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Game Day Dagger Report: Arrests, Ejections & Medical - Redskins @ Packers - December 8, 2019

Game Day Dagger Report: Arrests, Ejections & Medical - Redskins Packers - December 8, 2019

December 8, 2019
Green Bay Packers - 20
Washington Redskins - 15

Arrests, Ejections, Medical The information below has been documented in real-time during the game. Contact made by officers can result in voluntarily leaving the stadium, verbal warning/contact, ejection, or arrest. At the officer's discretion, the result of the contact can change without updates on the scanner feed. This is an unofficial count of Arrests and Ejections during the game. The Green Bay Police Department releases post-game numbers that accurately reflect the results of each contact made.

Arrest - Person is taken into custody/arrested by officers
Citation - Person is given a ticket/citation & released
Contact - Officers speak with individual(s), warning may be given in regards to additional misconduct behavior
Ejection - Officers kick the person out of the stadium & they are unable to return
Voluntary Ejection - Officers give the person(s) the opportunity to leave voluntarily 

10:23 am - CONTACT at the American Family Gate with Mark N born in 1955
-UPDATE 10:25 am: Contact turned into a VERBAL warning.

10:26 am - EMS walk in, a Lambeau Field employee has an arm injury. She was carrying something and the door hit her arm, injuring it.

10:31 am - Officer clear with a CONTACT

10:36 am - 1900 block Holmgren Way - 2 counterfeit $100 bills were used. Suspects are no longer on scene - male/black and female left in a vehicle unknown direction, but the company has them on tape.

10:45 am - CONTACT with Joseph A @ Miller Gate

11:22 am - EMS - Respond to Bellin gate for male in his 30s who fell. He is currently with officers.

11:29 am - Officer Denny - CONTACT with fan at the top of the loading dock. Jason A born in 1975.

11:30 am - Near the Oneida Gate - officer CONTACT with male who has counterfeit merchandise he is attempting to sell.

11:38 am - EJECTED Male (assuming with no trespass order) is walking within the 100 foot perimeter near Ridge Rd. Male/white wearing baseball cap and "drab" coat. Officer is following the male to ensure he does not come back on the property - currently on Valley View walking Westbound.

11:53 am - CONTACT at Oneida Gate

11:59 am - EJECTION - Michelle B born in 1992

12:14 pm - Officer out with a male outside the men's bathroom in section 129/131 who is highly intoxicated.

12:16 pm - Suspicious canister outside of the pro shop area. Having officer with K9 check the canister.

12:17 pm - CONTACT - David D from Illinois born in 1971.

12:19 pm - CONTACT - Gregory G born in 1975

12:21 pm - Officer requesting EMS outside the Oneida gate for a highly intoxicated person who is unresponsive - just outside of the Oneida gate (top of stairs outside of the gate)

12:25 pm - Section 119, Row 57, Seat 19 - Female who is having chest pains called into the dispatch center - Female in her late 50s.

12:27 pm - Intoxicated female EJECTED, being walked by officers to S. Ridge Rd. where she is being picked up.

12:29 pm - Section 101, EMS is needed outside the concourse for a person having a seizure.

12:36 pm  - CONTACT - Anita V born in 1988

12:37 pm - CONTACT - Fiona C from Ohio, born in 1980 

12:38 pm - Section 101- Male throwing up in the stands. State Patrol is on the field and can direct officers to the male in the stands.

12:38 pm - CONTACT - Matthew K born in 1990

12:45 pm - EJECTION - 2 officers cleared (ejection before half-time)

12:47 pm - Section 103, rows 2 & 3 - need maintenance there is vomit "all over the place". Officers know the owner of the Season tickets in this area, notifying owner of the tickets.

12:50 pm - Section 121 Upper for vomit in the entryway

12:51 pm - Section 680 - EMS needed for a male in his late 20s with an unknown medical issue that does NOT appear to be alcohol related.

12:54 pm - Contact with female who has already been EJECTED, but has not yet left the stadium.

12:54 pm - Welfare check in the men's restroom of the Johnsonville Tailgate Zone.

12:56 pm - Requesting EMS to check on a female outside of the Associated Bank gate.

1:00 pm - EJECTION - Highly Intoxicated male outside the men's bathroom section 102/104 - Justin K born in 1975.

1:01 pm - Puke of "unknown origin" in the upper concourse that needs to be cleaned up.

1:05 pm - CONTACT - Steven S Jr. born in 1997

1:07 pm - Officer Bloch cleared with an EJECTION

1:08 pm - See Usher section 106 lower for a fan who is "giving him problems".

1:12 pm - CONTACT - Cody L born in 1995

1:13 pm - Oneida Gate - 2 fans causing a possible disturbance - walking on the North end near the statues.

1:13 pm - Section 419/421 - Welfare Check on person in the stands.Leo J born in 1965.

1:15 pm - Section 104, Row 48, Seat 5 - Fan is passed out in their seat.

1:18 pm - Officers cleared with EJECTION.

1:15 pm - Section 104, Row 48, Seat 5 - Fan is passed out in their seat. Mitchell T born in 1995 - VERBAL WARNING for intoxication.

1:21 pm - CONTACT - Frederick B born in 1996 

1:27 pm - Section 107 - Vomit clean up needed.

1:49 pm - EJECTION @ Miller gate. Ashley Z born in 1987 (no ID on her and she doesn't know her driver's license number) 

1:52 pm - See the Usher in Section 121 for an extremely intoxicated fan in row 39 - Usher can point out the fan 

1:54 pm - Section 132 ramp coming off of EMS room 328 as you go down the area, police are needed for a highly intoxicated male (EMS calling this in, states it is not a medical issue, but a police matter).

1:58 pm - EJECTION - Female is extremely intoxicated, too intoxicated to let the officer know where her section was in the stands. Ejection out of Fleet Farm Gate. Contact was originally in Section 118 Upper.

2:00 pm - Section 128, Row 9, Seat 13 - male in his 20s wearing black jacket, torn jeans, white shoes - was already warned - given a card for "Vaping" and he is vaping again.

2:02 pm - CONTACT with Trevor born in 1988.

2:10 pm - EJECTION out of Fleet Farm gate.

2:13 pm - EJECTION of male who contact was previously made with

2:15 pm - Section 127, Row 37- out in concourse with disorderly, intoxicated person.

2:17 pm - Section 322 Upper Concourse - EJECTION

2:20 pm - EJECTION- A Scott born in 1988 from Idaho - ejected out of the South gate.

2:22 pm - Unknown Section/Row, Seat # 24 - Male using foul language & racial slurs.

2:24 pm - Multiple officers involved in 2 ARRESTS. 

2:25 pm - WARNING - Section 126, Row 55, Seat 23 - Brett K born in 1996

2:30 pm - Section 123, Row 8, Seat 4 - Washington fan who is swearing and starting fights in the stands.

2:33 pm - Frank St - Male in a Buick parked in someone's driveway - male is extremely intoxicated and puking out of his car door.

2:47 pm - 2 officers cleared with an ARREST

2:47 pm - Officers cleared with a CONTACT

2:50 pm - Lower Concourse section 105-107 - drunk fan in the tunnel area.

2:52 pm - Multiple officers out with a fan in Section 128 - fan could be heard screaming in the background. Requesting an additional officer to the section for assistance.
-UPDATE 2:55 pm - This has now become an ARREST
-UPDATE 3:04 pm - This has been changed from an arrest to an EJECTION. There are 2 juveniles with her, both born in 2003. The officers are "cutting her a pretty big break" so the juveniles are not left home alone.

2:59 pm - Arrest out of the Fleet Farm Gate (5 arrests counted so far based on scanner feed)

3:01 pm - Male is in room 133 to report a missing person.

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