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Brown County Brouhaha - March 2018

Brown County Brouhaha March 2018

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime WaveBrown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed. 

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

11:15 am - 3/2/18
1800 block Main St – Vehicle fire

3:28 pm – 3/3/18
1000 block Main Ave – BK – female party 30’s came inside stumbling and is now in the restroom making funny noises

5:50 pm – 3/3/18
800 block Victoria – Possible structure fire – somebody was grilling in the basement – smoke visible, no flames 

Nancy Ave – Snowblower fire - news article link

5:26 pm – 3/6/18
Cormier - Target - vehicle accident 

2:55 pm – 3/7/18
Tillman (Mason) Bridge EB – Rolling disturbance – female in a Dodge van throwing soda cans at vehicle

3:40 pm – 3/7/18
2000 block Farlin Ave – Vehicle vs. house – male took off running towards Henry St – male Hispanic, gray hoodie
UPDATE: Suspect in custody 

4:06 pm – 3/7/18
800 block Dousman – Large rat (muskrat?) in the driveway (2nd call today regarding large rats in GB)

2:49 pm – 3/8/18
Mason @ Meacham – will attempt traffic stop on stolen vehicle – 3 occupants – waiting for backup
UPDATE: Suspects apprehended on W Mason

9:22 am – 3/9/18
Taco Bell – two employees verbal over cleaning responsibilities – one employee will be waiting outside

9:27 am – 3/9/18
CVS Pharmacy – two small Pomeranians just entered the store

3:30 pm – 3/9/18
2100 block University – Two people physically fighting – officer has one in custody
UPDATE: Apparently they were play fighting, no arrests

1:37 pm – 3/10/18
2400 block Lime Kiln – Party stuck in the car wash and cannot get anyone’s attention

4:45 pm – 3/10/18
Brown County Fairgrounds boat landing – suspected motor boating under the influence – brought to shore by DNR and taken into custody

9:11 PM – 3/10/18
800 block Main Ave – Gold Chevy Cavalier occupied by two “Possibly having…relations.”

10:24 pm – 3/10/18
Riverside Brawlroom – (reports of 10-12 people fighting) & possible structure fire at 2600 block Shade Tree Ln in Howard

10:30 pm - 3/10/18
3100 block Manitowoc Rd – WEAPONS CALL – intoxicated female walking and swinging a butcher knife – complainant stating she was punched in the face by suspect
UPDATE: Suspect no longer has the knife and is lying on the floor

11:40 pm – 3/10/18
2400 block Lawrence Dr – Complainant states her vehicle was hit by water balloons while driving down Lawrence – believes they were thrown from the field

4:40 pm - 3/11/18
2292 Main St – Loss Prevention found a baggie of marijuana on the sales floor and needs to turn it over

5:31 pm - 3/11/18
I-43 near Mile Marker 173 – Male party standing on top of a vehicle and bashing in the windshield with a baseball bat
UPDATE: Subject is a male black wearing a dark hoodie and coat – vehicle he’s bashing in has an orange tag on it

9:27 am – 3/12/18
1200 block Marshall Ave – Male party at this address is throwing feces on the sidewalk

12:06 pm – 3/12/18
Deckner @ Schober – BMW on fire – everyone is out of the vehicle
UPDATE: Vehicle is on Schober just S of Deckner – vehicle is fully engulfed and there was an explosion 

8:06 pm – 3/12/18
Badger St – Male/male disturbance – complainant is screaming on the line – one of the males may have a knife – someone is also screaming in the background
UPDATE: 8:10 pm – GBPD has suspect at gunpoint
**Suspect no longer has the knife
**Both suspects in custody

7:16 am – 3/13/18
WB on Velp – Complainant stating paper delivery person driving a black van w/ a white strobe light is blasting music – ongoing issue

7:28 am – 3/13/18
300 block S Quincy – Ongoing issue w/ the dog defecating in complainant’s yard

1:09 pm – 3/13/18
200 block S Taylor – Retail theft in progress – loss prevention is not approaching suspect because he has a hatchet in his hand and is a known drug addict – male white, gray cap – currently in sporting goods looking at BB guns, still has hatchet in his hand – he has now taken out a pocket knife and is cutting open the packaging of an air soft gun – LP is watching this all on camera – police advising not to approach – he has now set the hatchet down and is walking towards the front
UPDATE: Suspect has been detained

7 pm – 3/13/18
300 block N Clay – Check welfare of intoxicated male sleeping on the sidewalk, possible elbow injury

7:28 pm – 3/13/18
1200 block E Walnut – WEAPONS CALL – male w/ a butcher knife reportedly broke into home – female that was inside is now outside – police believe suspect is only person inside the home at this time – suspect is a male black wearing a white shirt
7:57 pm – Suspect still inside residence
UPDATE: Suspect in custody

11:33 am – 3/13/18
700 block S Jefferson – There’s a female trying to kick in a door
UPDATE: A male black came out of the residence and the female is now throwing shoes at him, she had a stick at one point

5:13 pm – 3/14/18
41/Lineville Exit – DTF bust

 7:04 pm – 3/14/18
Ontario @ Voyager – Check welfare of intoxicated female walking in the road, female white wearing multi colored shirt – now NB on Ontario
UPDATE: 7:12 pm – Officers on scene w/ female on Finger Rd, requesting rescue, she is very intoxicated and stating she has ringworm

8:08 pm – 3/14/18
1900 block Bond St – Intoxicated male fell and cannot get up, not injured, just needs a lift assist

2:38 pm – 3/15/18
West Side GB – Requesting welfare check of male who believes he is the Arc Angel and his brother is Lucifer, possibly undiagnosed schizophrenic

12:11 pm – 3/16/18
  Near NWTC – Vehicle fire

1:31 pm – 3/16/18
Camelot Ct – Nearby neighbor’s loose dog defecating in complainant’s yard

3:02 pm – 3/16/18
900 block Howard St – Two kids under the age of 5 are outside on the roof in the back of the house

8:26 pm – 3/16/18
Spinnaker Ln – Complainant’s boyfriend’s mother broke in and is now refusing to leave

9:34 pm – 3/16/18
Early St – 911 accidental dial – Complainant states he was cleaning his Glock and it accidentally fired into his basement – he wanted to call officers because it’s the right thing to do

10:58 pm – 3/16/18
Main @ Monroe – SUV vs car vs pole – male driver took off on foot – male black wearing black clothing

1:58 pm – 3/17/18
Baird Creek Park – Rescue being sent for a child who fell off a homemade swing

2:48 pm – 3/17/18
Shady Ln – Loud music coming from the park – the music contains profanity and the volume is causing the complainant’s windows to shake

2:58 pm – 3/17/18
100 block S Washington – City Deck – male party passed out – unknown breathing status, is not moving
UPDATE: Male party now stating he’s meditating and does not need rescue

3:41 pm – 300 block N Washington – Male party lying face down on the ground – male white, brown jacket, advise this is the same man from the earlier meditating call

2:09 pm – 3/17/18
Lime Kiln – Target parking lot – complainant in a dark blue Subaru Outback states that someone hit her with a vehicle while she was trying to get out of her car – the suspects are in a Chevy with a partial plate of 666 – that vehicle is still in the parking lot – those parties were verbal with complainant – the male party informed caller that he’s a state official and the complainant should not cause any trouble

 11:08 pm - 3/17/18
100 block S Washington – Male party kicked out of bar – refusing to leave – standing in the entryway being verbal w/ staff – male white, beard, sunglasses & Packers shirt

12:20 am – 3/18/18
Bond St – Intoxicated male stating there’s another intoxicated male sitting in a blue Buick – was uncooperative giving any more information

2:40 am – 3/18/18
Bodart St – Requesting rescue for female w/ a laceration due to a disturbance

1:30 pm – 3/18/18
1400 block E Mason – Spray paint of gang graffiti on a Redbox

3:10 pm – 3/18/18
100 block Bay Park Square – Two males claiming to be rappers asking women for their phone numbers and asking them for sex

8:07 am – 3/19/18
1000 block Main Ave – Male party in a gray vehicle flashed a gun at complainant – last seen NB on 41

10:10 am – 3/19/18 (delayed post)
Bay Settlement Rd – Wiquiock Falls – Suspicious vehicle – complainant states parties in a red van, partial plate of YMJ, are measuring and bagging things – also smells of marijuana

11:24 am – 3/19/18
Check welfare of female party who states her house has become a warzone and someone left a bloody knife in her mailbox

2:04 pm - 3/20/18
942 Vanderperren – Department of Motor Vehicles – Verbal disturbance – caller stating she witnessed a black pickup truck back into a white sedan – states no injuries but the male driver got verbal stating he was gonna break her nose – suspect is a male white, wearing a t-shirt, sunglasses, and hat

6:11 pm – 3/20/18
1700 block Shawano Ave – Complainant believes male party is trying to run him and his fiancé over – suspect is a male white in a walker

6:48 pm – 3/20/18
Oak St – In reference to someone using a wood chipper and getting dust all over complainant’s gutters in the road

7:21 pm – 3/20/18
2600 block W Mason – Three people banned from the property who are currently inside tanning – they have 10 minutes left

 7:36 pm – 3/20/18
Military @ Dousman – Female calling in stating she can hear what sounds like a boat horn, it’s not continuous but going off for the past 30 minutes

8:04 pm – 3/20/18
1800 block Oakdale Ave – Party threw bleach in complainant’s face

11:28 am – 3/21/18
Townline Rd – Caller near a horse farm saw a male white on a peddle bike, mustache, beard, and sunglasses (think most of us know what the concern may be here) – would like the area checked

6:56 pm – 3/21/18
1500 block University Ave – Felony traffic stop on armed robbery suspects

7:33 pm – 3/21/18
Bay Park Square – Male black w/ facial tattoos stating he is a famous rapper and taking unwanted pictures w/ females 

6:56 pm – 3/22/18
1100 block W Mason – Complainant reporting they have a restraining order against a female who just entered the store to return items, however, the restraining order has yet to be served and the complainant has an outstanding warrant

8:14 pm – 3/22/18
2400 block W Mason – Complainant stating male has been in the bathroom for over ten minutes, may be on drugs

8:20 am – 3/23/18
Caller on N Irwin requesting officers give him a ride to his cat on Deckner Ave

3:02 pm – 3/23/18
200 block S Washington – Male party possibly under the influence of drugs, has come to a couple of different businesses down here and asked that police officers order him food, is refusing to leave
UPDATE: 3:09 pm – Male has now called 911 letting officers know he’s sitting at a table
3:27 pm - Male party is now at the Quality Inn and asking staff for officers to bring him food

 7:08 pm – 3/23/18
S Clay – Highly intoxicated subject having a nervous breakdown and urinating all over the home

9:38 pm – 3/23/18
4300 block Wayside Rd – Fan motor was on fire in women’s bathroom – the fire is now out – responding non emergent
UPDATE: 9:52 pm “It smells really bad in here.”

8:49 pm – 3/24/18
2000 block Ramada Way – Check welfare of 5 year old in the hot tub area, complainant believes the mother is intoxicated or high and unable to watch the child in the water – female white, black swimsuit
UPDATE: 9:26 pm - EMS requested for the mother who just vomited and passed out

11:19 pm – 3/24/18
1200 block Main St – Male party passed out inside store

1 pm-ish - 3/25/18
100 block N Oakland - Hit & Run - SUV vs bicyclist - suspect apprehended by GBPD after short chase 

2:40 pm – 3/26/18
Rolling Heights Rd – Complainant states they are possibly being stalked by a drone

4:45 pm – 3/26/18
500 block N Platten – Keep the peace w/ ex girlfriend – male party is currently driving w/ his ex but doesn’t think she’ll be cooperative when she finds out he’s moving out

 6:41 pm – 3/26/18
1400 block Baumgart – Bloody jacket found on complainant’s lawn – must have been left there sometime between 2 pm – unknown how it got there – no ID in jacket

7:07 pm – 3/26/18
2000 block Shawano Ave – Male party in a red Budweiser jacket wants to turn in some drugs – he’s in the back parking lot

9 pm – 3/26/18
1600 block Shawano – Bullet casing(s) discovered after multiple reports of gunshots heard around 8:30 pm – no reported injuries

12:29 pm – 3/27/18
Area of 9th & Grant – Report of a chicken running loose

8:15 pm – 3/27/18

500 block 14th Ave – Possible burglary in progress – unknown female, possibly intoxicated, found passed out on complainant’s couch

11:37 pm – 3/27/18

2400 block W Mason – Suspicious vehicle – occupied by two, in the lot for over two hours, windows are all fogged up

6:11 pm - 3/28/18
800 block 15th - male/female physical disturbance - male party is moving out - female throwing boiling water at him

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