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Game Day Dagger Report: Arrests, Ejections & Medical - Vikings @ Packers - January 2, 2022

Game Day Dagger Report - Vikings Green Bay

January 2, 2022
Green Bay Packers - 37
Minnesota Vikings - 10

Arrests, Ejections, Medical The information below has been documented in real-time during the game. Contact made by officers can result in voluntarily leaving the stadium, verbal warning/contact, ejection, or arrest. At the officer's discretion, the result of the contact can change without updates on the scanner feed. This is an unofficial count of Arrests and Ejections during the game. The Green Bay Police Department releases post-game numbers that accurately reflect the results of each contact made.
Arrest - Person is taken into custody/arrested by officers 
Citation - Person is given a ticket/citation & released 
Contact - Officers speak with individual(s), warning may be given in regards to additional misconduct behavior
Ejection - Officers kick the person out of the stadium & they are unable to return 
Voluntary Ejection - Officers give the person(s) the opportunity to leave voluntarily without a citation or ejection/arrest.

*7:00 pm - Officer: "There are 3 people walking toward you right now, can you please stop them and have a discussion with them about shaking my car? They stopped and one is staring back at me now".

*7:02 pm - Section 132/Row 30/Seat 10 - "Male is vomiting all over everyone." Officers receiving reports male is passed out. Male is wearing #69 Vikings Jersey.
**UPDATE 7:06 pm - Located between sections 132 & 134 - Male is currently conscious and breathing.
**Update 7:30 pm - CORRECTED FROM OFFICER - Section 134/Row 28/Seat 12 - Matthew W.
**Update 7:37 pm - Matthew W. EJECTED

*7:34 pm - Outside of the Bellin Gate with a wood fire that is burning outside of the coal bins.
**UPDATE 7:38 pm - Fire is out - Resuming sweep of property

*7:36 pm - Officer making CONTACT with an individual. 

*7:37 pm - Officers making an EJECTION at the Oneida Gate.

*7:41 pm - Section 300/Row 1/Seats 8 & 9 - Check for potential drug use. One male is heavyset & wearing a gray sweatshirt, the 2nd male is wearing a green hoodie.
**UPDATE 7:56 pm - Drug complaint has been ruled unfounded by officers.

*7:46 pm - Section 118 Lower Concourse - Reports of unruly male fan causing a disturbance. 

*7:46 pm - Section 136/138 aisle - Intoxicated female is refusing to leave sitting in the aisle and return to her ticketed seat.

*7:47 pm - Section 322 out of concourse - female fell into the stands.

*8:02 pm - Confirmed EJECTION from one of the previous calls, cannot confirm which call. Officer is completing paperwork after the ejection.

*8:04 pm - Section 134/132 Upper - Report of a male in the women's bathroom.

*8:09 pm - Section 138/Row 3 or 4 - Meet County Deputy in visitor tunnel - needs assistance for an issue with a couple of unruly Vikings fans.

*8:10 pm - Section 103/105 - Physical & verbal disturbance in the stands - male that caused disturbance EJECTED & walked out of the Miller Gate.

*8:11 pm - Section 122/Row 3 - Check on Vikings fans who are refusing to sit down and are causing issues. 
**UPDATE 8:14 pm - The officers checked and this issue was unfounded.

*8:24 pm - Section 306 - Officer out with puking fan
**UPDATE 8:26 pm - VOLUNTARY EJECTION - female's friends are escorting her out of the stadium.

*8:31 pm - Officer: "Section 106/104 Upper can we get a crew to sweep up the puke out of here?"

*8:33 pm - Section 332/Row 4/Seat 21 - Intoxicated, belligerent fan who is causing issues.

*8:40 pm - Section 732 - male who collapsed in front of the concession stand.

*8:42 pm - Section 332 - Male is definitely intoxicated and causing problems again

*8:43 pm - Section 107/109 - Verbal disturbance between intoxicated fans.

*8:50 pm - EJECTION from Fleet Farm gate. Possibly Daniel P born 10/30/61, intoxicated, unruly fun who had multiple calls.

*8:51pm - Section 125/127 Lower Concourse - Subject is very verbal and argumentative with officers after they confronted him about a theft investigation

*8:52 pm - Fight at a bar on Holmgren Way - Subjects were removed from bar and physically fighting in parking lot. One subject ran from police on Mike McCarthy Way and was taken down by officers and detained.

*9:00 pm - Officers cleared after an EJECTION out of the Fleet Farm Gate

*9:01 pm - Section 119/121, Row 6 for an intoxicated male

*9:03 pm - Section 119/Row 31/Seat 12 - Female who is vomiting and is not "doing very well".
**UPDATE 9:06 pm - Female VOLUNTARY EJECTION, refusing EMS.

*9:32 pm - "Put myself [and 2 other officer names mentioned] out with a highly intoxicated femal----AHHHH". Highly intoxicated female refusing to comply with officers. Located along the West wall of the atrium near the men's restroom.

*9:33 pm - Section 109-111/Row 49 - Female fell in the aisle

*9:42 pm - Check the area of 115/117 there isn't much more information than that provided, but there is a man fighting and kicking.

*9:45 pm - Section 115/117 - report of a fight in this section. Dispatched asked if it was in the concourse, no response heard.

*9:46 pm - Couple VOLUNTARILY left after fire marshals met with them - sounds like smoking or vaping in stadium.

*9:47 pm - Brenda B - EJECTION

*9:50 pm - 434 men's restroom for someone smoking marijuana.

*9:59 pm - Unknown Section, Row 8 - bunch of people are pointing at someone who may be intoxicated causing problems.

*10:02 pm - Section 113/Row 4/Seat 14 - Male needs to go, he's been doing things to disturb other fans. According to fans in the area, it appears he has left - GOA (gone on arrival)

*10:04 pm - Section 111 men's restroom, intoxicated male passing out.

*10:06 pm - Section 347/Row 3 or 4 - Possible domestic abuse in progress.

*10:09 pm - Section 115/117 Concourse - Intoxicated male falling all over

*10:09 pm - Officer: "Quite a few people fighting at the Kwik Trip Gate, Whoa!"

*10:10 pm - Officer is out with 2 at the Fleet Farm gate - CONTACT

*10:10 pm - Officer: "Put me out at Section 111/113 there's some kind of rumble."

*10:12 pm - Male ARRESTED, requesting Gator at Associated Bank gate. Related to disturbance at the Kwik Trip gate.

*10:16 pm - Lamers bus hit a meridian barrier - contacting Department of Public Works to assist in fixing.

*10:22 pm - Officer requesting Gator to assist with an arrest.

*10:23 pm - Security at Tailgate Village requesting assistance from Officers they are holding an intoxicated male causing problems.

*10:24 pm - On the field, Packers sideline, there is a person down with a seizure.

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