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Brown County Brouhaha - May 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - May 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

2:21 am – 5/1/20
Day St @ N Irwin – Complainant stating her vehicle was chased by a coyote
UPDATE: Officer: “Coyote is uh GOA, however, there is an armadillo parked at Irwin and Smith.”

5:45 am – 5/1/20
9th St – Disturbance – female party is trying to run the male party over with her Chevy Impala
UPDATE: 5:47 am – Female did strike the male with the vehicle, he is limping, unknown if rescue is needed

1:57 pm – 5/1/20
Amy St – Ongoing issue with a rooster in the backyard that says Cock-A-Doodle-Doo

6:54 am – 5/2/20
Baird between Cass & Main – Complainant was out jogging and saw what they think is a baggie of marijuana 

1:30 pm – 5/2/20
University Ave Market – Former employee smashing liquor bottles

1:18 pm – 5/2/20
E Mason – Astor Park Mini Mart – Female/white taking shots of liquor and threatening to stab customers – no weapons seen – she’s refusing to leave the property

4:30 pm – 5/2/20
N Danz @ Maccaux – Vehicle vs house

1:17 pm – 5/4/20
S Monroe – Downtown Shell – Suspicious message written on a basketball – unknown suspects

9:32 am – 5/5/20
2700 block Sussex Rd – Suspicious situation – around 7 am, unknown male ringing doorbells wearing a gas mask

11:16 am – 5/5/20
Imperial Ln – Welfare check – female on the line demanding a male officer give her a ride to her friend’s house – when advised officers are not taxi drivers, she disconnected

10:21 pm – 5/6/20
Jordan Rd – Structure fire – no injuries

10:56 am – 5/7/20
S 7th St – De Pere – Someone who came into complainant’s house and was yelling at her parents – unknown who this person is
UPDATE: Sounds like female walked into their house and thought her boyfriend was there and started yelling 

10:00 pm – 5/9/20
Preble Ave – Party that’s going on here – they moved a lit fire pit into their garage – sending FD and officers as well

12:26 am – 5/10/20
Denmark – Party in the garage since about 9 pm – lots of people “Screaming like they’re having fun.” 

12:15 pm – 5/10/20
Main near Deckner – Male party walking down the middle of traffic possibly exposing himself to vehicles 

8 pm – 5/10/20
N Irwin – Liquor Store – Male/male physical disturbance – they’re using shelves to hit each other and the entire store is trashed

5:35 am – 5/11/20
Dispatch: “On-ramp 43 northbound to E Mason. There’s a cattle truck parked on the side of the road that needs to be moved.”
Officer: “The cattle truck has moo-moooooved on.”
Dispatch: “10-4.”

9:36 pm – 5/11/20
Domino’s Pizza – Pizza delivery driver stating he was delivering pizza to the Comfort Inn and the male refused to pay – he was also verbal and coughing & sneezing at the complainant, demanding that he take off his mask

5:30 pm – 5/13/20
Hobart – Noise complaint – Complainant is calling about wind chimes that are making too much noise

2:30 pm – 5/14/20
E River Dr – Male/white, gray hoodie, khaki pants, red shoes – between the apartment buildings by the driveway, he’s on his hands and knees acting strange – caller asked if he needed help and he started barking

6:49 pm – 5/16/20
Bay Settlement @ 54 E – Vehicle in the ditch – male party running around in the road wearing only underwear 
UPDATE: Male in custody, claiming he’s high on drugs

5 am – 5/17/20
1600 block Commanche Ave – 2 females verbal over some barber equipment 

5:34 pm – 5/17/20
Mason @ Abrams – Male party asked to leave is now banging on the door

S Clay – Male subject going through people’s yards, opening mailboxes, and breaking things
UPDATE: Male taken into custody

5:32 pm – 5/18/20
Brown County – Taco Bell – Caller is a truck driver, states he’s been there since yesterday – he’s upset, says that Taco Bell has a sign saying they’ll deliver to his vehicle for being a first responder, however, they’re saying they will not deliver food out to him

11:49 pm – 5/19/20
Fox River Trail Mile Marker .08 for two males passed out w/ beer cans all around them 

1:35 pm – 5/20/20
Lime Kiln – JBS – Trailer fire – no injuries

7:48 pm – 5/20/20
Hurlbut – Report of a white van submerged in a pond, unknown if occupied 
UPDATE: Male occupant, no injuries

8 pm – 5/20/20
Green Bay – Kwik Trip – T-Rex beer run

10:33 pm – 5/21/20
N Ashland – Caller heard what sounded like someone screaming and two gunshots
UPDATE: Complainant now saying she believes it was noise coming from a TV in a neighboring apartment 

1:22 pm – 5/23/20
Smith St – Caller states there’s a snake in their window well 

3:50 pm – 5/23/20
De Pere – Large lizard in traffic 
UPDATE: Owner located

Approx 5:24 am – 5/25/20
Main St Bridge – Drunk teen crashes Jeep sending passenger into the Fox River (news story)

8:28 pm – 5/25/20
Gross Ave @ Gross Ct – Vehicle vs pole hit & run – male took off on foot 
UPDATE: 8:47 pm – 700 block S Ashland – male in custody

6:04 am – 5/26/20
E Mason – Vehicle vs building, minor injuries

3:23 pm – 5/26/20
County X @ County NN – Welfare check for a male party “Dancing all over the road and pretending to send out a fishing reel” 

7:24 am – 5/27/20
Baird Creek – GB Parks calling in reference to a male jogging on the trail partially nude, believe he wasn’t wearing any bottoms and seemed like he was doing something inappropriate

4:20 pm – 5/28/20
Basten St – Male party on the line not making much sense, possibly intoxicated – is requesting officers respond, stated he violated his probation 

8:49 am – 5/29/20
Danz @ Farlin – Kennedy Park – Male/male physical disturbance – one party has a walker and the other one is carrying grocery bags

10:20 am – 5/29/20
E Mason – Male/male physical disturbance 
UPDATE: 10:28 pm – Officers requesting rescue for male party with “A human bite to the head.” 

7:16 pm – 5/29/20
Brown County – Caller believes her roommate did something to her cat because she hasn’t seen the cat in a while 

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