ave – Vehicle fire – no injuries

11:06 pm – 6/3/20
Pilgrim Way – Complainant came out of the bathroom and there was an unknown male standing in his apartment – the male then ran off – he had entered through the patio door – male/white, thin, dark hair, jeans – he ran around the apartment building, unknown if he got into a vehicle or not

6:39 am – 6/5/20
Wirtz Ave – Male party has been mowing the lawn for 20 minutes already – caller is concerned about the noise

6:12 pm – 6/5/20
Velp Ave – Welfare check – caller’s neighbor is pretty intoxicated, keeps falling down outside and went to the gas station earlier in his underwear

6:54 pm – 6/5/20
E Walnut – Male party, 40’s, taller, white t-shirt, just urinated in front of the complainant

10 am – 6/6/20
Elm St – Male has burns on his legs and arms from falling into the campfire last night when he was intoxicated

10:21 pm – 6/6/20
Green Bay – Officers responding to a disturbance where a male was hit in the face with a vase

12:20 am – 6/7/20
W Mason – Complainant doesn’t see anything, but heard a ‘jingling’ outside – would like the area checked

11 pm – 6/10/20
12th Ave – Party running a leaf blower – ongoing issue

1:30 pm – 6/11/20
Dousman - Murphy Park – Two males that are drinking near the pavilion – they are both fondling each other

7:33 pm – 6/11/20
Eastman Park – Report of a group of people fighting

  • UPDATE: They now appear to be shaking hands

Approx 2 am – 6/12/20
School Ln – Vehicle vs house

7:34 pm – 6/12/20
S Military – Male/female physical disturbance – they both got into separate vehicles and they won’t let each other leave

  • UPDATE: 7:39 pm – Male is requesting rescue for a human bite wound

6:25 am – 6/13/20
S Quincy – Complainant just woke up to a male in his apartment – unknown who he is – he did run outside after confronted – pry marks on the front door

8:30 pm – 6/13/20
S Ridge – Complaint on a small yellow party bus – about 14 males got out and urinated in the bushes

6:30 pm – 6/14/20
S Superior – Disturbance over someone mowing someone else’s lawn

11:23 pm – 6/14/2
Gemini Rd – Vehicle vs garage – driver is intoxicated – no injuries 

  • UPDATE: Sounds like it was a verbal disturbance first – the male got into his vehicle and tried to hit the complainant, then that’s when he ran into the garage

11:17 am – 6/17/20
Jubilee Dr – Male/male verbal disturbance – no weapons – male party came out of his house, jumped on the complainant’s vehicle, yelling at him and asking who’s gonna clean his house

10:33 pm – 6/18/20
Packerland – Papa Johns – Disturbance over food – no weapons

8:34 pm – 6/19/20
S Water Division Rd – Male is outside naked in the front yard

3:35 pm – 6/20/20
Main St – Walmart – Two males verbal in the produce department, saying they’re going to go outside and beat each other up

4:14 pm – 6/21/20
Green Bay – Male party, 60’s, fell off his lawnmower, is bleeding – male has been drinking – EMS en route  

10:52 am – 6/22/20
Mason @ Abrams – Male party carrying two cans of beer holding up traffic – multiple calls

12:10 pm – 6/22/20
12th Ave – Female attempting to back her vehicle out of the garage and the garage door is closed – they’ve had issues with her the last couple of weeks for driving under the influence in her own yard

12:29 am – 6/22/20
Crooks St – Female entered complainant’s garage and stole his lawnmower – apparently, she lives next door

8:23 pm – 6/22/20
Shawano Ave – Male party on the line not making much sense, keeps slurring his words and saying something about a vehicle driving through a fence and that it was most likely a cocaine deal

5:31 pm – 6/23/20
Bellevue St – LOUD TV – ongoing issue – 5th call so far this month on this

7 pm – 6/23/20
Green Bay – Female throwing things – she did attack complainant w/ a butter knife, no longer has it – no injuries

5:36 pm – 6/24/20
University Ave – Check for female wearing a black shirt w/ tattoos on the right arm – she’s carrying a bottle full of marijuana

13th Ave - 🐭 sighting!  

1:50 pm – 6/25/20
St John St – Female yelling at people and saying she’s the police

1:45 pm – 6/26/20
Ashwaubenon – 12-year-old stuck in baby swing – rescue en route 

Morning duckling rescue 

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