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Brown County Brouhaha - January 2020

Brown County Brouhaha - January 2020

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to ALL who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

10:30 am – 1/1/20

Main Ave – Shell – Intoxicated male attempting to urinate on the gas pumps

Approx 9:30 pm – 1/1/20
Sunshine Pl @ Lacount Rd – Two vehicles possibly involved in a road rage incident – multiple calls for gunshots heard – one of the vehicles hit a tree and left the scene – no reported injuries 
UPDATE: Found shell casings

12:20 pm – 1/3/20
Green Bay – Complainant saying the neighbor is calling her names and yelling at her through the wall 

10:37 am – 1/4/20
N Irwin – Caller said their girlfriend is breaking windows out of their vehicle 
UPDATE: 10:45 am – Female in custody 

8 am – 1/6/20
W Mason – Festival Foods – Officers requesting rescue for a party that’s been inhaling spray paint since 5 am 

3:35 pm – 1/7/20
N Broadway – Disturbance – male party has been here several hours, is threatening to expose himself and is throwing items on the ceiling

2:40 pm – 1/9/20
1100 block Bond St – Single vehicle accident – vehicle is on its roof – no reported injuries

Approx 6:30 pm – 1/9/20
Redbird Cir – Subway – Male customer was verbal & physical – he has a 2x4 that he was threatening employees with – they have the store locked – he’s banging on the backdoor with the 2x4

10:21 pm – 1/9/20
Noble St – Intoxicated female that’s being verbal – she’s also running around outside and into the street and she ran into a tree

9:23 pm – 1/12/20
1265 Lombardi Ave – Lambeau Field – ARREST – in the south lot a male party broke into a car and threw up and urinated inside the car – Bo born in 1995

7:17 am – 1/13/20
41 S Beyond Main Ave – vehicle fire

11 am – 1/13/20
1265 Lombardi Ave – Lambeau Field – in the Atrium, security is reporting an unstable male party making strange comments and refusing to leave

10:04 am – 11/25/20
Harvey St – Caller on 911 saying female is hiding in the basement and threatening to burn the house down

2:30 pm – 1/15/20
Coolidge St – Officers stop vehicle and apprehend suspect(s) in a gas drive off

8:44 am – 1/17/20
Main Ave – De Pere – gas station – there was a customer throwing things at the clerk – clerk is bleeding from the head and has facial injuries but refused rescue – suspect no longer on scene 

11:38 pm – 1/17/20
Main St – Ralph’s Antiques – Lyft driver calling in a male, unknown race, who got into his vehicle and started yelling at him, then got out and is urinating on the building – last seen wearing a dark hat, gray sweatshirt, black jacket

11:51 pm – 1/17/20
Pine St – Parking ramp – two homeless people being verbal with security and refusing to leave
UPDATE: 11:52 pm – one male is now screaming at the complainant, saying he’s staying there trying to stay warm and that he’s also the white horse of the apocalypse

2:25 am – 1/18/20
N Chestnut – Wheelchair stuck in the snow – just need a slight push 

5:45 pm – 1/20/20
Brown County – Female party who was uncooperative, and a little verbal, upset that her daughter brought home a cat

8:46 pm – 1/21/20
Green Bay – Disturbance – caller stating that her dad was upset that she brought the wrong tacos home and took her keys away – not physical at this time but she’s stating it might get physical – she’s currently waiting in a gray car in the driveway with her boyfriend
UPDATE: 8:48 pm – caller just called back stating that she no longer needs officers, it was a misunderstanding

10:50 am – 1/22/20
Green Bay business – They found a box of suspicious items, possibly left by an ex employee – suspect not on scene
Officer: “What was left?”
Dispatch: “They believe it’s a box of human feces.”
Officer: “Copy. Feces.”

10:14 pm – 1/22/20
W Mason – Walmart – There’s a male that stole one of the employee’s walkie talkies – he’s walking around the parking lot/in the store using profanity over the radio

8:47 pm – 1/23/20
S Oneida St – Scam alert – unknown male called business and stated if the employee didn’t take money out of the till and give it to him she would be arrested

7:40 pm – 1/24/20
9th St – Small child called 911 talking about a cupcake

12:54 am – 1/25/20
E Mason @ S Roosevelt – truck vs pole – male took off running on foot – male/white, wearing a blue sweatshirt, blue jeans, possible man bun
Officer: “Copy. Man bun.” 
UPDATE: 1 am – Officer out w/ the driver 1300 block of Chicago

8:26 am – 1/25/20
E Mason – Kwik Trip – female party trying to hide drugs in the air conditioning unit and dropping things all over the store – she’s currently in the bathroom
UPDATE: Last seen walking towards Speedway

2:09 am – 1/26/20
1100 block Main St – Female party outside screaming & crying – security asked her to leave
UPDATE: 2:12 am – Female is now behind the building rolling in the dirt
UPDATE: 2:16 am – Officers requesting rescue for intoxicated female 

12:53 pm – 1/26/20
Grant St – Customer’s vehicle stuck in the car wash

6:54 pm – 1/26/20
Shawano Ave – McDonald’s – Male/female physical disturbance in the lobby – they’re currently throwing shoes at one another, other that that, no weapons

7:44 pm – 1/26/20
Brown County – Male party calling in stating he’s intoxicated and hit a pole with his truck – wants to speak with an officer 

12:09 pm – 1/29/20
Allouez @ Monroe Rd – Female who’s walking & staggering, she’s wearing a fur coat that’s covering her head – she’s almost to the Target lot 
UPDATE: 12:10 pm – Caller said she just bounced off a snowbank – doesn’t appear to be injured, just intoxicated
UPDATE: 12:13 pm – Officer out with the female at Target

1:24 pm – 1/29/20
Bay Park – Disturbance – male party being verbal with staff in the middle of the mall – requesting officers (language)

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