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Brown County Brouhaha - December 2017

Brown County Brouhaha - December 2017

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime WaveBrown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

12/1/17 12:18 pm
1600 block E Mason – Check the welfare of a male white w/ hat, brown vest, brown pants, sitting on the side of the building and yelling “Bam!”

12/1/17 8:53 pm
2800 block S Oneida – Goodwill – Complainant found a small amount of marijuana and would like officers to pick it up 

12/3/17 11:17 am
Ejection out the Miller Gate for unlawful conduct – male born in 1933 #TBvsGB #DaggerReport 

12/3/17 11:39 am
Shawano Ave – McDonald’s – Female in the drive thru threatening the lives of the people in front of her – female suspect driving a silver Subaru – left EB on Shawano – victims are still on scene and would like to talk to an officer 

12/3/17 1:44 pm
Lombardi Access Rd – Chuck E. Cheese – Intoxicated male in booth – staff tried to escort him out but he’s unable to walk 

12/5/17 9:17 pm
400 block S Taylor – Physical disturbance between a female and a dog

12/6/17 9:23 am
James St – Female used her vehicle, a red SUV, to smash into another car – she also broke windows on vehicles with her fist – left towards Mather St 

12/6/17 4:11 pm
Military @ Leo – Two white males w/ shovels actively trying to steal Christmas trees in the median

12/6/17 4:36 pm
Norway Dr – Pittsfield – Red truck that was parked in complainant’s driveway and was shooting at deer - vehicle left on B 

12/8/17 6:57 am
S Maple – Verbal disturbance – girlfriend has thrown boyfriend’s clothes out on the lawn

12/8/17 9:07 pm
Peonies Dr – Complainant stating daughter & son are being disrespectful 

12/8/17 11:18 pm
1900 block Holmgren Way – Male party was escorted out of bar – is now urinating on vehicles

12/9/17 1:38 am
Bodart St – physical disturbance - from GBCR inbox

12/9/17 2:27 pm
W Mason – Walmart – physical disturbance involving several customers

12/10/17 9:53 am
1000 block Velp Ave – Harassment complaint over snow removal – accused party is intoxicated

12/11/17 7:25 pm
N Baird – Guns drawn on vehicle during traffic stop – from GBCR inbox

12/11/17 9:36 pm
Military Ave – Dollar General – ARMED ROBBERY 

12/13/17 8:58 am
2100 block Crary St – Male party huffing hairspray

12/13/17 1:46 pm
Aspen @ County Rd T – School bus in ditch – 55 kids need to be escorted out back of bus – no injuries 

12/13/17 7:11 pm
1300 block Western – Male wearing ski mask was offering to shovel snow for people – but was then seen looking into people’s windows

12/14/17 6:20 pm
Mason & 12th – 2nd hand info that complainant’s wife spun out and is now in snow bank and yelling at people because no one will help her 

12/14/17 11:30 am
St Mary Blvd – Female stated she is going to douse her house and husband in gasoline and light both on fire

12/14/17 6:10 pm
1000 block Silver St – Male 20s hand stuck in snow blower – is conscious & breathing – sending EMS

12/15/17 2:14 pm
Main Ave – Roundabout - De Pere – Sedan stuck under semi – courtesy of GBCR follower

12/15/17 2:26 pm
800 block Doty St – Female/female disturbance – female possibly intoxicated and on drugs – threw a pan at other female

12/16/17 12:45 am
1100 block Main St – Two people smoking marijuana inside the bar – they are cooperative with security 

12/16/17 12:51 am
700 block S Broadway – Caller stating their vehicle is stuck on the railroad tracks – they are calling the railroad company to let them know – caller is not involved – people are trying to push vehicle off the tracks – it’s unoccupied
UPDATE: 1:12 am – vehicle is off the tracks 

12/16/17 2 am
Officer: “There’s a shoving match between the Santa’s at Washington and Doty.”

12/16/17 6:54 am
1600 block E Mason – Male sleeping on stairs outside bar. When bartender tried to wake him to open the bar he tried getting in her car

12/16/17 8:38 am
1400 block Capitol Dr – Complainant stating someone is ringing their doorbell and banging on their door yelling “Mom, let me in!” Complainant has no idea who this person is and thinks party may be intoxicated

12/16/17 2:16 pm
Hinkle @ Mason frontage – Tow truck vs Dodge Ram – One of the drivers is screaming at the other – the party being screamed at has locked himself in his truck – both vehicles are blocking traffic

12/18/17 6:30 pm
2000 block Lime Kiln – Mother left teen daughter at grocery store – stated she had no time for that 

12/18/17 9:25 pm
420 College Ave – Campus security located marijuana and paraphernalia inside a dorm – suspects are cooperative 

12/18/17 11:29 pm
1005 S. Military – Burger King – ARMED ROBBERY – light skinned male wearing a mask w/ a knife

12/19/17 9:13 am
Area of Deckner @ Berger – Male party in a motorized wheelchair driving in traffic and swerving all around making it difficult for vehicles to drive around him

12/20/17 12:48 pm
400 block S Madison – person passed out on the lawn – complainant stating it “May be the same person who lives in their bushes.”
UPDATE: Sending rescue for passed out male 50s now in the driveway, not conscious, is breathing

12/20/17 9:31 pm
1500 block Windsor Dr – Male/male physical disturbance – complainant stated one of the males threw a chair at the other and has possible rib injuries – police & rescue en route

12/21/17 11:38 am
PD Lobby – Complainant believes ex wife is putting a GPS tracker on his vehicle

12/21/17 1:23 pm
1100 block Colonial – Elderly complainant stating someone painted something in green on the end of her driveway – wants to make sure it’s not gang related

12/21/17 8 pm-ish
1007 W. Mason – ARMED ROBBERY scene – video courtesy of Kyle M

12/22/17 1:06 pm
1265 Lombardi Ave – Call came in as possible active shooter situation – turned out to be a disgruntled ex food vendor who crashed his car into several vehicles chasing an ex co-worker 

12/22/17 9:50 pm
900 block Willard Dr – Male outside w/ no clothes on – told complainant he “Was with security” – comp thought this was odd

12/22/17 11:30 pm
Dive Team searching East River for someone who may have fallen in and drowned – video by CM

12/23/17 12:39 pm
Oneida St - four vehicle accident – video by JC

12/23/17 8:47 pm
1265 Lombardi Ave – Vikings vs. Packers – Tunnel 119/121 – In reference to a fan throwing beer at a nutter fan #DaggerReport 

12/24/17 1:21 pm
100 block S. Quincy – Teen beating up another teen w/ a metal shovel

12/24/17 3:01 pm
1000 block Divot Pl – Male fell and is hanging from roof by a sweater – ladder fell from side of home
UPDATE: 3:08 pm Fire Dept: “This is…ummm…a very unique Christmas decoration. You can all go back in service (pic from comments)

12/24/17 8:05 pm
Walnut @ Museum – Vehicle crashed into railroad crossing gate – 2 occupants of the vehicle ran from scene – witness states they looked intoxicated – video by FB

12/25/17 8:38 am
1000 block Bluebird St – Male pulled up in a black truck, pulled out an envelope and was “Snorting it and licking his fingers.” 

12/26/17 6:13 pm
100 block N. Monroe – Complainant stating owner is refusing service to them because their card was denied 

12/26/17 9:31 pm
2611 w. Mason – Hardees – ARMED ROBBERY (knife) – PIC by J&D

12/27/17 2:13 pm
1600 block Shawano Ave – Hostile parties threw an iPad at complainant’s son 

12/27/17 7:43 pm
2265 University Ave – Subway – ARMED ROBBERY

12/27/17 8:55 pm
41 SB @ Freedom Rd – FedEx truck on fire – fully engulfed – driver is out of vehicle – trailer is holding 500 plus lbs of flammable paint 

12/29/17 6:18 pm
Area of Shadow & Oneida – Complainant states there’s a male walking w/ a military style machine gun – wearing a trench coat – isn’t threatening anyone, just walking
Officer: “Yeah, there’s a gun show at Shopko Hall. If he’s just walking and not threatening anyone, then there’s not much we can do.” 

12/29/17 7:27 pm
445 Cardinal Ln – Subway – ARMED ROBBERY - video by J&D

12/30/17 12:22 pm
PD Lobby – There’s a male in the lobby wishing to turn himself in on a warrant. When advised he did not have a warrant for his arrest, he requested to speak w/ an officer regarding marijuana he’s been dealing 

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