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(Alleged) Sex Crime Saturday - Weekly Roundup - August 5, 2017

Weekly Roundup of Sex Crime Related Arrests

No claims to the accuracy of this information are made. The information and photos presented on this site have been collected from the websites of County Sheriff's Offices or Clerk of Courts. The people featured on this site may not have been convicted of the charges or crimes listed and are presumed innocent until proven guiltyDo not rely on this site to determine factual criminal evidence. Contact the respective County Clerk or State Attorney's Office for more information. There may be persons listed who are not "newly" arrested, but are being transferred from another Correctional Facility to Brown County for court appearances related to prior charges. Those listed could also be due to scheduled court appearances. The release of this information is intended to educate and protect the public and is not to be used to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any individual or their family.

When reading case numbers, the first 4 digits are the year of case, 2 letters are severity (CF = Criminal Felony, CM = Criminal Misdemeanor), and the remaining 6 digits is the actual case number.

1. Reginald Hines
3rd Degree Sexual Assault / Rape (F)

Case # 2017CF001082 - Case remains open

7/25/2017 - $5,000 cash bond set, no contact order in place with victim. Consume no alcohol, no presence in taverns or liquor stores. 

8/15/2017 - Adjourned Initial Appearance scheduled

2. Harley Garrigan
Possession of Child Pornography (F) - 10 counts

Case # 2017CF000429 - Case remains open

3/24/2017 - $25,000 cash bond set. No contact with any minors without supervision. No possession of any device that can access the internet. 

6/15/2017 - Defendant plea of Not Guilty on all counts.

11/3/2017 - Motion Hearing scheduled

3. Thomas Tourtillott
1st Degree Child Sex Assault - Sexual Contact with Person Under Age 13 (F)

Case # 2014CF000724 - Sentenced to 3 years state prison, 7 years extended supervision on 11/3/2014.
Defendant to have no contact with any minors or victim. May not possess any sexually explicit materials. Defendant shall not be placed in same facility as father.

6/5/2014 - $10,000 cash bond set 

9/10/2014 - Defendant found Guilty of 1st Degree Child Sex Assault

4. Jerry Broadnax
Fail to Provide Sex Offender Information / Sex Offender Registry Violation (F)
1st Degree Sexual Assault of a Child (F) - Case # 1994CF000124

2017CF000245- Case remains open

6/14/2017 - $2,500 signature bond set, required to maintain registry; bond signed. 

7/20/2017 - $5,000 signature bond set, report to Day Report Center

7/27/2017 - $250 cash bond set, defendant provides proof of address.

5. Derek Gates

Currently no case number with Brown County Circuit Court, being held on probable cause.

6. Christian Moore
2nd Degree Sexual Assault of Child (F)
Sex Registry Violation (F)

Case # 2009CF000084 - 5 years state prison, 5 years extended supervision
1/9/2017 - Appealed sentence, appeal denied by court.

2015CF001558 - 1 year local jail, 3 years probation

11/6/2015 - $2,500 cash bond set.

7. Bradley Bruening
Possession of Child Pornography / Obscene Material Possession (F) - 3 counts
2nd Degree Sexual Assault of Child (F)

Case # 2017CF000530 - Case remains open

5/10/2017 - $25,000 cash bond set. Defendant to have no internet access.

9/15/2017 - Final Pre-Trial Conference scheduled.

Case # 2010CF000501 - 5.5 years state prison, 6 years extended supervision

Defendant found Guilty due to Alford Plea
No contact with victim, her family or friends. No contact with any female under 18 years of age without agent's approval. Must complete psychological evaluation, sex offender treatment, register as sex offender, and maintain mental health counseling.

5/7/2010 - $20,000 cash bond set. 

8. Christopher Jamroz
4th Degree Sexual Assault (M)
Possession of Child Pornography (F) - 4 counts

Case # 2012CF001265 - 2 years probation

10/16/2012 - $2,500 cash bond set. 10/22/2012 - Cash bond posted. 

Case # 2012CF001301 - 4 years state prison, 4 years extended supervision
Defendant must maintain absolute sobriety, no possession or use of computer equipment/internet. No possession of photography or video equipment. No possession of pictures of children. Defendant requires maximum supervision based on evaluation. Must follow all DOC standard sex offender rules, complete sex offender assessment and complete treatment.

10/26/2012 - $10,000 cash bond set. 11/29/2012 - cash bond posted. 

4/22/2014 - Appeal received from defendant. 

9. Phillip Lablanc
Child Enticement - Prostitution / Exploitation-Enticement  (F)

Case # 2016CF001456 - 3 months jail time, 5 years probation, 100 hours community service

Defendant may serve sentence in any Wisconsin county. Undergo sex offender assessment. May not use phone/cell phone without agent's permission, no contact with minor females (if agent is not concerned with relatives, may give pre-approval for contact), may not use internet without agent's prior approval - specifically social media, advertisement, or pornography. No pornography. Comply with sex offender registry program.

10/14/2016 - $7,500 cash bond set and signed. 

10. Devon Alexander
Human Trafficking - Transport Female / Immoral Purposes (F)

Case # 2017CF001129 - Case Filed with criminal complaint 8/4/2017.

11. Kyle Scott
4th Degree Sexual Assault (M) - 2 counts

Case # 2016CF000860 - 50 hours community service, 2 years probation

Court orders/allows defendant to petition for expungement from record, hearing scheduled May 20, 2019. Continue sex offender counseling, AODA assessment/treatment. 

7/8/2016 - $10,000 signature bond set and signed. Defendant to have no contact with victim.

6/1/2017 - Defendant was ordered to report to Brown County Jail to submit DNA sample, did not show.

12. Joshua Matz
Sex with Child Age 16 or Over (M)

Case # 2008CF000348 - 9 months local jail

4/11/2008 - $25,000 cash bond set. No contact with victim. 

5/6/2008 - Cash bond adjusted down to $5,000

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