Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amber Wilde Unsolved Homicide

Amber Wilde - Missing Since September 23, 1998

September 23, 1998, was the last time Amber Wilde, 19, was seen or heard from. On this day, Wilde was in a minor car accident that caused her to hit her head on the windshield of the vehicle, leaving her with a headache.

The next day, Wilde's father called to wake her up for classes at 1 pm. When he did not receive an answer, he drove from Mayville, WI to Green Bay. After receiving no answer at the door, he called police and reported her missing.

A little over a week after Amber disappeared, her vehicle, a 1988 gray Subaru was found abandoned in the parking lot of a local sports bar. Her keys were found left inside the ignition of the vehicle. Her purse and cell phone were also locked in the trunk, which is where she normally left them. One noticeable difference about her vehicle was the driver's side seat being pushed all the way back., indicating that someone taller than Wilde may have driven the vehicle. Authorities do not believe the car was in this location the entire week after her disappearance as there were 900 miles on the car that could not be accounted for.

Police suspect foul play in Amber's disappearance and have completed several unsuccessful searches for her over the years. In 2016, police stated they believe Wilde was murdered and began to investigate the disappearance as a potential homicide.

Using Amber's diary, it led them to a possible suspect, Matthew John Schneider, who was believed to be the father of Wilde's unborn child. Amber told family members that Schneider denied paternity of the unborn child.  At the time the baby was conceived, Matthew was engaged to be married to another woman. He did not want his bride to be know that Wilde was carrying his child. Based on information obtained from Wilde's diary, Schneider pressured her multiple times to have an abortion, but she refused to do so.

As of today, Wilde's remains have not yet been found and nobody has been charged.

If you have information that may lead to Amber Wilde's case, please contact Detective David Graf @ 920-448-3257 or email [email protected]. You can also contact Detective Lee Kingston @ 920-448-3222 or email [email protected].

Let's assist the Green Bay Police Department in closing this Unsolved Homicide.

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