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Notable Court Cases - Wednesday May 31, 2017

Notable Court Cases May 31, 2017

The case number is a link to the WCCA website and information on the charges. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty through due process. The below cases stood out among those that may be of interest locally.

State of Wisconsin vs. Philip M. Sendek- 2016CF000062 

1st Degree Child Sex Assault - Sexual Contact with Person Under Age of 13
Jury trial begins May 31, 2017

32 year old Philip Sendek was charged and booked into the Brown County Jail, accused of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend's 5 year old daughter in October 2015. The 5 year old child lived in an apartment in Ledgeview with her mother. According to the criminal complaint, the mother went to the store, leaving her daughter with Sendek. After that night, the 5 year old girl started acting out in school, becoming angry, and having panic attacks. 

The mother contacted the Brown County Sheriff's Department weeks later, when her daughter told her that Sendek had been touching her. Sendek was charged and arrested in January of 2016. Sendek was released from jail on October 4, 2016 on a $5,000 signature bond.

Court Record Events - 

  • 01/14/16 - $25,000 cash bond set
  • 02/01/16 - Notice of intent to use audiovisual recording of child statement.
  • 03/17/16- Defendant's attorney requests Daubert Hearing.
    • A Daubert Hearing is presented before a judge and challenges the validity and admissibility of expert testimony. The expert is required to demonstrate their methodology and reasoning are scientifically valid and can be applied to the facts of the case.
  • 03/29/16 - Motion in limine on admissibility of defendant's offer to take polygraph test.
    • Motion in Limine is filed by a party to a lawsuit and asks the court for an order or ruling that limits or prevents certain evidence from being presented by the opposing counsel at the trial of the case.
  • 03/31/16 - Court dismisses George Pappas as defendant's attorney. Retains Shane Brabazon as attorney. Motion hearing scheduled for 8/26/16, final pre-trial 09/19/16 and jury trial scheduled 9/21/16.
  • 05/15/16 - Defendant's notice of motion to exclude state's witness.
  • 09/19/16 - Final pre-trial scheduled 9/30/16. Jury trial scheduled 10/5/16. 
  • 09/26/16 - Supplemental notice and summary of expert testimony.
  • 10/04/16 - Motion hearing scheduled 12/8/16, final pre-trial 1/10/17 and 1/23/17, jury trial scheduled 1/25/17. Signature bond set at $5,000 and signed by defendant.
    • No contact order with victim, victim's mother, and grandfather. No unsupervised contact with any minors.
  • 01/23/17 - Motion hearing scheduled 5/12/17, final pre-trial 5/26/17, jury trial 5/31/17.
  • 05/19/17 - Defendant's witness list amended.
  • 05/25/17 - Defendant's second motion in limine. Proposed jury instructions.
  • 05/26/17 - State's witness list. Proposed jury instructions. State's demand for a speedy trial.

State of Wisconsin vs. Nicholas Terrien- 2016CF001564

1st Degree Child Sex Assault - Sexual Contact with Person Under Age of 13
Incest with Child by Step-Parent
Intimidate Victim/Dissuade Reporting
Intimidate Victim/Conspiracy
Obstructing Justice
Contempt of Court/Disobey Order (13 charges)
Plea Hearing May 31, 2017

Court Record Events - 
  • 11/04/16 - Complaint filed and $25,000 cash bond set.
  • 11/29/16 - Defendant's demand for discovery and inspection.
  • 12/02/16  - State's demand for discovery.
  • 12/05/16 - Officer Valerie Schupbach sworn in and testifies on behalf of the state. Exhibit 1 (criminal complaint) marked, offered, and received. Cross examination by defendant's attorney. State rests and moves for bindover. Court finds probable cause and orders bindover. 
    • Arraignment scheduled for January 12, 2017.
  • 01/12/17 - Not guilty (NG) pleas entered. Speedy trial demanded by defendant. Bond continues and final pre-trial scheduled for April 4, 2017. Jury trial scheduled April 18.
  • 04/13/17 - Taken off trial calendar, plea hearing scheduled for May 5, 2017.
  • 05/05/17 - Plea hearing scheduled for 5/23. Court receives letters of correspondence.
  • 05/23/17 - Hearing - plea hearing moved to 5/31/17.

State of Wisconsin vs. Renida Scott - 2016CF001318

Child Abuse/Intentionally Cause Harm 
Resisting or Obstructing an Officer
Disorderly Conduct
Battery or Threat to Judge, Prosecutor, or Law Enforcement Officer
Jury Trial May 31, 2017

Court Record Events - 
  • 09/19/2016 - Initial appearance in court. $2,000 signature bond set. No contact order, except as recommended by CPS. Signature bond signed and defendant released from jail.
  • 09/22/2016 - Defendant's demand for discovery and inspection.
  • 10/04/2016 - Preliminary hearing. Criminal complaint entered as exhibit 1.
  • 10/06/2016 - Notice of Arraignment hearing November 11, 2016. Request for substitution of judge. Count #4 (battery/threat) added to complaint.
  • 10/11/2016 - Application for specific judicial assignment approved.
  • 10/17/2016 - Order assigning judge/judicial assignment.
  • 11/11/2016 - Arraignment. Status conference scheduled for January 13, 2017.
  • 01/13/2017 - Status conference scheduled for March 20, 2017.
  • 05/30/2017 - Final pre-trial hearing.

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