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Daily Arrest Records - September 12, 2017 (Tuesday)

Brown County Arrests - Tuesday September 12, 2017

No claims to the accuracy of this information are made. The information and photos presented on this site have been collected from the websites of County Sheriff's Offices or Clerk of Courts. The people featured on this site may not have been convicted of the charges or crimes listed and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal evidence. Contact the respective County Clerk or State Attorney's Office for more information. There may be persons listed who are not "newly" arrested, but are being transferred from another Correctional Facility to Brown County for court appearances related to prior charges. Those listed could also be due to scheduled court appearances. The release of this information is intended to educate and protect the public and is not to be used to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any individual or their family. 

Booking charges are usually amended with modifiers at the initial court appearance. Charges may change without notice as a result of plea bargaining, court hearings, or jury trials.

1. Morris Quinn
Possession of Firearm by Felon / Carrying Prohibited Weapon (F) - 2 counts
Possession of Cocaine (F)

2. Patrick Schober
Disorderly Conduct (M)
Probation Violation (F)

Probation from Outagamie County 2012CF000883 - 4.5 years state prison, 4.5 years extended supervision, 60 hours community service, 3 years DOT License Revoked & Ignition Interlock Device

OWI 10th or More (F)

3. Michael Cornelius
Retail Theft - Intentionally Take / Shoplifting (M)
Probation Violation (M)

Probation from 2016CM001156 - 2 weeks 4 days jail time, 1 year probation

Retail Theft - Intentionally Take / Shoplifting < = $500 - (M)

Cornelius was also arrested yesterday, 9/11 for Contempt of Court - 2 counts (non misdemeanor or felony charges).

4. Lamar Anderson
Battery by Prisoners / Simple Assault (F)
Disorderly Conduct (M)

5. Kyle Sutrick
Contempt of Court / Disobey Order (M)

6. James Galyen
Battery / Simple Assault (M)
Disorderly Conduct (M) - 2 counts

7. Demario Rounds
Possession of THC / Marijuana Possession (M)

8. Marcellus Laws
Probation Violation (F)

Probation from 2015CF001717 - 4 months jail time, 3 years probation, 50 hours community service

Battery or Threat to Judge, Prosecutor, or Law Enforcement Officer (F)

9. Brandon Sustman
Sexually Violent Person Petition / Public Order Crimes (F)

Case 2005CI000002 - 1/9/2007 Court ordered defendant to secure mental facility until such time he is no longer deemed a sexually violent person.

Jury trial scheduled September 13, 2017 at 8:15 am. This type of case is done when the person is attempting to be released into the general public. If the petition is granted, he will be released into public. If denied, he will remain at the secure mental facility.

Lincoln County Case # 2004CF000117 - 3 years probation

4th Degree Sexual Assault (M) - 2 counts
Exposing Genitals to a Child (M) - 2 counts

10. Steven Gonzalez-Echevaria
Probation Violation (M)

Probation from 2016CF001377 - 1 year probation, no contact with victim

Disorderly Conduct / Domestic Abuse (M) - 2 counts

11. William Ciamarichello
Contempt of Court / Disobey Order (F)
Probation Violation (F)

Probation from Kenosha County 1995CF000846 - 8 years state prison, 5 years probation

Burglary - Building or Dwelling (F)
Contribute to Delinquency of Child in Act of Felony (F)
Forgery (F)

12. Sarah Larsen
Probation Violation (M)

Probation from 2016CM001730 - 4 months jail time, 2 years probation

Bail Jumping - Misdemeanor (M) - 2 counts

13. Kenyon Canady
Resisting or Obstructing an Officer / Obstructing Police (M)
Possession of THC / Marijuana Possession (M)
Bail Jumping - Felony / Bail - Personal Recognizance (F)

14. Vincent Andrus
Criminal Damage to Property (M)
Disorderly Conduct (M)
Probation Violation (M)

Probation from 2016CF001235 - 2 years probation, Absolute sobriety, no places where alcohol is dispensed, no taverns/liquor stores or residences. Contact with Father must be approved by probation agent.

Battery / Domestic Abuse (M)
Disorderly Conduct / Domestic Abuse (M)

15. Ray Perry
Possession of THC / Marijuana Possession (F)
Contempt of Court / Disobey Order (M)

16. Karen Mackellow
Fraud/Abscond on Taxicab Operator 

17. Michael Conrad
Probation Violation (F)

Probation from 2012CF000386 - 4 years state prison, 5 years extended supervision

Manufacture/Deliver Heroin (< 3g) - (F) - 2 counts
Possession of Amphetamine/LSD/Psilocin (2nd+) - (F)
Possession of Narcotic Drugs (F)
Maintain Drug Trafficking Place (F)

18. Jennifer Miller
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia / Narcotic Equipment Possession (M)
Bail Jumping - Felony / Bail-Secured Bond (F) - 4 counts
Manufacture/Deliver Non-Narcotics / Amphetamine (F)

19. Nathan Burrows
Operating While Under Influence / Drive Under Influence - Liquor 
Probation Violation (M)

Probation from Oconto County 2016CM000190 - 1.5 years state prison, 6 months extended supervision, 1 year probation

Disorderly Conduct / Domestic Abuse - Repeater (M)

20. Donald Ballard
Disorderly Conduct (M)
Battery / Assault (M)
Intimidate Victim / Dissuade Reporting (M)
Probation Violation (M) - PO Hold

21. Heidi Ayers
Cause Injury / Operate While Under Influence (M)

Case 2015CT001196 - 45 days local jail, 18 months DOT License Revoked, 12 months Ignition Interlock - Jail sentence begins 9/12/2017.

22. Erin Shepard
Probation Violation (F) - PO Hold

23. Christy Arcand
Disorderly Conduct (M)
Battery / Assault (M)

24. Yulissa Ruiz-Mosqueda
Child Abuse / High Probability of Great Harm / Cruelty Toward Child (F)
Disorderly Conduct (M)
Contempt of Court / Disobey Order

25. Jeremy Gucky
Battery / Simple Assault (M) - 2 counts
Disorderly Conduct (M) 

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