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Brown County Brouhaha - February 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - February 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed.

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

5:54 pm – 2/3/19
520 Pine Terrace – Multiple calls for a house fire

  • UPDATE: Confirmed fire – one patient with burns all over their body – rest of house is evacuated
  • 6:03 pm – Fire is knocked down, still heavy smoke from 2nd story window
** Overhauling (news story)

1:58 pm – 2/4/19
Cedar St – Caller saying someone is trying to repo his Nissan Pathfinder with him still in it

6:48 pm – 2/4/19
Mason @ Fisk – Weapons call – someone shooting a bb gun from the passenger window of a silver SUV – partial plate of 420 – last seen EB on Mason

  • UPDATE: 7 pm - Suspect vehicle stopped Shawano @ Alvina

2:23 pm – 2/5/19
Officer: “Send an ambulance to my location. Car drove up, said he cut some of his fingers off and wanted to know where the nearest hospital was, so if we can have them come and check him out.”
Dispatch: “Officers are at Lost Dauphin and Scheuring Road on a traffic stop and occupant inside is missing some fingers.”

5:09 pm – 2/5/19
Brown County – Suspicious situation – complainant came home to find their mail on the kitchen table, no idea how it got there

8:52 pm – 2/5/19
800 block Elizabeth – Caller heard a loud bang, looked outside to see a person running away from a vehicle vs. pole accident

12:06 am – 2/6/19
Brown County – Caller’s boyfriend left about 3 hrs ago – checked the jails & hospitals – complainant would like to report him missing

5:42 am – 2/7/19
E Mason @ Heyrman – 2 vehicle accident – hit & run – run vehicle is a black BMW last seen EB on Mason – hit vehicle is a Chevy Tahoe, in traffic

  • UPDATE: Run vehicle lost their bumper WITH their personalized license plate still attached
  • 6:14 am – Officers located the run vehicle at suspect’s place of employment
  • **UPDATE** 9:08 am – Owner of suspect vehicle called police and would like to speak to an officer, states that his girlfriend was driving the vehicle at the time of the hit and run accident

12:46 pm – 2/7/19
Main St – McDonald’s – Complainant’s vehicle was stolen earlier this week then recovered – they did find a receipt from the suspect from McDonald's – comp would like to speak with ab officer to see if they can review video surveillance at McDonald’s

9:08 am – 2/8/19
W Walnut – Male that’s muttering some stuff that people are trying to shoot him – he’s standing by the front door, male white, last seen wearing a black hat & jacket – he came in carrying a leg from a table but they no longer see that

11:09 am – 2/9/19
2400 block W Mason – Male party in a wheelchair swearing at people

1:40 pm – 2/9/19
Trojan Dr – car vs rock

11:11 am – 2/10/19
Area of 920 Lambeau – 1 vehicle accident  - tan 4 door hit a pole, didn’t knock any wires down, but it sounds like there’s a subject who exited the vehicle and asked the complainant for a screwdriver to take the plates off – believe male party left on foot – male Native with a white hockey jersey, light colored jacket – heavyset – complainant states male took the plates off – a blue Escort picked him up – unknown direction of travel

11:30-ish am- 2/14/19
Windrose Ct – Raccoon on complainant’s porch that’s acting strange

12:11 pm - 2/14/19
Western Ave - In the basement, management is saying the laundry machines are being broken into - they also have video of a female prostituting on the machines.

12:58 pm – 2/14/19
Brown County – Female who said she was being stalked by a cult – she did mention she was going to kill someone

2:04 pm - 2/14/19
2700 block S. Ridge - Complainant's having a problem with an opossum by the front door.

7:05 pm – 2/14/19
Wildflower Row – Police en route for a male who is walking eastbound in lanes of traffic without any clothing 

Noon-ish – 2/15/19
Carjacking incident – Bergstrom dealership in Winnebago County – male party took vehicle for a test drive and later forced the salesman out of the vehicle (Subaru Legacy). State Patrol gave chase and terminated chase near the Brown County line – Brown County officers picked back up the chase – suspect exited to Lineville Rd, proceeded westbound. Vehicle was pitted near Belmont Rd. Vehicle hit a snow bank and a telephone pole. Officers arrested suspect at gunpoint. Suspect stated he was a “Federal Agent and was unarmed (news story)

2:34 pm – 2/15/19
500 block Pine St – Weapons call – white Chrysler occupied x5 riding around pointing guns at people – last seen EB on Pine

8:11 pm - 2/15/19
Brown County - Male party, 40s, stating he drank a bunch of water and now his brain is swollen - EMS en route.

2:48 pm – 2/16/19
Brown County – Complainant stating their answering machine was stolen

3:50 pm – 2/17/19
1465 University Ave – Mobile Station – ARMED ROBBERY – male suspect fled on foot – no reported injuries

8:45 pm - 2/17/19
Began at Culver's in De Pere - Complainant called in vehicle - occupants possibly smoking marijuana - complainant followed vehicle on 41 NB - vehicle exited at Lombardi. Complainant followed. Now the occupants in the "suspect" vehicle that is being followed have called 911 stating they were being followed.

9:42 am – 2/19/19
Brown County – Staff on scene with a 7-year-old dialed 911 and they are requesting officers – ongoing issue with this student calling – he’s also trying to bite some staff members – sounds like the 7-year-old also had a cigarette lighter that he came to school with and he tried lighting the office on fire but he no longer has it

3:48 pm – 2/19/19
Main @ E Mason – Vehicle fire

3:48 pm – 2/19/19
1806 Bond St - Keller Elementary - Complainant stating that a male was stalking her and now just hit the female with his car - unknown injuries (believe female was in a vehicle as well, no reported injuries).

  • UPDATE: Suspect vehicle stopped Bond @ Taylor - suspect in custody

8:43 pm - 2/19/19
W. Mason - Culver's parking lot - female chasing complainant & being physical - she's now in complainant's car, a silver Honda Civic - female is taking all the stuff out of the male's vehicle

  • UPDATE: Female detained

5:56 pm - 2/20/19
Pine St Ramp - Intoxicated male & female holding each other up.

7:45 pm – 2/20/19
University – Family Dollar – Retail theft – male party ran out of the store w/ merchandise – male Native wearing a Batman hat

7:45 am – 2/21/19
Main St – Caller wants to speak to an officer about a male in a blue Chevy Silverado w/ a plow that was speeding, brake checking her, then flipped her off – he followed her into her work lot then screamed at her and followed her around as she tried to lose him 

7:30 am-ish 2/21/19
Area of ? @ Taylor – Silver Honda CRV, complainant’s upset, honked at her and gave her the finger

2:21 pm – 2/21/19
2800 block S Oneida – Suspicious male – he’s saying that he’s the devil

8 pm – 2/21/19
Mason @ 13th – Two males walking EB in traffic – one of them is dragging a garbage can

10:01 am - 2/22/19
S. Broadway - Ashwaubomay Park - Suspicious vehicle - sounds more like a road rage incident - white car with unknown plates near the dumpster area - there's somebody in the vehicle - caller saying they flipped them off & then took pictures of their care for no reason.

9:07 pm – 2/22/19
Main St – Walmart – Marijuana that was left in some clothing that had been returned – suspect not on scene

10:43 pm – 2/22/19
Green Bay – Multiple 911 calls from a disabled cell phone – there’s a kid on the line saying he needs help with homework

11:13 am – 2/23/19
Brown County – Complainant requesting an officer stand by while she talks to her brother-in-law about the 100 pet snakes he has in the basement and now she believes it’s a hazard to her sister who fell down there the other day

11:44 am – 2/24/19
I-41 SB near Cnty Hwy G – 131 vehicle pileup (news story) #notBrownCounty

1:53 am – 2/24/19
Last seen on Wisconsin from Kwik Trip – intoxicated group of males that were in a red GMC, they stole a sandwich and are driving recklessly

8:45 pm – 2/24/19
Shawano – ResErection – In the backlot there’s a red 4-door GMC, no license plates – they’re “having relations”

4:44 pm – 2/25/19
1000 block N Irwin – In the parking lot behind Irwin Grocery, there’s a male walking out of the storage unit carrying a gun – he (comp) believes he (dude w/ gun) threatened him with it – no verbal comments were made – he just made eye contact

10:52 am – 2/26/19
300 block N Broadway – Female was punched in the face by an unknown male, he’s on foot, NB – caller said she was at the bus stop, male called her a name and then punched her in the face – male white, wearing a white jacket, black pants – he has a black backpack and a hat – he’s NB on foot, on Broadway – tall & skinny

11:45 am – 2/27/19
Brown County – Complainant stating their boss is threatening to fire them

9:22 pm – 2/27/19
Merrill St – Suspicious situation – complainant received a sticky note on their mailbox earlier today and on their vehicle stating “Help!” – asked around the neighborhood, and another neighbor did say that they also found one on their vehicle

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