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Brown County Brouhaha - July 2019

Brown County Brouhaha - July 2019

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to all who contributed!

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Noon – 7/1/19
1300 block Western Ave – Male party jumped on top of a UPS vehicle and said he needed a ride – he then took off on foot eastbound and later tried getting into a mail carrier’s vehicle

11:30-ish am – 7/2/19
172 @ GV – Officers stop stolen vehicle after short pursuit – male & female occupants fled on foot and were both taken into custody shortly after

7:49 pm – 7/2/19
W Mason – in front of CVS – Report of a male party, 50 to 60, wearing a red shirt, screaming and swearing at passing vehicles

2:24 pm – 7/3/19
2733 S Ridge Rd – Paragon Community Services – vehicle vs. building – no reported injuries

3:39 pm – 7/3/19
Pine St – Downtown Library – Female party threw a cup of liquor at a male party – she was last seen outside walking on Pine

10:08 pm – 7/3/19
S Roosevelt – Garbage can on fire

7:33 pm – 7/4/19
N Broadway @ Dousman – Intoxicated male party that fell and hit their head, then got up and ran into a pole – male white, tan shirt, black pants

8:36 pm – 7/4/19
Marine St – Female party reporting that her boyfriend pushed her out of a boat

12:11 am – 7/5/19
Imperial Ln – Male party stopped over to have a beer and now won’t leave – states he was dropped off here by officers

2:09 pm – 7/5/19
University @ N Irwin – Stolen vehicle vs. house

5:14 pm – 7/5/19
900 block 9th St – Male/female physical disturbance on the front lawn – apparently the complainant tried to hit him with a windshield wiper

1:32 am – 7/6/19
Basten @ Henry – Intoxicated shirtless male urinating on the street and trying to get into vehicles

Between 1 – 5 am – 7/6/19
East side GB – Ceramic plate full of homemade Mac and Cheese thrown through porch window – unknown suspects

4:36 pm – 7/6/19
1300 block S Military – Male undressing himself outside the windows of the restaurant – male now headed towards Marathon – white t-shirt, no pants, and has a plastic bag tied around his waist.

  • UPDATE: Officers found the male in the parking lot of the restaurant across the street - he was fully clothed when officers arrived.

7:47 pm – 7/6/19
S Adams – Intoxicated male passed out in front of the police station

1:40 am - 7/7/19
W Mason - By Green Bay Station #6, they found a 3 to 4 inch folding pocket knife and a joint near the bathroom and then they saw a male & female hide in the park - unknown if they're still there

GBCR follower calls back Social Security scammer

10:54 pm – 7/8/19
Viking Dr – Management calling in 6 to 8 teenagers that are claiming to be on drugs and screaming that they’re naked

Valley Brooke Ln – Howard – Bears in the mirror are closer than they appear

8:20 pm – 7/10/19
N Fisk – Perkins Park – 5-year-old stuck in baby swing

10:43 pm - 7/10/19
N. Broadway - 911 hang up from a female party who stated she was at the farmer's market & her boyfriend was trying to leave her here - she sounded intoxicated.

10:40 am – 7/11/19
Lineville Rd – Festival Foods – Caller says while he was in the store his van rolled 10 ft into the ditch

8:57 pm – 7/12/19
W Mason – Taco Bell – Male party possibly under the influence of drugs – he urinated in the parking lot and is “Making odd gestures” – male black, dreads, black shirt

9:50 pm - 7/12/19
Green Bay - Caller stating her and a male party on scene are not feeling well due to carbon monoxide coming out of the air conditioner.

10:10 am 7/13/19
Curry Ln – Female in traffic, screaming & yelling at people – female Hispanic, long black hair, white shirt, blue jeans – she’s also flashing people, was brought to jail earlier for intoxication

1:22 pm – 7/17/19
Irene St - Fire Department en route to assist homeowner whose cat is stuck in the furnace

  • UPDATE: Cat was rescued by neighbor prior to fire department arriving on scene.

5:46 pm – 7/17/19
Main St – CVS – Physical disturbance – intoxicated party punched another customer – last seen SB on Webster on foot – male white, longer hair, black shirt

7:25 pm – 7/17/19
E Mason – Multiple calls for a boat in traffic

10:30 am – 7/18/19
GV near 172 – Single vehicle accident – no injuries

4:13 pm – 7/19/19
Park St – Caller stating there’s a male and female in a black Avalanche ‘having relations’ 

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6:46 pm – 7/20/19
Waube Ln – Caller saying there’s a male that is angry with her that urinated all over inside of her car – he is intoxicated

11 am – 7/21/19
2800 block Greenbrier – Security calling in a female black that was in the main entrance doing a strip tease
UPDATE: 11:40 am – Female is back causing a disturbance

4 pm – 7/21/19
43 SB near Danz – Truck/camper fire

9:46 am - 7/23/19
Warm Springs Dr – Complainant found a push mower in their yard

1:02 pm – 7/24/19
W Mason – Walmart – Contained injured snake, they have it contained in a box in the home & garden area

8:35 pm - 7/24/19
Fox River - US Coast Guard & The Green Bay Fire Department team up to save Tall Ship from runaway dock 

10:15 pm – 7/24/19
Walnut @ Webster – Reckless driver, drove through a red light, fell off his motorcycle, is possibly intoxicated – fled scene on foot - per Scrapper the Crime Dog, suspect was taken into custody

10:41 pm - 7/25/19
W Mason - Vehicle in the drive-thru refusing to leave 

1:29 pm - 7/26/19
Leicht Park - "The duck is down"

1:52 am - 7/27/19
2500 block W Mason - Security out w/ a male who was in the ladies room looking over the stall at a female - he's cooperative w/ security right now, is intoxicated

8:57 pm - 7/27/19
Bay Beach - Physical disturbance between two females and a male by the Tilt-A-Whirl

12:28 am - 7/28/19
In Allouez - Caller stating ex-girlfriend is at the house, she's not supposed to be there, and does have a knife on her - she's currently stabbing a teddy bear outside of complainant's window

10:20 am - 7/28/19
Tall Ship Festival/Main St ramp - At the Tall Ships, complainant stated that in the Main St ramp in one of the stairwells a larger black male was masturbating as they came down

12:39 pm - 7/28/19
Daisy Ln - Report of a stolen golf cart 

4:39 pm - 7/29/19
(3700 block) Packerland Dr - 9-year-old driving a white pickup truck jumped the curb and is now in the field 

7:45 pm - 7/29/19
S Maple - Male party called on 911 and said that his phone is broken, he sounded intoxicated

11:12 pm - 7/29/19
Area of N Baird & St Clair - Caller stating they can see a porch light flashing, thinks it may be some sort of SOS
Officer: "Anyone know Morse code?"
UPDATE: Officer: "Just looks like the bulb is burning out and flickering." 

1:34 pm - 7/30/19

Eastman Ave - Attempted burglary - male who lives across the street was trying to break in - complainant pulled out a sword on him in self defense - the suspect disarmed complainant and took the sword with him - suspect also threatened to shoot the complainant, they didn't see a gun 

5:56 pm - 7/30/19
Western Ave - Caller stated he was chased by a neighbor with a rake, he was not hit with the rake - caller requesting no male officers respond, not sure why he made that request 

10:20 pm - 7/30/19
River Rd - Complainant saying her ex and his current girlfriend are next door yelling obscene things at her through a karaoke machine - she also mentioned that this female does have a gun, she did not make any threats with it and unknown if she has it on her at this time 

  • UPDATE: Sounds like suspect female is now currently at the caller's address pounding on the door 

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