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Best of Brown County Brouhaha 2018

Brown County Brouhaha - Best of 2018

Inspired by Rick and Len’s legendary Small Town Crime Wave, Brown County Brouhaha recaps some of the month’s more noteworthy calls made through the Brown County dispatch. Sometimes tragic, often times hysterical, Brown County Brouhaha is a harsh reminder of what our public servants deal with on a day-to-day basis. As always, thanks to ALL who contributed.

Please keep in mind scanner communications are not a reliable source of information and all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

1/1/18 - 2:48 am
2300 block Pecan – Complainant found a note on their door that said “I know who you are.”

8:37 pm - 1/1/18
Western Ave – Complainant stating her boyfriend is acting weird – he’s saying that he is “Possessed by demons”
UPDATE: Officers on scene requesting rescue for male who drank essential oil

4:49 pm - 1/10/18
800 block Howard – Complainant stating there’s a black male talking loudly

8:05 pm - 1/10/18
Danish Way – Denmark – See complainant regarding a suspicious situation where someone entered her apartment and poured itching powder on her bed

11:47 am - 1/11/18
2700 block Ramada Way – Credit card fraud for multiple rooms – when PD arrived there was also the smell of marijuana – one of the suspects jumped from a 3rd story window and was apprehended at a different location

8:18 pm - 1/16/18
500 block 3rd St – De Pere – Male in a vehicle touching himself while looking at complainant

6:43 pm - 1/20/18
2760 S Oneida – Hardees – 3 children climbed on to the roof

10:30 am - 1/21/18
De Pere area – Complainant found a GPS tracker in child’s diaper bag

Leo Frigo (Tower Dr) - Vehicle accident - passerby stopped to help driver

7:15 am - 1/22/18
S Webster @ Cass – WEAPONS call – Male w/ a knife outside threatening people – caller stated male may be intoxicated and was “foaming at the mouth”

7:54 pm - 1/26/18
St. Norbert College – EMS for male student who ate marijuana brownies

9:46 pm - 2/4/18
2400 block Velp Ave – Fast food parking lot – “Male party performing sexual acts on himself” in a black Nissan Sentra

10:19 am - 2/7/18
200 N Jefferson – Probation & Parole Office – found baggie of marijuana

8:58 am - 2/9/18
2200 block S Oneida – Nativity of our Lord Church – Male white wearing a hoodie came in and stole a 5 ft crucifix – possibly left in a dark blue Ford
UPDATE: Same individual is now smashing a sign outside WLUK Fox 11 (news story)

7:33 pm - 2/11/18
1700 block Gross Ave – EMS responding to an intoxicated male party who fell and got his head stuck in the snow, complainant is unable to get him out

7:40 pm - 2/14/18
2420 E Mason – Applebee’s – Four people dine & dash – complainant states they left in a dark colored suburban and they “Smelled like marijuana.”

12:45 pm - 2/16/18
Male party calling 911 stating he knows how to prevent school shootings

5:33 pm - 2/16/18
300 block N Adams – Happening near Alorica, male suspect by Liberty CafĂ©, male white wearing a camo jacket & jeans, “He’s trying to pee on complainant.” 

8:37 pm - 2/16/18
1000 block Moraine Way – 14-year-old female stuck in a washer

5:26 pm - 2/18/18
Hwy 29 WB @ J – Blue Town & County vs. turkey

9:42 am - 2/21/18
East side GB – Complainant states she was burned while getting her eyebrows waxed at a local business the other day, would like to speak w/ an officer

12:24 pm - 2/27/18
1600 block Westminster Dr – Male 20’s jumped from 2nd story balcony “just for kicks”, has head injury

11:15 pm - 3/2/18
1800 block Main St - Vehicle fire 

9:22 am – 3/9/18
Taco Bell – Verbal disturbance between two employees over cleaning responsibilities

4:40 pm - 3/11/18
Main St – Walmart - Loss Prevention found a baggie of marijuana on the sales floor and needs to turn it over

9:27 am – 3/12/18
1200 block Marshall Ave – Male party at this address is throwing feces on the sidewalk

2:10 pm – 3/13/18
Memorial Dr – Female party is upset that her friend on Fisk is ignoring her phone calls

2:38 pm – 3/15/18
West Side GB – Requesting welfare check for male who believes he is the Arc angel and his brother is Lucifer

5:40 pm – 3/15/18
Westminster Dr - Child dialed 911 and stated “Mom’s not nice to me” then hung up

9:34 pm – 3/16/18
Early St – 911 accidental dial – Complainant states he was cleaning his Glock and it accidentally fired into his basement – he wanted to call officers “because it’s the right thing to do”.

3:10 pm – 3/18/18
Bay Park Square – Two males claiming to be famous rappers asking women for their phone numbers and asking for sex

11:24 am – 3/19/18
Brown County - Check welfare of female party who states her house has become a warzone and someone left a bloody knife in her mailbox

6:11 pm – 3/20/18
1700 block Shawano Ave – Complainant stating a male party is trying to run him and his fiancĂ© over – suspect is a male white, in a walker

7 pm-ish – 3/21/18
Armed robbery suspects apprehended by GBPD on University Ave

3:02 pm – 3/23/18
200 block S Washington – Male party possibly under the influence of drugs, has come to a couple of different businesses down here and asked that police officers order him food, is refusing to leave
UPDATE: 3:09 pm – Male has now called 911 letting officers know he’s sitting at a table
UPDATE3:27 pm - Male party is now at the Quality Inn and asking staff for officers to bring him food

2:40 pm – 3/26/18
Rolling Heights Rd – Complainant states they are possibly being stalked by a drone

7 pm-ish – 3/27/18
N Oakland – Vehicle vs. bicyclist – hit & run
UPDATE: Suspect apprehended on Moraine Way (news story)


6:11 pm - 3/28/18
800 block 15th - Male/female physical disturbance - male party is moving out - female is throwing boiling water at him

1:45 pm - 4/2/18
1700 block Main St - Report of a building on fire
UPDATE: No fire, is part of an advertising display

Shawano Ave - Semi spilled animal waste 

7:17 pm - 4/6/18
1400 block Guns Rd - WEAPONS CALL - vehicle was shot at and is now on fire - multiple calls (news story)

10:37 am – 4/9/18
2000 block Memorial Dr – Someone living in complainant’s hallway closet - has no idea who they are

10:53 am – 4/11/18
900 block S Maple – Male on the front porch wearing only a speedo is harassing the mail carrier

2:50 pm – 4/18/18
Austin Straubel Airport – Party being detained for trying to enter plane with marijuana

2:30 pm – 4/20/18 **FOUR TWENTY** 
2500 block W Mason – Customer dropped off some equipment and a jar of marijuana by mistake 

8:50 pm – 4/21/18
600 block Scheuring Rd – Possible SWATTING – called in as a hostage situation, four hostages strapped to pipe bombs w/ a ransom demand (news story)

1:33 am – 4/22/18
800 block S Broadway – Intoxicated female party crashed her vehicle into a snow bank – failed field sobriety test 

3:07 pm – 5/2/18
2300 block W Mason – Female party wishes to meet w/ officers to discuss an incident last night where a male was following her around the store and appeared to be masturbating

8:46 pm – 5/5/18
Western Ave – Complainant states a black male was going through their backyard bouncing a basketball

5:36 pm – 5/7/18
600 block Hillcrest Heights – One male and two female juveniles swearing and playing rap music – when complainant asked them to stop, they “became rude”

6:20 pm – 5/13/18
7800 block Morrison Rd – Male party walking in circles in a farm field – possibly on drugs

7:04 pm – 5/14/18
1900 block Scheuring Rd – Large snapping turtle snapping at people

4:28 pm – 5/15/18
Imperial Ln – Ongoing issue with two 3rd graders ding dong ditching and taking people’s mail and throwing it – they stated they have older siblings who are in a gang and will beat up the complainant

5:09 pm – 5/15/18
Bader St – Complainant called in on 911 stating two people broke into his apartment and are refusing to leave – they’re currently pretending to be asleep or intoxicated in his bed

12:41 am – 5/17/18
1600 block Badger St – Complainant on Reserve St heard a loud crash – hit & run accident happened on Badger St
UPDATE: 12:45 am – Appears male hit construction equipment and possibly a generator
UPDATE: 12:45 am – Officer in the area found the suspect vehicle in the 100 block of Reserve

9:32 am – 5/19/18
1000 block Shadow Ln – Male party holding a sign with swear words on it – when confronted about it he acted like he had a gun in his pocket and said “I’ll drop you like a rental car”

7:28 am – 5/24/18
651 S St Augustine – Memorial Park – Pulaski – Report of 10-12 kids playing beer pong in the park
UPDATE: Officer: “We already checked on them, it’s not beer pong, they have soda in the cups.”

12:13 am – 5/28/18
Chicago @ Grant – Pulaski – Male party staggering in the road with no pants on
UPDATE: Male is now headed towards Behrendt Park - Officer: “Male does appear to be pant-less. He’s running away from me down the alleyway.  Appears highly intoxicated.”

1:38 pm – 5/29/18
Western Ave – Check welfare of male party who climbed a tree and is yelling at vehicles

3:35 pm – 6/2/18
Area of Bond & Gray – Male party walking down the street with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire

5:51 pm – 6/3/18
900 block Lombardi – Convenience store – officers on scene requesting rescue for male party that has a pen stuck in his urethra

6:36 pm – 6/3/18
Area of Dickinson & E River Dr – Male party wearing a cowboy hat acting strange and climbing a tree

7:25 pm – 6/3/18
I-43 @ Shawano Ave – Vehicle pitted after chase (dispatch audio)

 9:53 pm – 6/6/18
Nicolet @ E Shore Dr – single vehicle accident/vehicle fire – male driver was pulled from the burning vehicle – was processed for OWI (news story)

8:30 am – 6/7/18
400 block Augusta – 911 hang up from landline – on callback female stated she hasn’t touched the phone and is now accusing dispatch of being a scam caller

4:20 pm – 6/8/18
Suburban Dr – Complainant scammed out of $10,000 from a dating website

4:47 pm – 6/8/18
1300 block Bellevue St – Male party not feeling well, thinks female party may have poisoned his cigarettes with chloroform – female suspect is on foot walking towards E Mason

8:56 am – 6/8/18
NB on Monroe – Welfare check for male party walking in the middle of the road with no clothes on, is yelling something about having spiders in his mouth

9:45 pm – 6/15/18
2200 block W. Mason – Failed field sobriety test

10:49 pm – 6/15/18
Bufflehead Ln – Caller hired someone to clean their house and they drank their alcohol – then they couldn’t start their car because they had interlock on it – they left 30 mins ago on foot in unknown direction – house cleaner & daughter

10:58 pm – 6/15/18
1100 block Main St – Marble fell from building and struck male in the head

12:27 am – 6/16/18
Green Bay – 9-year-old caller saying she was playing with a Ouija board and now she’s possessed

9 am – 6/17/18
100 block S. Webster – Female party urinating in the backyard – ongoing issue

9:01 pm – 6/18/18
700 block Bodart – Person passing by the address found a woman lying at the bottom of the stairs – police & EMS en route
UPDATE: 9:03 pm – Cancelling all responding units – was a pile of clothing

5:06 pm – 6/19/18
Sahara Dr – Complainant calls daily because of the group home near him – there’s a party that makes a coughing or vomiting sound and he wants them to start being ticketed for it

9 am – 6/20/18
Corner of Gray & Mather – Bright green sign that says ‘Newborns to 7/8 Girls Girls Saturday’ – they think it may be related to sex trafficking

1:56 pm – 6/20/18
Deer went through the windshield of truck on the on ramp from 172 EB to 43 NB

1:52 pm – 6/20/18
Unknown location – Complainant found a bracelet on a car door – believes this has something to do with a gang initiation

7:55 am – 6/21/18
Western @ Hudson – Dump truck vs. Ford Expedition – male driver of the Expedition fled on foot – last seen on Oneida – male Hispanic, dark sleeveless shirt, dark pants
UPDATE: 8:07 am – Officers located the intoxicated male at AutoZone and took him into custody

3:17 pm – 6/23/18
County Highway PP – Hole # 8 – Female party 60’s drove a golf cart off a 10 ft ledge – she is down in a ravine – conscious & breathing – possible arm & back injuries

8:47 pm – 6/23/18
Lime Kiln – Ongoing issue with neighbor yelling at complainant for talking too loud

11:11 am – 6/26/18
Bay Park Square – Shopko – Found marijuana in the jewelry department

4:20 pm – 6/26/18
1500 block University – Complainant states her son called her at work to let her know that he found his ex-girlfriend in the trunk of his vehicle – somehow she got inside the trunk and into the vehicle and created a disturbance
UPDATE: Male is currently on the line with dispatch – he is at work – states the female stole the plates off his vehicle & poured candy all over his vehicle – unknown where female is at this time

7:55 pm – 6/27/18
N Wisconsin – Pulaski – Occurred last night – unknown party super glued all the door locks in the complainant’s home – he had to break a window to get inside

10:37 am – 7/4/18
N Quincy – Caller states a male has been living in his garage for over a month – he came to charge his phone and never left

9:00 am – 7/8/18
Scheuring Rd – Ferret walking around under vehicles “with a cup on its head”

10:36 pm – 7/11/18
2400 block Main St – Suspicious situation – male party asked complainant for his credit card and gave him the finger

9:04 am - 7/11/18
Bay Beach Rd - GB Metro Boat Launch - WATER RESCUE in progress - vehicle drove into the water - one occupant
**Driver found and being transported to the hospital 
UPDATE: Driver has passed away (news story)

7:46 pm – 7/13/18
Main @ Irwin – Vehicle threw a slushy at caller and then chased the male briefly and then pulled into the laundromat

10:50 am – 7/19/18
Riverside Dr – truck vs. train bridge

8:09 am – 7/23/18
Bader St – Male party on 911 stating he wants a female out of his life – was told by dispatch to call the non-emergency number next time

11:24 pm – 7/25/18
S Oneida – Child riding bike in the road "with an ice cream bucket on his head"

6:47 pm – 7/26/18
2100 block Ryan Rd – Check welfare of male party lying in the grass in the backyard – when asked if he was okay, he stated he “did not fall off the roof”

9:33 pm – 7/28/18
1000 block Moraine Way – Officers out w/ male who impaled himself on a barbed wire fence

12:10 pm – 7/30/18
1200 block Western – Check the welfare of male party who called and stated someone stole his pots and pans

1:42 pm – 7/30/18
Brown County – 7-year-old on the line stating mother is trying to kill him, possibly with medication to treat an ear infection – mom does not know the child is on the line with dispatch

7:44 pm – 7/30/18
Brown County – Complainant stating the marijuana they bought is laced with cocaine

10:48 am - 7/31/18
Brown County - Female party wants help getting rid of the surveillance cameras that are in her life and keeping her down

1:20 am – 8/1/18
Pine St – Couple “having relations” in parked car

1:17 pm – 8/1/18
200 block S. Webster – Disturbance – complainant stating neighbor swore and spit at his mother

12:49 pm – 8/2/18
2100 block Imperial Ln – Disturbance that’s been “going on all day” – male party involved in the disturbance threw urine on the complainant at one point

1:56 pm – 8/2/18
800 block Christiana St – Report of a black male wearing a white t-shirt & jeans walking down the street “screaming demonic statements”

10:35 am – 8/3/18
1000 block Caroline – Intoxicated male lying in the bushes with his boxers down

8:10 pm – 8/5/18
500 block N Henry – Intoxicated male lying on the ground – he’s swinging his arms and trying to crawl on the sidewalk

1:19 pm – 8/6/18
Main @ Monroe – Male party dancing in the street - this is at least the 3rd call on him in the past couple of days (news story)

6:52 pm – 8/8/18
Velp @ Riverview – Physical altercation that happened at the intersection – a male party in a red pickup truck wrapped a chain around his hand and went to another subject’s black sedan and punched him in the face – complainant is only a witness – both parties have since left the scene

3:18 pm – 8/12/18
Area of Woodale @ Hillcrest Heights – Two juveniles destroyed a porta potty and drove off on four wheelers

8:07 PM – 8/14/18
200 block S Webster – report of a vehicle full of goats in the parking lot

Brown County – Funeral home – passerby called in flames & black smoke shooting out the building - spoke to someone on scene who stated they were doing a cremation that “got a little out of hand”

7:37 am – 8/16/18
Brown County – Check the welfare of female party who states her house is haunted by a cat

2:09 pm – 8/16/18
41 NB S of Lineville – Vehicle’s occupants are smoking out of a bong, vehicle is swerving

3:05 pm – 8/16/18
W Mason – Big Lots – intoxicated male passed out on a sofa inside the store

7:50 am – 8/17/18
Main St – Cop on a Rooftop FUNdraiser for Special Olympics
Wanted fugitive Mr. Sprinkles was taken into custody without incident and was later released on a two-dozen donut signature bond

11:54 am – 8/18/18
Elm St – Complainant stating the mother of his children just broke into the house and is hitting him with a stick

11:59 am – 8/18/18
Shawano Ave – Female party in the backyard saying “People in the sky are watching me” – complainant thinks she may be on drugs

3:18 pm – 8/18/18
Navarino Park – Complainant states ex-boyfriend threw all her clothes in the porta potty

1:50 pm – 8/22/18
S Ashland – 10 year-old male called in on 911 because he had some questions about some Packers being arrested – he is currently at a friend’s house – he was told by call taker what 911 was for – child may or may not be en route to the park

1:51 pm – 8/24/18
Ashland Ave (unsure if N or S) – Report of a female party blowing meth into a cat’s face

4:18 pm – 8/24/18
Carole Ln – Report of a deceased dog on the side of the road
UPDATE: Officer: “The deceased dog is actually a punching bag.”

11:54 pm – 8/24/18
Cedar St – Male called on 911 and stated quietly “You know where I am” and said his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend is following him

8:29 am – 8/25/18
2000 block Packerland Dr – Complainant’s dog ran to the front door, when comp looked outside there was a male running away and two one dollar bills on the front porch

6:06 pm – 9/1/18
100 block S Monroe – Approx 6-year-old child sleeping in a stroller on the basketball court with no adults around

‘Smoke’ the Turkey - Mayor of Ashwaubenon Tribute

9:36 pm – 9/6/18
County RK – Howard Park & Ride – Male and female “having relations” inside vehicle, complainant can also smell marijuana

1:20 am – 9/8/18
300 block Van Buren – Possible BURGLARY IN PROGRESS – complainant saw a male wearing a black hood and all dark clothing walk around the house before entering through a basement window
UPDATE: Was a boyfriend sneaking into the residence

2:59 am – 9/8/18
George near N Broadway – Six people outside next to vehicles doing “sexual type acts”

8:22 am – 9/9/18
Collegiate Way – Trash panda (raccoon) sitting on complainant’s windowsill showing its teeth

7 pm – 9/9/18
Eldorado Dr – Male party approached female and asked for her phone number

11:32 am – 9/12/18
1200 block Stuart St – Damage complaint – someone put a hose in complainant’s window and now their house is full of water

5:33 pm – 9/12/18
Brown County – Complainant received a text from his wife this morning saying she was leaving for Texas for a week on a cruise with a girl she met from work and is turning off her phone. Seems unusual to him. All of her belongings are here at home and her vehicle is here. She works at home for ___. See if they can verify if she planned on taking a vacation. Spoke with mother who knows nothing about it. Said he’ll meet with officers in the backyard. Prior disturbance from mid July, was a male/female physical. Wife stated he had a gun but did not have it on him 

11:08 pm – 9/14/18
43 SB by County MM – Report of a naked, dark skinned male running in traffic

10:57 pm – 9/16/18
Glendale Ave – Marco’s Pizza – Reported ROBBERY
UPDATE: Female party attempted to rob the business using a ‘finger gun’, was held down with a wrestling move until PD arrived (news story)

11:52 am – 9/20/18
Lawrence @ Grant – Female got out of her vehicle to purchase some corn - a female party then jumped in her vehicle and drove away
UPDATE: Officers terminated chase for public safety

3:30 pm – 9/25/18
East side GB – Complainant received a letter wrapped in tape with a balloon attached that made reference to Slender Man

8:07 am – 10/4/18
2700 block Packerland Dr – Injured opossum – caller thought it was dead so they put it in a garbage can

9:51 pm – 10/4/18
1614 Shawano Ave – Motel 6 – Welfare check for a male party in the lobby stating he’s barking and can’t control his body movements

12:05 pm – 10/6/18
S Webster – Complainant has been gone for a week and discovered that someone has ripped open a bag of sugar

6:06 pm – 10/8/18
Harold St – Harassment complaint – suspect keeps randomly driving past complainant’s house and swearing at them

1 pm – 10/11/18
Dousman St – Female party was interested in an apartment online and messaged a man asking to show the apartment – he showed his genitals instead via pics & webcam

7:05 am - 10/12/18
43 NB at the Manitowoc County line – Male party in a white Honda eating a bowl of cereal while driving

8:39 am – 10/22/18
S Clay – Female party on the line not making much sense – says her car was damaged in the garage and her friends are saying it happened somewhere else – stated she needs “a real good detective”

9:30 pm – 10/25/18
Green Bay – Security is watching a male at the entrance that’s not quite all there – (he’s) saying he may stab someone and is talking about body parts in a bag

7:56 pm – 10/26/18
500 block N Military – Employee smoking marijuana inside the store

4:42 pm – 10/27/18
800 block Stuart St – Dead opossum – caller concerned the neighborhood kids are going to play with it

7:20 pm – 10/28/18
Cormier - Target parking lot – WEAPONS CALL – male party wearing a Halloween mask is chasing people with a machete
UPDATE: Officer out with the suspect

5:01 pm – 10/29/18
Roosevelt near Stuart – Group of kids aged 5 to 15 years old jumping in front of cars with clown masks on

12:12 am – 10/30/18
Brown County – Complainant stating his ex-girlfriend is stalking him and she hacked into his phone – comp also stated she still lives with him

1:11 pm – 10/30/18
900 block Waube Ln – Female party stole two bags of candy and took off in a pickup truck with a flat tire

12:36 am – 11/6/18
Main St – Topper’s Pizza – ROBBERY – suspect was pretending like he had a gun in his pocket – no gun was shown – fled with an undetermined amount of cash (news story)

5:25 pm – 11/6/18
2590 Holmgren Way – Golden Corral – Disturbance – male/female verbal & physical – the female spit on the manager

10:28 pm – 11/8/18
1132 S Military – Elf’s Gifts – ARMED ROBBERY – At about 8:40 pm complainant stated they were robbed at gunpoint

12:48 pm – 11/9/18
Blahnik Rd – Complainant wants to speak with an officer in reference to her neighbor’s pony who keeps coming into their yard

3:02 pm – 11/9/18
Green Bay – Female just met up with a male she met on Tinder and he drove away with her purse and her 2018 Chevy Silverado

6 pm – 11/9/18
Green Bay – Male/female/female verbal disturbance – wife returned home and there was an unknown female inside the house with her husband
UPDATE: Female was reportedly there to purchase a fish tank, she fled on foot

7:49 pm – 11/9/18
Main St - Walmart - Baby left alone in car seat in backseat of car
UPDATE: 8:03 pm – Officer: “There is no baby involved in the call. It’s Patrick…from SpongeBob. I’m 10-8.” 

8:53 pm – 11/9/18
1300 block S Oakland – ARMED ROBBERY – 10 minutes ago one of the (Lombardi Ave) Pizza Hut delivery drivers was robbed at gunpoint
UPDATE: Suspects arrested (news story)

5:52 pm – 11/10/18
West Side GB – Female was using a Q-tip and the cotton is stuck in her ear – conscious & breathing – send EMS

4:20 pm – 11/11/18
Cedar @ Irwin – ROBBERY – Female was just robbed by a male who had his hands in his pockets (pretending to have a weapon) but did not display any weapons
UPDATE: It was a planned hook-up between the male and female – he took her money and took off

5:32 am – 11/12/18
N Overland Rd – There’s construction going on and lights in the area – complainant feels it’s too early in the morning for this

6:33 pm 11/12/18
1228 S Military – Family Pet Food Center parking lot – ROBBERY – no weapons used – male suspect pushed female to the ground and stole her purse – female victim requesting rescue for possible knee injury – suspect is a male black, approx. 18-20 years old wearing a black hooded jacket

9:07 am – 11/13/18
121 N St Augustine – Pulaski Pharmacy – ROBBERY – Male suspect ran away on foot down the alley – male white, “scruffy” beard – black “puffy” coat – white winter hat with tassels – big black sunglasses – no injuries – stated he had a handgun, no handgun was displayed (news article)

10:30 am – 11/13/18
Leo Frigo bridge NB - There is a cat walking over the bridge
UPDATE: Cat was rescued by Officer Zwicky, was reportedly later adopted and named “Leo Frigo”

2:53 pm – 11/13/18
820 Armed Forces Dr – Resch Center – Male party made a bomb threat – he is detained by security – no weapons or bombs were in his bag – sounds like the male was on scene loading equipment for a group that’s performing.
UPDATE: All clear

6:54 am – 11/14/18
6900 block County G – Vehicle vs. deer – vehicle is now on fire

7 am-ish 11/14/18
Bluebird @ Cook – Two vehicle accident – no injuries (blown stop sign)

8:20-ish am – 11/15/18
1200 block Redwood Dr – Complainant stating her son is throwing items in the house – premise notes say he’s an Aryan Brotherhood member, has numerous weapons including swords & knives – has made comments he was going to throw acid on police and “Go down fighting to the death” – has unknown types of chemicals in the house
UPDATE: SUSPECT IN CUSTODY – HAZMAT & Bomb Squad on scene (news story)

6:44 pm – 11/15/18
Airport Dr – Austin Straubel Airport – Flight coming in ETA 20-25 minutes – there’s a male on the flight that fell down a flight of stairs and a refrigerator fell on him – he’s on ventilation at this time – unknown if he’s conscious – there’s a medical flight crew on board

10:01 pm – 11/16/18
600 block Bellevue – Disturbance that happened an hour ago – male party smashed the back window of the bar with a hatchet

10:33 am – 11/17/18
300 block S Taylor – Road rage incident – male party got out of his vehicle and threatened complainant with a tire iron

1:53 pm – 11/17/18
1203 E Mason – Bake My Day – ROBBERY – Male party, possibly Hispanic with neck tattoos, brown jacket & glasses – took money from the register – did not have a weapon – took off on foot towards Main St – no injuries (news story)

5 pm-ish 11/17/18
Roy Ave – Unknown male came to complainant’s door – he was wearing a bathrobe and described as a male white with a beard – he came in a dark F-150 – “He just stopped at the complainant’s house to thank her for being…ah…good to the earth.”

7:45 pm – 11/18/18
Elm @ Forest – Couple “having relations” in a parked car – ongoing issue

10 pm-sh – 11/18/18
Brown County – Welfare check – Complainant believes his neighbor has a mechanical wall that he’s able to spy on people with, and that he moved his chimney

2:30 pm – 11/20/18
Western Ave – Complainant came home to find a 2 or 3-year-old boy wrapped in a blanket

1:55 pm – 11/21/18
2800 block S Oneida – EMS for male employee that zipped up his genitalia in his zipper

11:12 pm – 11/21/18
1053 Velp Ave – Shell Station – ROBBERY – Male suspect gave a note to the clerk that said give me all the money, I have a gun

10:23 am – 11/24/18
Oasis Dr – Opossum stuck in complainant’s windowsill

1:28 pm – 11/25/18
517 Dousman – Subway – Female purposely started her hair on fire – sending EMS

8:50 pm – 11/25/18
2659 W Mason – Subway – ARMED ROBBERY – Male suspect stated he had a gun, caller never saw a weapon – suspect was wearing all black clothing, black hoodie – took the entire cash drawer – no injuries

10:51 pm – 11/26/18
3650 Veterans Ave – Snowshoe Estates – ROBBERY – male was jumped outside of his apartment door and struck in the arm with a crowbar – has possible arm injury – EMS/PD en route

1:57 pm – 11/27/18
2700 block Osha-He-Trail – SWAT took male party into custody without incident – male is a suspect in a series of armed robberies (news story)  

10:15 pm – 11/28/18
41 SB south of Norfield – Two vehicles on fire – vehicle hit an unoccupied parked/stalled vehicle on the side of the highway – driver was able to exit burning vehicle – was taken to the hospital for minor chest pains

8:43 pm – 12/1/18
Bay Park Square – Complainant calling 911 for her friend who is stating people are using witchcraft against her

11:31 pm – 12/1/18
43 NB just past the crest of the Leo Frigo (Tower Dr) bridge for a vehicle partially hanging off the side of the bridge

7:34 am – 12/3/18
Meet complainant in the parking lot across from McDonald’s in a silver Outlander – they would like to speak with an officer in reference a person flipping them off and cutting them off 

3:44 pm - 12/3/18
East side Green Bay - In reference to fraud committed by a U.S. Senator
UPDATE: 3:55 pm - Officer: "It's actually the Governor-elect, not the senator".

8:32 am – 12/4/18

West side GB – Student refusing to go to school – when asked if juvenile would be cooperative with police, caller stated “Probably not”

12:08 pm – 12/4/18
University Ave – Verbal disturbance over a parking spot – caller is stating that a male with a plumbing service is calling her names

3:30 pm – 12/4/18
Hillsborough Ct – Two juveniles chucking Skittles at complainant’s home

6:30-ish – 12/4/18
Green Bay Plaza – Female party who had stolen items from TJ Maxx, now she’s at the Dollar Tree stealing additional items – female white, brown hair, about 25 years of age with neon pink socks & flip flops, gray sweatpants, and a black hoodie

1:10 pm – 12/5/18
S Chestnut – Complainant’s Ford Expedition was warming up and someone stole it from outside in the last 10 minutes – comp has a history of making several unfounded 911 calls
UPDATE: Caller now stating she sees her vehicle coming back
** Comp’s sister took the vehicle as a joke
** 1:11 pm – Officer: “Bravo 2 copy. I’ll close it out.”

6 pm-ish – 12/5/18
41 NB coming up to County B – Two vehicles that were stopped in the middle of the highway – drivers were out being verbal with one another – now they’re both racing each other and cutting one another off – small car and a SUV

9:19 pm - 12/5/18
Out near the airport. The control tower had an airplane radio in that they had 3 lasers that were shining at the aircraft and one was pointing directly in the cockpit.

2:11 pm – 12/6/18
1300 block Cherry St – Vehicle vs. house – unknown situation – suspect at gunpoint
UPDATE: Suspect in custody

8:48 am – 12/8/18
2500 block Sunny Brook Dr – There’s a pickup truck that’s chasing a deer w/ a gun – they’re in a field

2:50 pm – 12/10/18
W Mason – Goodwill parking lot – Party was giving complainant the finger and at one point flicked a cigarette into her car

5:25 pm – 12/10/18
Brown County – Caller stating he believes his wife is doing drugs with a drug dealer at an area hotel

7:23 pm – 12/11/18
1301 Main St – Dairy Queen – ARMED ROBBERY – DQ robbed at gunpoint – no injuries

10:50 pm – 12/11/18
1688 E Mason – Speedway – ARMED ROBBERY

5:41 pm 12/12/18
East side GB – Suspicious situation – complainant just got out of the shower and saw a male peeking into the window – he left down the driveway and took a right – unknown race, wearing a short jacket

6 pm-ish – 12/12/18
400 block N Military – Complainant was changing in the stall when someone put a cell phone under the door and took video of them changing – unknown who the suspect is

6:03 pm – 12/13/18
S Webster – Caller saying she is stuck inside a hallway of this mini mall within the glass doors – she went to use the restroom and now as she’s trying to exit the doors are locked

10:47 pm – 12/13/18
S Van Buren – Intoxicated female trying to get into someone’s car – they’re trying to get into the apartment to get complainant’s cat – no weapons
Officer: “Copy. Cat burglar.”

7:46 pm – 12/15/18
W Mason – Gallagher’s – Child has his arm stuck in a machine

10:30 pm - 12/15/18
Velp Ave - Stoneridge Shell - Vehicle vs. rock

1:00 am-ish 12/16/18
Check the area of Taco Bell on Oneida – caller saying there’s a white delivery van that’s been in & out of the driveway 3 times in the last 30 minutes – caller saying the driver was smoking marijuana

10:07 am - 12/16/18
Gravel Pit Rd - Tenant is chasing the landlord with a bat - original call was in reference to tenant trashing his own car - tenant has possible mental health issues & is off his meds.
UPDATE: Tenant put the bat away inside a guitar case.
10:12 am - It's now verbal between the two again
10:13 am - Tenant is back outside with the bat.
**Tenant is yelling "Kill me!" at the caller.
**He is now hitting a car with the bat.
10:15 am - Tenant is now sitting inside his own vehicle.
10:21 am - Tenant now has a pipe in his hand & is hitting the ground.
**Tenant walking around the building, caller no longer has a visual on him.
**Male is detained.

3:37 pm – 12/16/18
2000 block Wildwood – Report of 2 dogs on a roof of a house

8:00 pm-ish 12/16/18
E Mason – Kwik Trip – Someone stole the Police Chief cardboard cutout – male suspect and they have video
Officer: “Can you send out an ATL for a silver Chrysler 300 with our missing Chief in the back?”
UPDATE: 7:41 pm – 12/17/18 – 1000 block Lime Kiln
Officer: “We have recovered the Chief. Unfortunately, he is broken.”

10:00 am-ish – 12/17/18
Military @ Shawano - Male party holding a sign, and when people don’t stop to talk to him, he flips them off

1:00 pm-ish – 12/17/18
Howard Area – EMS for female party who walked into a glass door – has laceration on her head as well as back pain

9:50 am - 12/18/18
Edgewater Beach Rd - 14 people stuck out on the ice - all were rescued (news story) - a 15th person was rescued nearby Red River Park.

12:18 pm – 12/18/18
Crystal Lake Circle – Vehicle vs. rock

2:40 pm – 12/19/18
Humboldt Rd – Officers en route for an intoxicated male party tearing down complainant’s Christmas decorations in the nude (news story)

10:49 pm – 12/21/18
N Quincy @ Radisson – Train vs. semi – ruptured natural gas tank

10:00 pm-ish – 12/22/18
S Memorial Dr – Check the area for a female singing Christmas carols – looks like she’s just been a nuisance and they’re trying to get her kicked out

12:10 pm – 12/24/18

Wildlife Sanctuary – Complainant was running through the wildlife sanctuary and they locked the gates on her – she’s currently on the raccoon trail loop and cannot get out – she has a headband that’s blue and her clothes are (in?) pink shoes – no answer from keyholder

11:39 pm – 12/26/18
S Irwin – Complainant received a box addressed to him containing a dead cat inside

1:00 pm-ish - 12/29/18
Weise St - Male party appeared to be masturbating to women's panties in the aisle - was witnessed by multiple shoppers - one shopper followed the male out of the store and detained him until police arrived - the male was given a no trespass order for life and police will be reviewing surveillance video to determine charges  

3:56 am - 12/30/18
County P @ 54 - Parties ran out of gas and are starting a fire inside the vehicle to keep warm

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