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Doggie Arrest Records - September 23, 2017 (Saturday)

Doggy Arrest Records - Saturday September 23, 2017

No claims to the accuracy of this information are made. The information and photos presented on this site have been collected from the websites of County Sheriff's Offices or Clerk of Courts. The pets featured on this site may not have been convicted of the charges or crimes listed and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal evidence. Contact the respective animal owners for more information. 

1. Abe
Failure to Appear - Extradition (Alaska)

2. Addney
Flea-ing from Scene of Crime
Resisting or Obstructing an Officer

3. Arbor
Operate Vehicle without Owner's Consent / Vehicle Theft

4. Augie
Insider Toy Trading
Resisting or Obstructing an Officer / Obstructing Police

5. Autobahn AKA Pinkie
Grand Theft "Auto" / Vehicle Theft
Flea / Elude Officer - Failure to Stop

6. Bacon

7. Bailey Booper
Computer Hacking / Cyberstalking - Online Treats

8. Bear
Bale Jumping - Bale Secured Bond

9. Bear
Receiving Stolen Property 

10. Ben
Leaving the Scene of an Accident / Pee and Run

11. Benny
Operating without a Licker License
Immigration Hold - Statute 0001.00

12. Benson Wendland
Assault with Slobbery Tongue

13. Bentley
Extorting Toys from Humans

14. Blade
Public Intoxication
Public Urination
Supplying Alcohol to Minors

15. Blaze (RIP) & Neela
Harboring a Fugitive

16. Blu
Disdogerdly Conduct

17. Boo
Burglary of Magoo's Dish / Theft

18. Brando
Carrying Concealed Toy

19. Brody
Failure to Appear
Violating Wake Zone Guidelines
Intoxicated Boating

20. Bruizer
Distributing a Controlled Substance via USPS

21. Bruno
Operate Vehicle without Owner's Consent / Vehicle Theft - PTAC - Passenger

22. Brutus
Making False Report
Intimidate Victim

23. Bullet
Carrying a Concealed Weapon

24. Buster

25. Calais
Kiss and Run

26. Cali
Abuse of Vulnerable Adults

27. Carl
Unlawful Conduct

28. CC
Breaking & Entering

29. Charley
Frequenting Dog House of Ill Fame

30. Charlie

31. Charlie
Identity Theft

32. Coco

33. Cooper
Death to Yoda

34. Diesel
Knowingly Affiliate with Criminal Street Gangs

35. Dixie

36. Dixie 
Prostitution - Non-marital Intercourse

37. Dodger
Evading Police
Flea-ing / Eluding an Officer

38. Donaghy
Barking While Baby is Sleeping

39. Dosha
Trespassing - Bathtub
Breaking and Entering

40. Drifter

41. Duke
Parking on the Grass

42. Duke
Protesting without Permit

43. Duncan AKA Doop
Possession of a "Catrolled" Substance

44. Eleanor Ellie Ness
Identity Theft - Misappropriate ID 
Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card

45. Fahren & Dragon (Accomplice)
Assault of a Cat
Destruction of Private Property
Grand Theft Dog Sled

46. Felony
Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon / Carrying Prohibited Weapon

47. Fitzgerald
Unlawful Conduct at Public Event

48. Fritz

49. Gia
Re"tail" Theft

50. Goose (RIP)
Public Intoxication
Facilitating Underage Drinking
Contribute to Delinquency of Minors

51. Harlow

52. Holly
Theft - Movable Property

53. Honeybear
Playing while Under the Influence / Fetching Under Influence- Liquor

54. Jack
Hunting Squirrels without a Permit
Criminal Destruction of Property

55. Jack Dan
Arson without Owner's Consent

56. Jake (RIP)

57. Jasper
Escape Criminal Arrest

58. Joe & Chance
Abscond on Taxi Driver

59. Jordan
Bunny Trafficking

60. Jordi
Tampering with Evidence

61. Josie
Theft of Garbage
"Tail"gating Vehicles

62. Josie
Unauthorized Digging in Garden

63. Journey

64. Kane
Battery of Mailman
Barking at Mailman

65. Kelvin

66. Kensington
Facilitating a Food Fight

67. Lacey & Luna
Contempt of Court / Knowingly Violate No Contact Order

68. Leo
Failure to Appear - Bench Warrant Issued

69. Lexi
Concealment of Assets

70. Lily
Hunting without a Valid License / Permit

71. Lucky
Running at Large - Leaving the Scene of a Crime

72. Lucy
Demanding a Walk

73. Mac

74. Maddie
Misuse of 911

Transcript of 911 Call
Dog  911 - "What's your Emergency"
Dog 911 - "SO"
Dog 911 - "OMG"
Maddie - "OMG"

75. Madroxx
Bomb Threats 

76. Maggie
Calling 911 for Lost Ball

Transcript of 911 call
Dog 911 - "What's your emergency?"

Dog 911 - "Did you try barking at it?"
Maggie - "IT DIDN'T WORK"
Dog 911 - "OMG"

77. Maggie May
Not Getting out of Bed
Refusing to Nap

78. Maisie Louise Arkens
Eating Grass
Immigration Hold

79. Manny
Passing Counterfeit Money

80. Marvin & Maggie
Conspiracy to Commit a Crime

81. Maui
Chewing on Slippers

82. Meeks
Trespassing on Private Property
Coming Home Wet with Smelly Water
Shaking off in Human's Face

83. Melman
Prohibited Dumping - Littering

84. Mojo
Breaking and Entering - Attempt to Steal Treats - Busted when Scarf was Caught on Handle

85. Mollie
Entry into Locked Toy Box

86. Molly
False Imprisonment / Human-napping

87. Moose
Trespassing on Public Paw-perty

88. Mosby
Leash Pulling

89. Moses
Cause Harm to Owners by Toys Left Out on Floor

90. Mr. T
Death to a Squeaky Toy

91. Nala 
Forgery to Obtain Illegal Treats

92. Nala 
Rolling in Unidentifiable Smelly Spot

93. Nala Wendland
Reverse Sneezing

94. NoNo
Disobeying Commands
Denying Guilt

95. Obie
Impersonating a Police Officer

96. Oliver
Theft of Food from the Table

97. Pancho
Credit Card - Theft by Acquisition / Obtain Treats without Permission

98. Panda
Defecation in Public Place
"Parking" in a No Parking Zone
Being at Public Park with "No Dogs Allowed" Sign

99. Penny
Mean Mugging

100. Percy
Urinating in Public
Trespassing on Private Property

101. Pounder
1st Degree Intentional Homicide / Death of a Bunny (F)

102. Quincy
Leaving Human in Hot Vehicle 

103. Raj, Jordy, Stone, & Sheldon
Refusing to Go Outside
2nd Degree Endangering Safety - Couch

104. Rax
1st Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety
Breaking and Entering

105. Remi
Coercing Owner into Bed
Waking up Way too Early

106. Riley
Stealing Food from Refrigerator 
Taking Food without Owner's Consent

107. Riley
Malicious Mischief

108. Rocco
Theft of Shoes

109. Rocky
Digging in Garbage Can - Repeat Offender

110. Rocky
Refusing to Sleep in Dog Bed
Eating Treats on Clean Carpet

111. Ronin
Refusing to Obey Commands / Refusing to go Inside

112. Ruby

113. Sadie
Hiding from Law Enforcement Officers
Hogging the Couch

114. Sammy
Using Beagle Eyes & Floppy Ears to Coerce Owner

115. Samson
Burglary -  Building or Dwelling

116. Socates & Orange Peel
Vandalism of Scratch Post

117. Stanley 
Identifying as a Dog / Stolen Identity - Theft

118. Stanley Kowalski
Leash Dragging
Hunting Bunnies without a Permit
Howling in Public Area / Nuisance

119. Sterling
Removal of Shock Collar / Shocking Human

120. Tiki

121. Tootie
Dragging Butt on Carpet After a #2

122. Tubby
Stealing Human's Favorite Spot / Unauthorized Use of Couch

123. Turbo
Walking Too Fast
Pulling Owner on Walks

124. Vinnie
Pooping in Public - Repeat Offender

125. Vinnie James
Theft from Elderly
Threatening Law Enforcement

126. Fletcher
Refusing to Leave Lambeau Field / Trespassing - Demanding to try out for the team

127. Willie Nelson
Possession of THC / Marijuana Possession
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia / Narcotic Equipment Possession
Operating while Under Influence of Controlled Substance

128. Winston
Slaughtering Squeaky Toys
Chasing Wildlife

129. Winston
Failure to Report to Jail

130. Xena
Pillow Theft 

131. Louie
Puking in Vehicle
Ripping Carpet
Being Too Darn Cute (TDC)

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