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Brown County Brouhaha - February 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - February 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!
Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

3:38 pm – 2/2/20

S Washington – Check the welfare of a female/white with red hair, in a blue jacket, carrying a large pink tote bag – she’s walking in circles and telling everyone she sees God in their souls

1:57 am - 2/4/20
University Ave – Pregnant female that was kicked out – she’s currently outside slurring her words and yelling at people because she was taking drinks from other people

2:10 am – 2/4/20
Main St – Male party called in on 911 saying he needs a ride because he has no friends

8:37 am – 2/4/20
N Jefferson – Male/female verbal & physical disturbance in the parking lot 
UPDATE: 8:40 am – Sounds like the male’s ex hit him with her car – multiple calls

7:35 am – 2/8/20
43 N – Suspicious vehicle – smashed up Honda Accord with a sign that says “HELP!” on the front – Ohio plates, driven by a teenager
UPDATE: GBPD was out with the vehicle earlier and it was supposed to be a joke

Western @ Rutgers – Rolling disturbance – male trying to chase his wife with his Chevy Impala 

12:35 pm – 2/9/20
2491 Babcock Rd – Taco Bell – Male is with a female – the female’s family is threatening to come there and beat the male up

1:18 pm – 2/12/20
Western Ave – Male subject tried to throw his cat into the dumpster and then was verbal with the complainant – ongoing issue

8:50 pm – 2/12/20
Commanche Ave – Extended Stay – female/female physical disturbance between a mother & daughter – daughter is throwing things at the mother
UPDATE: PD on the scene – the daughter threw a sippy cup

7:24 am – 2/14/20
Green Bay Elementary School – Sending rescue for a student with his tongue stuck to a post outside

8:30 am – 2/14/20
Reformatory Rd – Single vehicle accident – male driver is passed out, is breathing, did not respond to banging on the window and he is not wearing any pants

8:12 pm – 2/14/20
S Taylor @ W Mason Frontage – Female that’s throwing snow at cars, flipping people off, and screaming

8:33 am – 2/15/20 (morning after Valentines Day)
Green Bay – Male/female verbal disturbance – sounds like the girlfriend came home and found the male with a different female – that female just left in a black Kia, unknown direction of travel 

1:06 pm – 2/15/20
Bay Park Square Mall – Female party on 911 stating the phone she purchased isn’t working and they won’t give her a refund

12:05 am – 2/16/20
1200 block Velp Ave – Complainant stating her boyfriend jumped out of her moving vehicle, he had passed out, he’s now running eastbound on Velp and she is following him in a black Audi – they both have been drinking tonight – the friend is following in a Mini Cooper
UPDATE: 12:11 am – Officer out with them Velp @ Winford

10:15 pm – 2/16/20
Doty St – Older male outside screaming about how he can’t wait to go to jail 

8:15 pm – 2/17/20
S Military – Dollar General – Intoxicated male just walked in and stated he felt like robbing the place, then walked out and went to the laundromat next door – male/Native, tan jacket, jeans 
UPDATE: PD on scene 

11:30 am – 2/18/20
Ashwaubenon – Disturbance – caller on 911 saying that an adult neighbor lost their dog and the caller helped find the dog - then the neighbor pushed them 

2:04 pm – 2/20/20
Green Bay – Disturbance – male party threatening staff and talking about World War III 

3:29 pm – 2/21/20
Chicago St – Male/female physical disturbance – female just left on foot after throwing a clothing iron at the male’s head – male is refusing rescue

4:48 pm – 2/21/20
Main St – Vehicle drove off with the gas nozzle still attached – approx one gallon of gas leaked – FD en route 

8:36 pm – 2/21/20
Green Bay – BURGLARY IN PROGRESS – caller stating her and her child are in the child’s bedroom and think they heard the gate slam
UPDATE: 8:40 pm – It’s the caller’s boyfriend, states everything is okay

10:07 pm – 2/21/20
N Chestnut – Female party calling in on 911 because someone else parked in her parking spot

11:06 pm – 2/21/20
W Mason – Walmart - Blue pickup with no one in it that’s going backward and hitting a bunch of vehicles

9:37 am – 2/22/20
Wildlife Sanctuary – Stolen hedgehog (news story

11:57 am – 2/22/20
2100 block Webster Ave – Attempted robbery at knifepoint – the victim displayed a firearm and the suspect fled on foot – Officers set up a perimeter and attempted an unsuccessful K9 track – suspect is a male/black, 35-40 years old, clean-shaven, Chicago Bears stocking hat, black hoodie, jeans, and tan boots
UPDATE: 2/26 – Attempted robbery stopped with a gun was a hoax, Sheriff’s Office says (news story

7:23 pm – 2/22/20
Brown County – Check the welfare of female party saying she had a vision about the hedgehog that was stolen last night 
Officer: “Copy. Hedgehog.”

10:00 pm – 2/22/20
S Washington St – Quality Inn & Suites – in the lobby for a male who came in to call a cab and then decided to take a nap
Officer: “Copy. Nap.”

12:57 pm – 2/22/20
2200 block Imperial Ln – Vehicle vs building – no reported injuries

5:47 pm – 2/24/20
Complainant was at the corner of Clay & Crooks and apparently, a vehicle pulled up - a gray SUV, and a male got out and punched him in the face and then took off northbound on Clay – comp has never seen this person before

8:47 pm – 2/24/20
Admiral Ct – Female/female verbal disturbance – they were fighting over a wiener dog and one of the females burned the other with a cigarette

11:04 pm – 2/24/20
Green Bay – Party poured bleach all over complainant’s furniture – suspect no longer on scene 

10:06 pm – 2/25/20
N Taylor – Fleet Farm – Complainant is stuck in the car wash and unable to get out

6:38 pm – 2/27/20
Brown County – Harassment complaint – complainant receiving phone calls from an unknown male who says he’s gonna come over and kill her if they don’t admit to hitting his vehicle
UPDATE: 6:40 pm – Comp now states they figured out who it was and it’s just a prank 

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