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Brown County Brouhaha - April 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - April 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

4:33 pm – 4/1/20
Brown County – Caller wants to meet w/ an officer in reference to an ongoing issue w/ a neighbor – during lunch today the neighbor coughed in the air and fanned it towards the caller

3:50 pm – 4/2/20
De Pere – Report of a party taking place and that people are not social distancing

4:30 pm – 4/2/20
Diamond Ridge Circle – Denmark Village Baseball Diamond – Complainant thinks that they’re trying to have baseball practice

9:30 am – 4/3/20
Deckner Ave – Suspicious vehicle – white Ford F-150 parked there since 8 am – possibly two individuals having relations inside the vehicle

8:27 pm – 4/3/20
1700 block Edison St – Two intoxicated males urinating in the basement and ringing everyone’s buzzer

2:25 pm – 4/4/20
Shawano Ave – Subject states they can’t smell anything, possibly running a fever – patient also stated they’ve been smoking crack all day 

6:16 pm – 4/4/20
Edison – Intoxicated male in complainant’s garage – he’s holding a book, is possibly a neighbor

3 pm – 4/4/20
Brown County – McDonald’s – male/female physical disturbance in the drive thru – female exited her vehicle and slapped a male in a blue Subaru

12:55 am – 4/5/20
S Webster @ Crooks – Vehicle vs pole

7:38 pm – 4/5/20
E Mason – Customer purposely coughed on an employee – last seen walking northbound on Roosevelt – male/Native or Hispanic with a mohawk

8:15 pm – 4/8/20
Brown County – Roommate being disrespectful and having people over 

12:38 pm – 4/9/20
Town Hall Rd – Josten Park – Male party lying on the ground with his pants down – he’s on the trail next to the fence

8:37 pm – 4/9/20
Elmore @ Norwood – Male/female verbal disturbance 
UPDATE: 8:41 pm – She’s in a van, tried to run him over a few minutes ago and now has him blocked in

10:00 am – 4/10/20
Stuart @ Quincy – PD out with female felony warrant suspect
Officer: “She’s claiming she has Corona virus and spitting at us.”

9:14 pm – 4/10/20
Howard area – Disturbance – parties are separated – intoxicated female caller states neighbor acquaintance came over and coughed on her on purpose

1:15 am – 4/13/20
Velp Ave – Smell of marijuana – ongoing issue for the past 16 years

Green Bay – Caller says his ex-wife is on scene to pick up items and she’s got meth in her vehicle

5:34 pm – 4/17/20
S Van Buren @ E Walnut – Caller says he was walking and a male party in a gray Jeep pulled over, got out of the vehicle, punched him, and then continued northbound on Van Buren

12:32 pm – 4/18/20
Shawano @ Taylor roundabout – Road rage disturbance – someone in a red car got out of their vehicle and punched someone in a white car

8:25 pm – 4/18/20
Maywood Ave – Intoxicated male party threw a pacifier at the caller and hit her in the eye

3:49 pm – 4/19/20
7th St – Male sitting in the middle of the street and won’t move 

5:20 pm – 4/19/20
E Walnut – Driver of a blue Pontiac drinking a bottle of Kessler 
5:31 pm - Webster Ave – McDonald’s – Driver of a dark blue SUV drinking a bottle of Corona while in the drive thru

5:00 pm – 4/20/20
University Ave – Couple of guys smoking marijuana by the pumps – green Ford Taurus 

2:33 pm – 4/21/20
Ashland on-ramp to W Mason – Sports bike tried to outrun officers and spun out – suspect in custody

4:30 pm – 4/21/20
201 N Taylor – Fleet Farm Gas – Male party just head butted another male

12:45 pm – 4/24/20
Military @ 9th – Male party flipping off vehicles passing by

2:30 pm – 4/25/20
Western Ave – verbal disturbance – when PD arrived, male claimed to have COVID-19 and coughed on officers (news story)

8:29 am – 4/27/20
Main St – Walgreens – Vehicle vs Redbox – no injuries

12:37 am – 4/28/20
N Washington – Male on 9-1-1 stating occupants in a white 4-door truck are smoking marijuana

1:37 am – 4/28/20
De Pere – College kids throwing a party – strong smell of marijuana – LOUD noise and complainant believes they were ding dong ditching as well

12:52 pm – 4/28/20
GB – Laundromat – Male party snorting cocaine in the back of the building 

8:41 am – 4/29/20
W Mason – Sam’s Club – Check the welfare of a pink haired female wearing a green sweatshirt and cowboy boots walking towards Walmart – caller stating she’s not wearing any underwear, so assuming she doesn’t have any pants on either

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