Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Miracles Can Happen - Here's How You Can Help

Help Bring Toby Home for Christmas

Suamico, WI - On December 1, Toby was with his family at Bark & Brew on Lineville Rd. The gates inside the business opened, allowing Toby to get out of the automatic doors. As he went outside into the parking lot, he was hit by a truck twice and rolled. Scared, Toby got up and ran away toward Velp Avenue. 

The community has come together to assist in the search for Toby, but as of today, he is still missing and has not been sighted in days. The search has been done on foot, in vehicles, and even in the sky - with thermal imaging drones. Fliers have been passed out at local businesses, churches, and dropped off at homes in the areas Toby was seen - and in areas that he may be headed.

Toby is a black and white Australian Cattle Dog/Belgian Shepherd/Tervuren Mix with medium length hair. Lost Dogs of Wisconsin has created a flier with information and a picture of Toby. 

On December 11th, the family noted that he has not been seen since Wednesday, December 6th. Later that evening, a man was confident he saw Toby off of Highway S, north of Suamico near American Tradition Fireworks, but it was not a "confirmed" sighting.

It is believed that Toby may have found shelter on a property in the Suamico area and may be hiding inside to stay warm.

We ask anyone who lives in Howard, Suamico, and Pulaski areas to please keep your eyes out for Toby. Search your property...under decks, bushes, inside any buildings/sheds that you own. If you are out on a walk, keep your ears open for any whimpering noises or unfamiliar sounds. As you are driving through the area, keep your eye out for movement in fields or on the roadways.

If you see Toby or anything that leads you to believe Toby may be in a specific area, please IMMEDIATELY CALL the owners at any time day or night. Their numbers are 920-639-1189 and 920-639-1224.

Below is a map of areas that Toby has possibly been sighted. Please, do not limit your search to these areas.

The family of Toby desperately wants him to be home for Christmas. You can follow the story of Toby on Facebook - Get Toby Home.

Please, share this far and wide - let's help this family with a Christmas Miracle. 

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