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Game Day Dagger Report: Arrests, Ejections & Medical - Washington @ Packers - October 24, 2021

 Game Day Dagger Report - Washington @ Green Bay

October 24, 2021
Green Bay Packers - 24 (6-1)
Washington - 10

Arrests, Ejections, Medical The information below has been documented in real-time during the game. Contact made by officers can result in voluntarily leaving the stadium, verbal warning/contact, ejection, or arrest. At the officer's discretion, the result of the contact can change without updates on the scanner feed. This is an unofficial count of Arrests and Ejections during the game. The Green Bay Police Department releases post-game numbers that accurately reflect the results of each contact made.
Arrest - Person is taken into custody/arrested by officers 
Citation - Person is given a ticket/citation & released 
Contact - Officers speak with individual(s), warning may be given in regards to additional misconduct behavior
Ejection - Officers kick the person out of the stadium & they are unable to return 
Voluntary Ejection - Officers give the person(s) the opportunity to leave voluntarily without a citation or ejection/arrest.

10:25 am - Ridge @ Valley View - male subject is trying to sell paper tickets.
  • UPDATE - This was a misunderstanding. He had a sign that said "I buy tickets".

10:47 am - CONTACT - Chad R from Illinois, born in July 1971

11:05 am - Lot 2 for an elderly gentleman down on the ground with facial injuries.

11:36 am - Respond to South gate for a male with diabetic issues. 
  • UPDATE - male was treated & released

11:47 am - Fleet Farm Gate - "A guy just dumped a cooler and took off running"

12:32 pm - Fan EJECTED

12:39 pm - EJECTION - Section 121/123 - Intoxicated male is being verbal with fans and officers. Patrick G born in October 1987
  • UPDATE 12:45 pm - Requesting an officer to assist Brown County Sheriff officer with the intoxicated male.
  • UPDATE 12:52 pm - Officers are requesting a wheelchair to transport the male out of the stadium. Rescue is currently staged outside the Bellin gate to assist officers in transporting the male.

12:44 pm - Women's bathroom near the Kwik Trip gate, female is passed out outside of the bathroom. 

12:47 pm - Section 490 for a male who fell down; unknown injuries

12:53 pm - Section 307/305 for an inebriated female on the ground near the restrooms. 
  • UPDATE 12:55 pm - Police/rescue are with the female and she is not able to stand on her own.

1:11 pm - Requesting an officer with K-9 at the Valley View entrance to complete a search.

1:29 pm - Section 130/128 Upper Concourse, reports of issues with an intoxicated female.

1:41 pm - Section 103/105 Upper - Unruly fan with usher in the vomitorium.

1:45 pm - CONTACT - Section 100/Row 43

1:53 pm - Male threw beer can at opponent's bus. There was someone that saw him throw it. The suspect is saying he didn't do it.

2:09 pm - Drone flying in unauthorized area. Came in from Lombardi and is over the Packers Pro Shop.

2:31 pm - Section 120/Row 34/Seat 7 - for multiple complaints on a male who is causing issues. He is wearing a white Brooks jersey.

2:35 pm - Maintenance needed for a problem with one of the gates on the field

2:43 pm - Male is unable to find his wife after she left to use the restroom. Officers are going to check to see if she may be by where they parked their vehicle.
  • UPDATE 2:51 pm - Officer located the wife; husband is now not able to be found, he was previously with EMS. EMS sent the male to the atrium. Will be attempting to make contact with husband and reunite the two.
2:49 pm - Section 302/304 - Female intoxicated outside women's bathroom.

2:54 pm - CONTACT - Section 630 South Concourse - 2 officers are out with two individuals. Alexis L born in August 1997 & Jason G born in January 1999

2:58 pm - CONTACT - Deborah F born in April 1965 from Florida.

2:59 pm - Male who needs EMS for laceration to the head.

3:10 pm - Fire department is in Room 6019 with an unruly patient, requesting officers.

3:23 pm - Section 328 - Disturbance (unknown if verbal or physical)

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