Saturday, September 2, 2017

(Alleged) Sex Crime Saturday - August 12th to September 2, 2017

 Roundup of Sex Crime Related Arrests - 8/12/17 to 9/2/17

No claims to the accuracy of this information are made. The information and photos presented on this site have been collected from the websites of County Sheriff's Offices or Clerk of Courts. The people featured on this site may not have been convicted of the charges or crimes listed and are presumed innocent until proven guiltyDo not rely on this site to determine factual criminal evidence. Contact the respective County Clerk or State Attorney's Office for more information. There may be persons listed who are not "newly" arrested, but are being transferred from another Correctional Facility to Brown County for court appearances related to prior charges. Those listed could also be due to scheduled court appearances. The release of this information is intended to educate and protect the public and is not to be used to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any individual or their family.

When reading case numbers, the first 4 digits are the year the charges were filed, 2 letters are severity (CF = Criminal Felony, CM = Criminal Misdemeanor), and the remaining 6 digits is the actual case number.

1. April Martin
Trafficking of a Child / Kidnap Minor (F)

8/14/17 - Complaint Filed, probable cause affidavit & judicial determination. $1,000 cash bond set and signed. No contact with victim. 
8/18/17 - Cash bond posted with sheriff.
9/28/17 - Preliminary Hearing scheduled

2. Bonifacio Dominguez-Valdivia
1st Degree Child Sex Assault - Sexual Contact with Person Under Age 13 (F) - 2 counts
Incest with Child by Step-parent (F)

8/14/17 - Probable Cause Hearing, $20,000 cash bond set & signed. No contact with victims & no unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18. Needs Spanish interpreter for court.
8/22/17 - Complaint filed, Initial Appearance
9/5/17 - Adjourned Initial Appearance

3. Eric Blohowiak
4th Degree Sexual Assault (M)

8/14/17 - Bond posted with sheriff
8/15/17 - Complaint filed, Initial Appearance. $2,500 signature bond set & signed. No contact with victim. Third party may arrange child placement/visitation.
8/17/17 - Cash bond posted $900

4. Shayne Kirschling
Sex with Child Age 16 or Older (M) - 2 counts - Guilty Due to No Contest Plea
3rd Degree Sexual Assault (F) - Deferred Prosecution or Sentence
  • Case 2015CF000663 - Open / Deferred Judgment or Prosecution
5/6/15 - Complaint filed
5/28/15 - Initial Appearance, $5,000 signature bond set & signed. No contact with victim
8/3/15 - Arraignment - Not Guilty plea entered
2/9/16 - State's Motion for order for Findings and HIV/STD testing. Court orders testing. Order for probation sent to Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC)
4/6/16 - Order amending judgment of conviction- defendant not required to register as sex offender at this time.
8/8/16 - Ex Parte petition and order to revoke Huber privileges.
9/8/17 - Hearing scheduled

5. Joseph Anderson
2nd Degree Sexual Assault / Unconscious Victim (F) - 4 counts
Capture Image of Nudity (F) - 6 counts
4/14/17 - Complaint filed
5/2/17 - Initial Appearance - adjourned until 5/23
5/23/17 - Adjourned Initial Appearance - $1,000 cash bond set. 
6/9/17 - Preliminary Hearing - Kyle B sworn in / testifies on behalf of state, Exhibit 1 (Criminal Complaint) marked/offered/received, cross examination by defense attorney. State requests bindover, defense objects - court finds probable cause & orders bindover. 
6/19/17 - Arraignment - defendant enters Not Guilty plea on all counts. Motion for protective order, approved by court.
7/19/17 - Motion from state to admit other acts into evidence and supporting of brief. 
8/18/17 - Motion Hearing - Court grants motion from state to enter other acts into evidence. Defense does not object.
10/9/17 - Final Pre-Trial Hearing

6. Nicholas Godwod
Possession of Child Pornography (F) - 6 counts

8/17/17 - Complaint filed, Initial Appearance, $7,500 cash bond set & signed. No unsupervised contact with anyone under age of 18. No electronic devices that can access the Internet. GPS must be placed on defendant at his expense prior to release. Bond posted with sheriff.
8/18/17 - Correspondence from WI Lock & Load dated 8/18/17 stating defendant was placed on GPS device as part of bail conditions.
8/28/17 - Request for substitution of Judge.
8/30/17 - Application for specific judicial assignment approved. 
9/1/17 - Order assigning judge/judicial assignment order.

7. Charles Banister
3rd Degree Sexual Assault (F) - Guilty due to Guilty Plea
1st Degree Sexual Assault - Use Dangerous Weapon (F) - Charge Dismissed, but Read In

  • Case 2016CF001697 - 5 years state prison, 5 years extended supervision
12/1/16 - Complaint with warrant filed.
3/6/17 - Preliminary Hearing - Detective Wanta sworn in & testifies on behalf of state. Criminal Complaint (Exhibit 1) marked/offered/received. Cross examination by defense. State moves for bindover, defense opposes. Court finds probable cause for bindover. Request for substitution of judge, approved by court.
3/27/17 - Arraignment - Defendant enters Not Guilty plea on both counts.
4/20/17 - Notice of intent to introduce medical records & other acts as evidence.
5/10/17 - Defendant demands to be present physically for all courtroom proceedings.

8. David Janquart
2nd Degree Sexual Assault of Child (F)
  • Case Outagamie County 2011CF000672 - 4 years state prison, 8 years extended supervision. 
    • Conditions of release:  absolute sobriety, no contact with anyone under 18, provide DNA, no purchase or access to any electronic devices that have access to Internet. Defendant shall not loiter around parks. No intimate relationships or dating unless approved by agent. No contact with victim or family. Cannot leave state of Wisconsin without prior approval from agent. 
  • Arrested on 8/17/2017 for violation of probation/parole.

9. Kerry Johnson
2nd Degree Sexual Assault / Use of Force (F)
6/29/16 - Complaint filed.
8/25/16 - Initial Appearance - $10,000 signature bond set & signed. 
9/1/16 -  Notice of intent to introduce DNA evidence and medical records.
9/12/16 - Preliminary Hearing - Criminal Complaint marked as Exhibit 1. Witness Scott K identifies defendant. State moves for bindover, defense objects. Court orders bindover.
1/5/17 - Defense Motion to preclude testimony regarding credibility of alleged victim. Defense requests evidence to be tested. Defense also files motion to admit prior untruthful allegations, preclude state's expert testimony, and modify J.I. Crim-140 regarding Burden of Proof
7/20/17 - Defense's motion to transfer defendant/prisoner
7/26/17 - Order to produce three witnesses from GBCI (Green Bay Correctional Institute) on September 19th and 20th for court.
9/21/17 - Final Pre-Trial hearing

10. Dean Garcia
1st Degree Sexual Assault of Child (F) - Guilty/No Contest

  • Case 1993CF000497 - 17.5 years state prison
  • Arrested 8/22/2017 for probation violation.

11. Robert Anderson
Lewd, Lascivious Behavior - Exposure / Sex Offense (M)
  • Case 2016CM000621 - 1 year probation, 75 hours community service.
5/10/16 - Complaint Filed, Initial Appearance - $2,000 signature bond set & signed.
9/9/16 - Order for probation sent to DOC, order for DNA to be provided.
8/25/17 - Sentencing hearing on revocation of probation/bond.

12. Randy Schramke
1st Degree Sexual Assault of Child (F) - Found Guilty at Jury Trial

  • Case 1994CF000102 - 25 years state prison
  • Arrested on 08/25/2017 for violating conditions of probation

13. Tyler Marcek
Possession of Child Pornography - (F) - 3 counts
7/28/17 - Complaint with warrant filed
9/1/17 -  Initial Appearance - $5,000 cash bond set. No unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18. No possession of any device that can access the internet.

14. Joshua Arcand
3rd Degree Sexual Assault (F) - Guilty Due to No Contest Plea
  • Case 2011CF001069 - 1 year jail time, 5 years probation
    • Conditions of Release - No contact with any minors unless approved by agent. Submit & comply w/sex offender evaluation and follow any recommended treatment plans. Take medicines as prescribed by physician. Submit to and comply with AODA evaluation & treatment. Absolute sobriety and drug free lifestyle. Comply with the Wisconsin Sex Offender registry program. Submit DNA sample. Full-time education, employment, or combination of part-time education & employment. 
  • Arrested 8/31/2017 for violating conditions of release/probation.

15.Francisco Arellano
3rd Degree Sexual Assault (F) - Guilty due to No Contest Plea
  • Case 2014CF000307 - 3 years state prison, 5 years extended supervision
    • Conditions of Release - Complete psychological evaluation & follow through. Undergo evaluation regarding sex offense issues & follow through. Comply with Sex Offender registry and treatment. All personal relationships must be approved by agent. Maintain/obtain full-time employment, school, or combination. No contact with victim or victim's family.
  • Arrested 9/1/17 for violating conditions of release/probation.

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