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Brown County Brouhaha - April 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - April 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Approx 2 am – 4/1/19
Corner of Oak & N Eighth St – De Pere – House fire – no injuries (news story)

10:17 am – 4/1/19

University Ave – Driver fled on foot from traffic stop – was arrested at gunpoint

6:45 pm – 4/1/10
Green Bay – Female caller stating she’s a messenger from God and wants to speak with the FBI & CIA.
UPDATE: She’s now calling back and mentioning the devil and Lucifer - PD trying to ping her phone to check on her well being.

8:42 pm – 4/2/19
W Mason – For a male that exposed himself to the manager in the parking lot – it’s going to be a red 2 door car – was westbound on frontage road, now currently southbound on Isbell – the male that exposed himself today was also kicked out of the store yesterday for rough-housing in the store – complainant would like a no trespass

12:20 am – 4/3/19
Velp Ave – Stone Ridge Shell – Barefoot female trying to steal customer’s car – possibly on drugs or mental health issues – female white or Hispanic – long hair, pink striped pajamas – approx. 20 years of age – she’s been running back & forth from the gas station to the road – last seen behind the store.
UPDATE: 12:25 am – Officer: “We have her at Columbia and Velp.”

7:26 am – 4/3/19
Velp @ Southern Cross – Report of a skunk with a cup stuck on its head

7:45-ish pm – 4/3/19 (delayed post)
Humboldt Apts – Female that was arrested yesterday showed up at the residence and threw complainant’s phone against the wall – no weapons
UPDATE: She is now banging on the complainant’s window with a fire hydrant (extinguisher) and screaming about aliens – female is bipolar and off her meds
** She’s outside now spraying the fire extinguisher
** Female is now inside the complex spraying the hallway

8:50 pm - 4/3/19
Cedar @ N. Irwin - Intoxicated male threw his bike at the complainant's driver's side door - male then ran away - didn't see any weapons, was verbal - black hair and a (bushy stache?) - black sweatshirt & blue jeans.

9:36 pm - 4/3/19
Chapel Hill Circle - Physical disturbance - someone got out of a vehicle in front of this residence, punched the window and then punched the driver multiple times - person was on foot, went closer into the cul-de-sac, the vehicle was following it, silver 4-door sedan, unknown plate.

8:53 am- 4/4/19
Scheuring Rd on-ramp to 41 NB – semi tipped over, is leaking fuel, driver is out, minor injuries

4:23 pm – 4/4/19
De Leers – Female that busted complainant’s windows – she left on foot towards Newberry – female black, black coat – PD also looking for her for an incident from yesterday as well, interfering with child custody and disorderly conduct – be advised female did try to use scissors to punch holes in complainant’s tires, she no longer has the scissors

10:44 pm – 4/4/19
Alvina St – Caller requesting a welfare check on a nearby neighbor heard yelling “Holy Jesus!” over and over again

Brown County – Residential burglar alarm – one trip from family room glass break – stated it’s Aaron Rodger’s residence, he’s not on scene, has key holder en route

7:05 pm - 4/5/19
600 block E. Pulaski St – Pulaski Community Park – Vehicle stuck on the disc golf course – was doing donuts (whippin’ shitties) in the grass earlier

9:27 pm – 4/5/19
Danz @ Preble – Suspicious person – male party, 60’s, wearing a cowboy hat tried selling some underage kids what he called “The good wine”

1:35 am – 4/6/19
Brown County – Complainant would like officers to speak with their 14-year-old son who’s troubled and has been “Giving them a lot of lip”

4/6/19 GBCR Call of the Month

Hazard complaint - 172 eastbound over the Fox River, caller states that there's two males fishing off the bridge, said they threw a net in the river - two male whites wearing yellow rain gear Officer: "I know they're doing some painting out there. I'll go check the area."

9:03 pm – 4/6/19
Cherry St ramp – Silver vehicle on the 5th floor with 2 lit candles inside – possibly occupied

7:51 pm – 4/7/19
Cedar St – Verbal disturbance between neighbors over a cat

Approx 8 pm 4/7/19
Western Ave - K9 Officer Pyro stabbed multiple times while apprehending suspect during a high risk weapons call (update

3:47 pm – 4/8/19
600 block E Walnut – Retail theft – male Native took beer, now he’s in the parking lot drinking the beer

5:12 pm – 4/8/19
1309 S Webster – You Are My Sunshine Daycare – dog on the roof – tried jumping down but is unable to get down on its own – unknown who the dog belongs to or how on the woof

6:34 pm – 4/8/19
Eastman Park – Complainant’s 7 children were playing basketball and a group of 5 males jumped out and beat them up – one of the males yelled “Go get the gun out of the truck”

5:12 pm – 4/9/19
S Jackson – Navarino Park – Intoxicated male “wobbling” and “crawling” through the park

7:45-ish pm – 4/10/19
Shawano @ Gray – Vehicle fire – no injuries

5:30-ish am - 4/11/19
S Jackson – Caller woke up to someone sleeping on their couch

6:30-ish am – 4/12/19
Green Bay – Female in a gray bathrobe being verbally uncooperative and flashing people in the waiting room

8:13 pm – 4/12/19
Eliza @ Webster – Check the area for a “Christmas tree tumbleweed”

3 pm – 4/13/19
1100 block S Military – Reported theft of an Easter egg from an Easter egg hunt

8:46 pm – 4/13/19
Algoma Rd @ Mercier Rd – Report of two vehicles hitting the same deer

12 am – 4/14/19
Pine St ramp – male black wearing a Packers jacket with his pants around his ankles

2:14 am – 4/14/19
Farlin Ave – Extremely intoxicated female on the line stating she’s trying to get a stranger home and “The key won’t fit in the doorway”

11:11 am – 4/14/19
2870 Holmgren Way – Associated Bank – Turkey in the parking lot that keeps pecking at cars

2:51 pm – 4/14/19
Main St – Walmart – Damage complaint – suspect not on scene – another customer confronted him in the parking lot and was yelling at him, unknown why – complainant came out of the store and two of his tires were slashed

6:43 pm  4/14/19
1265 Lombardi Ave – Lambeau Field – Miller Gate – Male party jumped some gates – subject is intoxicated

11:32 pm  4/15/19
1000 block Dousman - Intoxicated female running up & down the street yelling that someone is going to beat her up. 
UPDATE: 11:34 pm - Intoxicated husband just called and stated she took his blue Dodge Durango.

8:30 pm – 4/16/19
4100 block Champion Rd – Complainant stated their daughter was getting gas here last night and a male was staring at her

8 am – 4/17/19
Mossy Oak Circle – Tenant chained a large piece of wood and a note on vehicle

1:05 pm – 4/17/19
Riverside Dr – Truck struck and is now stuck under the railroad bridge (again)

7:28 pm – 4/17/19
2500 block Glendale – Caller’s dashboard is on fire
UPDATE: Vehicle is now fully engulfed 10 ft from building – no injuries

3 am-ish – 4/18/19
500 block W Walnut – Male refused to pay for his cab, trying to give a dollar for a $40 ride

6:53 am – 4/18/19
Shawano from I-41 – Check welfare of male party running in & out of traffic, waving his arms, and flipping people off

1:02 pm – 4/19/19
S Oneida – Vehicle accident inside the car wash

2:52 pm –  4/19/19
1700 block Western Ave – Complaint of LOUD church music since 10 am

Approx 12 am – 4/20/19
Don Hutson Center – Vehicle vs. fence – male driver got out of the vehicle and ran around on the practice field for at least 10 minutes before officers arrived on scene

9:50 am – 4/20/19
Green Bay – Male/female verbal disturbance over some bushes – one of the parties was making comments about hurting the other’s dog – the other party stares at her while she’s doing yard work

1:35 pm – 4/20/19
2100 block Basten St – Teen stuck in a baby swing – FD en route

7:30 pm – 4/20/19
2071 Emerald Dr – McAuliffe Elementary – Child stuck on the roof – FD en route
UPDATE: 7:44 pm – Rescue complete, back in service

8:52 pm – 4/21/19
Brown County – Male calling on 911 saying Tom who lives in the building stole his dentures 

1:17 pm – 4/21/19
S. Chestnut - Complainant observed someone throwing items out the front door, they're breaking a (scale?) - there's also a male black locked out of the house - female party took a screen off from a 2nd story window and is throwing buckets of water at the male party.
UPDATE: 1:25 pm - Female threw a TV at the male.

4:34 pm – 4/21/19
Oxford Ave - Male party on a red moped threatening to shoot roommate.

5:35 pm – 4/21/19

Western Ave - Pizza Hut driver says a group of adults by a garage stole the sign off the top of the vehicle.

5 pm  4/22/19
Sherry Ln - Lethargic squirrel on complainant's front porch

Approx 8:52 pm to 9:06 pm  4/22/19
600 block Bond St - auto theft - complainant followed her stolen Chevy Tahoe - the suspects ditched the vehicle and officers were able to apprehend all 4 of them at various locations - edited for time.

12:30 am - 4/24/19
100 S Broadway - Structure fire (news story

10:24 am - 4/25/19

2200 block University - Subject was there for a job interview, prior to leaving he stole $40 dollars in cash from on top of the till - left on foot EB on University - male black, short dreads, gray jacket

5:49 pm - 4/25/19
GB West - Ongoing dispute between neighbors - one is accusing the other of putting sugar in their gas tank

5:50 pm - 4/25/19

Green Isle Park - Teen female was "car surfing" - car hit a bump, female fell and broke her leg 

12:48 am - 4/26/19
1500 block Carroll Ave - Pizza delivery driver shining a light on a house across the street
Officer: "They do that all the time to find they house they're going to. If that's all it is I'm going 10-8."

7:20 am - 4/27/19

Pig fell off a truck on 172 (news story)

1:10 pm - 4/27/19

Westwood Dr - Two juveniles having relations in a tan Ford Taurus

10:20 pm - 4/27/19

Quarry Park Dr - Quarry Park
Officer: "I'll be out with a dead raccoon with a 'Get Well Soon' balloon tied to it

1:38 pm - 4/28/19

S Military - Party called 911 because the clerk would not sell them alcohol 

3:29 pm - 4/28/19

1000 block Cormier - Physical disturbance over laundry 

7:16 pm - 4/28/19
900 block Main St - Welfare check of white male wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans - he is going into the store and making and drinking mixed drinks inside the store 

Approx 9:30 pm - 4/28/19

2201 S Oneida - Frost Giant Games - possible ROBBERY IN PROGRESS- the owner of the business is watching security footage, says someone is possibly robbing the store, that he has something in his hands - (owner is a) middle aged man with a beard, brownish red hair - the store employee has a weapon
UPDATE: The employee has the suspect at gunpoint 

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