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Brown County Brouhaha - Best of 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - The Best of 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Midnight - 1/1/19
1300 block Riverside Dr - Male/female physical disturbance - female threw an apple at the male #HappyNewYear!

8:30 pm - 1/1/119
Main St - Dollar General - Retail theft that is now over - male brought the items back; however, they are requesting a welfare check - he has spray paint all over his mouth & nose.

2:25-ish pm - 1/2/19
Lineville Rd - Vehicle vs. The Bottle Room

11:00-ish am - 1/7/19
1100 block Radisson - Male party trying to pay with a $25 bill.

11:00-ish pm - 1/10/19
Brown County - Complainant stating the locks were changed on her apartment yesterday due to her ex-husband getting into the apartment. Somehow the male still made entry after the locks were changed while she was at work. Nothing was taken, but she believes he put something in her shampoo that makes her hair fall out.

3:41 pm - 1/11/19
Brown County - Complainant stating his girlfriend just broke up with him, stole his PS4, and sold it so she could get a bus ticket.

3:00-ish pm - 1/12/19
Brown County - Suspicious situation - Caller found a note from a neighbor saying that "they've been watching her" and "he wants to get to know her better".

11:00-ish pm - 1/15/19
Pine @ Van Buren - See complainant in reference to a spitting incident that happened between 12 & 18 hours ago - he is saying there's some damage to his vehicle and he has possible suspects.

10:44 pm - 1/18/19
Brown County - Complainant met a female today and bought her a phone, now she is refusing to answer his calls.

7:30 pm & 9:52 pm - 1/19/19
Resch Center Love Triangle - Meet the complainant at the Resch Center. Female on line stating she is on her way to pick up her friend & is going to confront the male because he cheated on her. Caller is driving white truck, should be there shortly. Stating female is in lobby. Call taker states it is very verbal. One of Deputies is in the lobby now stating female is very verbal.
9:52 pm - Female on the line reference a, sounds like a love triangle. The male involved left the address here. Complainant said he is "going nuts" over him cheating. They're saying he left in a white Ford F-150, unknown where he may be going. Complainants will be hiding in the garage, they are asking you come through back & knock on garage door. We were out with complainant Rebecca earlier, she was at the Resch to confront the male & female regarding this cheating incident & it was resolved through Ashwaubenon.

6:00-ish am - 1/23/19
Bellevue St - Complainant woke up about 20 minutes ago and found a male party hiding in her bathtub - he did leave on foot - he had a small beard, mustache, wearing rubber boots, headed toward Grand Central Station - unsure if he took anything, he told the complainant he was just trying to find a place to stay warm.

9:33 pm - 1/25/19
S. Broadway - McDonald's - Caller is on 911 because he wants staff to check the cameras to see that he didn't get the cookies he ordered - he is refusing to leave.

12:11 pm - 2/14/19
Western Ave - In the basement, management is saying the laundry machines are being broken into - they also have video of a female "prostituting on the machines."

8:45 pm - 2/17/19
Began at Culver's in De Pere - Complainant called in vehicle - occupants possibly smoking marijuana - complainant followed vehicle on 41 N - vehicle exited at Lombardi. Complainant followed. Now the occupants in the "suspect" vehicle called 911 stating they're being followed.

2:21 pm - 2/21/19
2800 block S. Oneida - Suspicious male saying he is "the devil".

10:43 pm - 2/22/19
Green Bay - Multiple 911 calls from a disabled cell phone - there's a kid on the line saying he needs help with homework.

11:45 am - 2/27/19
Brown County - Complainant stating boss is threatening to fire them.

6:09 am – 3/4/19
Man Cal Rd – Caller said that a female stopped in a pickup truck that was broken down in his driveway last night, had no plates on it, she said she’s from Appleton – she spent the night in his garage and now she’s burning her clothes in his wood burner.

12:12 pm – 3/10/19
Area Walmart – Subway – Employee was threatened by a female/native wearing a black hoodie with her hair in a bun that was upset over some black olives – she’s now inside the store

3:38 pm – 3/14/19
Brown County – Male very angry on the phone, stating a loose Husky is chasing his cows and if (dispatch) doesn’t send 7 officers he’s gonna shoot the dog

4:09 pm - 3/15/19
Bay Park Square – Complainant states somebody urinated in the dressing room – they have a possible suspect

3:27 am – 3/17/19
1900 block Scheuring Rd – Unknown male sleeping on complainant’s couch – unable to get him up – there’s also smoke in the hallway, the fire alarms are going off, thinks male might live across the hall – PD/FD en route

Brown County – Complainant thinks a male came into her apartment and took her pancake mix and maple syrup

8 pm – 3/22/19
E Mission Rd – Possible burglary in progress – caller stating their home alarm was activated and via video feed can hear someone inside their home – cannot make out a visual description
UPDATE: It's the complainant's mother, cancel all emergency traffic.

3:45 pm – 3/28/19
400 block S Taylor – Welfare check – female in a bra dancing around outside of a vehicle and then vomited

10:52 pm - 3/30/19
Pine St - Female/black in the hallway attempting to get into multiple apartments - she's saying she's a "Messenger from God."

8:42 pm – 4/2/19
W Mason – Male that exposed himself to the manager in the parking lot – it’s going to be a red 2 door car – was westbound on the frontage road, now currently southbound on Isbell – the male that exposed himself today was also kicked out of the store yesterday for rough-housing in the store – complainant would like a no trespass order 

7:26 am – 4/3/19
Velp @ Southern Cross – Report of a skunk with a cup stuck on its head

10:44 pm – 4/4/19
Alvina St – Caller requesting a welfare check on a nearby neighbor heard yelling “Holy Jesus!” over and over again.

9:27 pm – 4/5/19
Danz @ Preble – Suspicious person – male party, 60’s, wearing a cowboy hat tried selling some underage kids what he called “The good wine”

Hazard complaint - 172 eastbound over the Fox River, caller states that there's two males fishing off the bridge, said they threw a net in the river - two male whites wearing yellow rain gear .

Officer: "I know they're doing some painting out there. I'll go check the area."

6:30-ish am – 4/12/19
Green Bay – Female in a gray bathrobe being verbally uncooperative and flashing people in the waiting room

3 pm – 4/13/19
1100 block S Military – Reported theft of an Easter egg from an Easter egg hunt

12 am – 4/14/19
Pine St ramp – Male/black wearing a Packers' jacket with his pants around his ankles

8:30 pm – 4/16/19
Champion Rd – Complainant stated their daughter was getting gas here last night and a male was staring at her

Approx 12 am – 4/20/19
Don Hutson Center – Vehicle vs. fence – male driver got out of the vehicle and ran around on the practice field for at least 10 minutes before officers arrived on scene

9:50 am – 4/20/19
Green Bay – Male/female verbal disturbance over some bushes – one of the parties was making comments about hurting the other’s dog – the other party stares at her while she’s doing yard work

8:52 pm - 4/21/19
Brown County – Male calling on 911 saying Tom who lives in the building stole his dentures 

7:20 am - 4/27/19
Pig fell off a truck on 172 (news story

10:20 pm - 4/27/19
Quarry Park Dr - Quarry Park
Officer: "I'll be out with a dead raccoon with a 'Get Well Soon' balloon tied to it."

Approx 9:30 pm - 4/28/19
2201 S Oneida - Frost Giant Games - ROBBERY IN PROGRESS - the owner of the business is watching security footage, says someone is possibly robbing the store, and that he has something in his hands - (employee on scene is a) middle aged man with a beard, brownish red hair - the employee has a weapon
UPDATE: The employee has the suspect at gunpoint 

11:00 am-ish 5/3/19
W Mason – Walmart – Huber escapee (in jail for retail theft) stopped by police for…retail theft

10:37 pm - 5/7/19
Green Bay – “Very intoxicated” male on the line stating a 5-year-old is stomping on his face

5:22 pm – 5/11/19
1300 block S Fisk – Stolen vehicle vs house (news story

10:38 pm – 5/11/19
West GB – Male party keeps pulling the fire alarm in the building because he thinks everybody hates him

10:30 am-ish 5/14/19
2700 block Viking Dr - Found cat contained in a box, the box was taped shut - they found it in the dumpster - the cat is alive
Update 5/15: Woman arrested (news story

7:45-ish pm – 5/14/19
S Broadway – Shell – Male threatening people with a hammer – 2nd caller said a male/white with gray hair, black shirt, & jeans, asked him to call 911 because there was a meth cook in the store but they never saw a disturbance

7:45-ish pm – 5/17/19
Main @ Baird – Male subject acting erratic, screaming and jumping on cars 

10:36 pm – 5/21/19
2300 block Velp Ave – Report of a stolen Chevy Silverado
UPDATE: 11 pm – Vehicle spotted, short chase ensued, suspect crashed into parked cars at Kellogg @ Kelly Jo Dr – suspect in custody (news story

10:56 pm – 5/17/19
East side GB – Caller said her husband is intoxicated and she found him in bed with another woman and now wants him to leave

8:30 am - 5/24/19
Shawano Ave - Kwik Trip - Male party in his vehicle since approx 8 am - he's refusing to leave, claims he's a 'sovereign citizen' 

12:33 pm - 5/28/19
EB on Morris towards Oneida - Male party, 30 to 40-years-old, wearing a safari hat and an orange jacket, was knocking on doors in the area - he stopped and sat in (caller's) front yard and ate his lunch - he proceeded down the street and is now dancing in the street 

12:38 am - 5/30/19
600 block S Webster - Male party on the ground "growling" at complainant 

10:00 pm – 6/1/19
S Quincy – Welfare check – small red car in the alley behind the residence, there’s a male/white sitting in the backseat of the vehicle and he’s been there for several days – caller saying they haven’t seen the male move at all, and the vehicle has not been running

UPDATE: Officer: “If we happen to get any more calls, it’s a mannequin, in a suit, in the backseat.”

10:21 am – 6/11/19
S 9th St – Caller is upset about construction happening every morning before 10 am – when advised this was not an ordinance violation, he became very upset and said that he "feels like he’s going to snap."

11:35 am – 6/14/19 
Willard Dr – Suspicious person – female in the parking lot running after people, asking them to "fill her cup" – she’s dancing in the rain, caller is concerned about her

3:28 pm – 6/14/19 

2400 block Main St – Suspicious female – she’s been in the bathroom over 40 minutes, says she’s “Cleaning money”

9:13 am – 6/22/19 

Oregon St – Complainant woke up to find a bowling ball in her front yard

9:21 am - 6/22/19

800 block Christiana - 9 year-old calling 911 concerned that someone stole her roller blades - she then disconnected the call

3:14 pm – 6/26/19

George St – Ex took complainant’s car without permission and went to Wisconsin Dells

10:53 pm – 6/26/19

Green Bay – Female caller on 911 upset the people at Little Caesars aren’t answering the phone

Noon – 7/1/19

1300 block Western Ave – Male party jumped on top of a UPS vehicle and said he needed a ride – he then took off on foot eastbound and later tried getting into a mail carrier’s vehicle

8:36 pm – 7/4/19

Marine St – Female party reporting that her boyfriend pushed her out of a boat

2:09 pm – 7/5/19 

University @ N Irwin – Stolen vehicle vs. house

Between 1 – 5 am – 7/6/19

East side GB – Ceramic plate full of homemade Mac and Cheese thrown through porch window – unknown suspects

7:47 pm – 7/6/19

S Adams – Intoxicated male passed out in front of the police station

10:54 pm – 7/8/19

Viking Dr – Management calling in 6 to 8 teenagers that are claiming to be on drugs and screaming that they’re naked

11 am – 7/21/19
2800 block Greenbrier – Security calling in a female/black that was in the main entrance doing a strip tease

UPDATE: 11:40 am – Female is back causing a disturbance

8:35 pm - 7/24/19

Fox River - US Coast Guard & The Green Bay Fire Department team up to save a Tall Ship from a runaway dock 

1:29 pm - 7/26/19
Leicht Park - "The duck is down"

12:28 am - 7/28/19
In Allouez - Caller stating ex-girlfriend is at the house, she's not supposed to be there and has a knife on her - she's currently stabbing a teddy bear outside of complainant's window

4:39 pm - 7/29/19
3700 block Packerland Dr - 9-year-old driving a white pickup truck jumped the curb and is now in a field 

1:34 pm - 7/30/19
Eastman Ave - Attempted burglary - male who lives across the street was trying to break in - complainant pulled out a sword on him in self defense - the suspect disarmed the complainant and took the sword with him - suspect also threatened to shoot the complainant, they didn't see a gun 

5:56 pm - 7/30/19
Western Ave - Caller stated he was chased by a neighbor with a rake, he was not hit with the rake - caller requesting no male officers respond, not sure why he made that request 

10:20 pm - 7/30/19
Brown County - Complainant states her ex and his current girlfriend are next door yelling obscene things at her through a karaoke machine - she also mentioned that this female does have a gun, she did not make any threats with it, and unknown if she has it on her at this time 
UPDATE: Sounds like the suspect female is now currently at the caller's address pounding on the door 

2:42 pm – 8/2/19
Brown County – Ex-wife walking around complainant’s house – he can see this on security cameras – she’s wearing a white baseball hat, white shirt, blue jeans – he’s out of town – the last time this happened she was hiding in the complainant’s shed when he got home

11:49 pm – 8/2/19
Coral St – Weapons call – male throwing things around & screaming – at one point he had a knife and he stabbed a cereal bag and now there’s cereal all over the kitchen

7:28 am – 8/3/19
12th Ave – Check welfare of Hispanic male wearing a white shirt and black pants – he is currently sitting in a tree across from this address – he just dropped off a birdcage with a bird in it at the complainant’s house – they do not know this man
UPDATE: 7:29 am – Complainant is outside, male is still sitting in a tree

10:54 am – 8/5/19
12th Ave – Complainant’s ex-girlfriend is trying to break into the home, is smashing windows – unknown weapons – complainant stating he’s grabbing a baseball bat for protection

10 am – 8/9/19
University Ave – Originally a 911 hang up, on callback male party stated he was involved in a disturbance with a female who was threatening him with a hammer – she also cut him earlier with a broken vase – male has lacerations to the face and arm

2:04 pm – 8/10/19
N Military Ave – Two intoxicated males were physically fighting; they now appear to be hugging 

9:30 pm – 8/10/19
Green Bay – Complainant stating he was involved in a verbal disturbance in a vehicle with a female – the female said she was going to ruin all of his clothes at the home – he does not really know this female, they just met and he just got out of prison

8:03 am – 8/13/19
East side GB – Complainant stating there’s a bat inside her toilet

11:40 am – 8/13/19
East side GB – Caller states there’s a male party that goes outside in his robe and exposes himself to another female neighbor

6:20 pm – 8/15/19
Shawano Ave – Business requesting a no trespass order on a customer that was recently in the store – customer started making threats after an employee told him to put his tooth away

9:14 am – 8/16/19
High speed/wrong-way chase on I-41 – suspect arrested (News Story

9 pm – 8/17/19
Denmark – Kwik Trip – Looks like a male squatted under his semi and defecated – unknown if he’s still on scene
UPDATE: The male who took care of business under the truck is still on scene, as is the witness

9:30 pm – 8/18/19 
Western Ave – Complainant stating the people below him are watching videos of him and he doesn’t like it

6:40 pm – 8/22/19
Duck Creek Parkway – Check welfare of male party who has been in the store for 17 hours

11:35 pm – 8/22/19
S Oneida – Perkins – Approx. 5 kids on the roof urinating

6:22 pm – 8/25/19
William St – Voyageur Park – Report of a male sleeping in a hammock at the park

10:06 pm - 9/1/19
Complainant concerned about some ‘underground fight club activity’ happening at Lombardi Middle School – would like to speak with an officer

5:45 pm – 9/3/19
Optimist Park area – High-speed chase – male driver and female passenger fled on foot; male taken into custody

12:12 pm – 9/9/19
400 block S Webster – In reference to complainant’s girlfriend stealing his money – just have a first name of ‘Ebony’, he does not know her last name 

11:05 am – 9/11/19
Main St – Dollar Tree – Water rescue – party trapped in their vehicle due to the flooding

5:47 pm – 9/13/19
Car catches on fire TWICE on Friday the 13th 

9:27 am – 9/15/19
E Walnut – Party called on 911 for a squirrel in their window that’s refusing to leave

2:21 pm – 9/16/19
Brown County – In reference to a female/female physical disturbance that occurred at a Weight Watcher’s meeting
UPDATE: Complainant has an active warrant  

4:30 pm – 9/18/19
Bay Park - Male/ATM physical disturbance

3 pm – 9/21/19
Newberry @ Lau - Stolen vehicle crashes, suspects flee on foot 

9:04 pm – 9/21/19
Howard Area – Ongoing issue for the last 8 years, complainant states her ex has been harassing her by throwing underwear in her driveway

12:10 pm – 9/22/19
SB on Gross from Kenwood – Reckless driver – red Envoy, male driver is a Brett Favre impersonator

12:37 am – 9/27/19
900 block W Mason – Someone jumped out of a trunk and then hopped into another vehicle

3 pm - 10/1/19
Mason @ Packerland – Two vehicle accident

8:37 pm – 10/4/19
Brown County – Complainant heard knocking on the door but was nobody there, when they went outside, they found a receipt with their daughter’s birthday written on the back

11:08 pm – 10/10/19
Green Bay – Damage complaint – Caller said someone stamped a picture of a llama with "a quote about being magical" on a planter in front of their house

11 pm – 10/15/19
S Webster – Female refusing to let a different female in – looks like they’re partners and the other one is upset because she wasn’t in time after she got a burrito

4:41 am – 10/18/19
Officer: “41 south of Brown Road, he passed me at about 100 MPH and now he’s screaming out the window.”
Dispatch “10-4”
UPDATE: Officer: “She’s in labor can you get me an ambulance?”

11:04 pm - 10/19/19
N Broadway - Female that needs to be removed - she's an intoxicated employee - no weapons, but she is pushing people

7:28 pm – 10/21/19
Newberry Ave – Requesting welfare check for a female that’s been sitting in her car honking the horn off and on for the last 3 hours

10:11 pm 10/22/19
Brown County – Report of a suspicious vehicle
UPDATE: 10:13 pm – Officer: “They’re eating chicken wings”

10:22 pm – 11/10/19
Main Ave – De Pere – Male/male disturbance – one male drew a line in the snow and threatened to kill the other male if he crossed it

10:44 pm – 11/12/19
111 Bohemia Dr – Denmark – Kwik Trip – Wife just had a baby – they’re in a Ford Explorer (news story

6:22 pm – 11/13/19
Brown County – Complainant saying there’s been a male knocking on her door aggressively for the past twenty minutes, ringing the doorbell and not saying anything
UPDATE: Comp stating they no longer need officers; they were trying to return their dog – no emergency

Brown County – Tenant putting strange writings in balloons on all the apartment doors

11:51 am – 11/16/19
Velp Ave – Female/female physical disturbance – complainant’s mother hit her with cooking tongs

2:27 pm – 11/18/19
Berkely @ Prescott – Check the area for a small black car - driver’s door was open with a male sitting in the driver’s seat with his pants around his ankles

4:20 pm – 11/18/19
Lombardi Access Rd – Outside in front of the store – customer with a hip injury due to a Christmas tree falling on top of them – EMS en route

9:12 am – 11/23/19
E Beaupre – Complainant has a turkey in his backyard that’s been chasing people in the neighborhood and recently tried to get in his house

GB east – Female arrested after multiple armed robberies

3:25 pm – 11/25/19
Near Finger @ E Mason – Report of a bunch of juveniles doing push-ups in the roadway

3:44 pm – 11/25/19
Brown County – Caller said Publisher’s Clearing House told her to check her mailbox, who were very persistent on her checking her mailbox, and now she’s afraid to check her mailbox

4:07 am – 11/26/19
11th Ave – Parties are intoxicated and used a sled to go down the stairs – one of them has a gash to their head – send EMS

5:45 pm – 12/2/19
N Military – Cenex – vehicle vs. building – hit & run

6:07 pm – 12/2/19
Green Bay – Female stating a friend beat her with a frying pan, stole her vehicle and her wallet

9:39 am – 12/6/19
Imperial Ln – Originally a ‘keep the peace’ that turned into a disturbance – female suspect hit the male in the face with a tire iron

9:04 am – 12/8/19
Kassner Dr – Verbal disturbance between two neighbors – one of them was throwing snow into the driveway and threatened to hit the complainant with a shovel

2:11 am – 12/11/19
Western Ave – Complainant stating there was two males and a female sleeping on his couch, has no idea who they were – says they left once he called police

9:39 pm – 12/12/19
Harvey St – Male calling to report that there’s a female that is wearing his socks and will not return them
Officer: “Copy. Socks.”
UPDATE: 9:43 pm – Back on the line saying she’s now trying to leave with his socks

7:25 am – 12/13/19
Brown County: 911 call with a child on the line saying “Happy Birthday!”

2:09 am – 12/15/19
1100 block Main St – Outside the Oval Office there is a male on 911 stating he’s waiting for officers – he’s dressed as Santa Claus – says he needs a ride home – he sounds intoxicated

5:45 pm – 12/17/19
E Walnut @ Monroe – Male/black, wearing a blue baseball cap with a blue puffy coat, was staring at the complainant for an extended period of time – comp also believes he was under the influence of something and he was making gestures towards her

5:00 pm – 12/17/19
Charles St – De Pere – Suspicious person – male came to the front door, complainant has video, he appears to be pleasuring himself while ringing her doorbell – male no longer on scene – male/white, approx. 60, wearing a tan hat, dark jacket, and holding a clipboard

9:57 pm - 12/20/19
W De Pere - Noise complaint for a Christmas ornament in the front yard that plays loud music all night long 

1:59 am - 12/21/19
Shawano Ave - Female refusing to leave - complainant stated that they've been doing drugs all day and now that it's all gone she won't leave

9:14 pm - 12/21/19
W Mason - Suspicious person - male party that's dressed in dark standing under the light pole for the last hour

7:00 pm - 12/22/19
Woodside Rd - Intoxicated male being physical and verbal - he ran the complainant over with his walker and now the complainant has an injured foot  

1:19 am 12/25/19
Area of University & Humboldt - female standing on top of her car yelling random things, screaming for help - her vehicle is in the grass
UPDATE: 1:20 am - female is now in the passenger seat, has not stopped yelling, complainant says she seems like she’s possibly on something
** 1:21 am - now she’s back on the hood of her car, she’s in her early 20’s
** 1:25 am - Officer: “Get on the ground!”
** 1:25 am - female in custody
** 1:27 am - Officer requesting rescue, also requesting “The wrap” “Possible excited delirium. Female is freaking out, breathing really heavy.” (female can be heard screaming in background)
**1:28 am - EMS en route

12:22 pm 12/27/19
Green Bay - Caller requesting a welfare check for female seen holding a sign that says "Help Me"
UPDATE: cancel, the sign actually says "We're Open"

9:12 am 12/30/19
W Mason - Oneida One Stop - for an incident that happened on I-41 northbound - caller stated his wife put a cigarette out on his face

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