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Brown County Brouhaha - March 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - March 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

5:43 pm – 3/3/20
Brown County – Complainant found two dead birds in their driveway – no suspects, believe they were put there deliberately

6:06 pm – 3/4/20
S Broadway – De Pere – Reckless driver – Ford Taurus with no headlights on going around & around the roundabout 

8:35 am – 3/6/20
Green Bay – In reference to an issue with a neighbor who is constantly beeping the horn in the morning 

3:13 pm – 3/7/20
Green Bay – Patient sat on scissors – EMS en route 

8:36 pm – 3/7/20
Brown County – Welfare check – complainant is not making a whole lot of sense, he’s just talking about angels and drug dealers

12:50 am – 3/8/20
Packerland – Papa John’s – male subject ordered a bunch of food and then passed out  

7:38 pm – 3/9/20
Green Bay – Church – male party inside the church, he would not ID himself, he’s refusing to leave, walking around and eating stuff out of the refrigerator 

1:30 am – 3/10/20
1121 Radisson St – Shell Station – Two people having relations in a vehicle

2:53 pm – 3/13/20
Green Bay – Male party stated he’s been outside waiting for an officer for months, is not making much sense - he also asked for a Portuguese interpreter; however, the interpreter couldn’t understand him 

10:22 pm – 3/13/20
Brown County – 3 teenagers that were being physical – no weapons – there are injuries but they are refusing rescue – complainant is the mother, is trying to get them all separated – believes they are possibly doing drugs, unknown what kind – one of the parties is also walking around naked
UPDATE: The teens said they took acid – EMS en route

1:11 pm – 3/14/20
Brown County – disturbance – son has threatened to kill his dad over a haircut – no weapons – he has red dreads, wearing a black Ski-Doo jacket, and black pants 

3:23 pm – 3/15/20
Main Ave – Burger King – disturbance – male party on open line, not answering any questions – he’s yelling at somebody and just threatened to jump through the drive thru window 

7:05 pm – 3/15/20
Brown County – Temp employee showed up for work intoxicated and is refusing to leave 

12:37 pm – 3/16/20
Navarino Park – Caller states there’s a group of younger girls that are sharing a bottle, believes it’s possibly alcohol 

8:21 pm – 3/16/20
Adams St – Check on a black Equinox occupied by 2 to 3 people – caller believes they’re either doing drugs or having relations

Allouez area – Report of peeping Toms

2:59 pm – 3/17/20
1400 block Bond St – Welfare check – male/white, wearing a blue sweater, black pants, tan backpack, drinking a bottle of wine and toasting cars

3:59 pm – 3/17/20
Brown County – Unwanted parties in the driveway, it’s the caller’s in-laws 

5:51 pm – 3/17/20
Velp near 41 – Welfare check – older male wearing a green hat and green shirt that was urinating and flipping people off

10:33 pm – 3/17/20
West side GB – Weapons call – caller stating his wife has a machete and is threatening him 

1:15 pm – 3/18/20
W Mason – Festival Foods – two customers that are fighting at the customer service desk – they are verbal right now – female/white with purple hair and another female/white with blue hair – no weapons seen

3:38 pm – 3/19/20
GB laundromat – Female party climbing on the machines – she’s not doing any laundry 

5:35 pm – 3/20/20
Lime Kiln Rd – Disturbance – multiple people pepper sprayed including a baby during large disturbance – suspect(s) in custody

6:06 pm – 3/21/20
Brown County – Kwik Trip – Male passed out in the car wash inside a Chevy Malibu
UPDATE: Officer: “Appears to be a 55 (OWI) in the car wash.”

5:48 pm – 3/22/20
Area of Imperial @ Bader – Female running up and down the street naked

3:00 pm – 3/23/20
Green Bay – Walmart – Party demanding to talk to an officer in reference to a party that coughed on a disabled woman as a joke 

Brown County – Male stating he’s tied up to a cross and that he’s hyperventilating 

Green Bay – Female went inside a business and ate chocolate off a secretary’s desk

9:39 am – 3/25/20
Green Bay – Report of people in the gym working out 
(can’t believe I’m typing this) 

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