Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Douglass Detrie, Boyfriend of Murdered Nicole Vanderheyden Charged in Domestic Incident Involving Sister

Allouez, Wi - Douglass Detrie, the man originally arrested and later released for the murder of then girlfriend, Nicole Vanderheyden, had charges filed against him today in Brown County Circuit Court for a domestic abuse incident involving Vanderheyden's sister.

The district attorney's office is charging Detrie with second-degree recklessly endangering safety, false imprisonment, and disorderly conduct related to the February 2017 incident.

The complaint filed in Brown County states that Detrie and Heather Meyer (Vanderheyden's sister) attended a birthday party dinner at an Allouez restaurant in February. While they were driving to another restaurant, Detrie placed his hand on Meyer's leg in a sexual manner. When Meyer asked him to stop, he began to drive faster, running a red light on Riverside Drive at 172. Heather told police that she feared for her life and asked Detrie more than 20 times to let her out of the vehicle, even opening the door while the vehicle was moving.

Meyer's father has agreed with her story regarding the incidents that occurred, saying that Detrie had pulled up next to him on Riverside Drive and almost swerved into his vehicle. At one point, he followed Detrie. When Detrie ran a red light, Meyer's father swerved at Detrie's car to show that he was intent on stopping him. Eventually Detrie stopped and Heather was able to get into her father's vehicle.

After the incident, Detrie called Steven's phone, asking if she was ok. He later texted, "My fingers are crossed that this was just booze getting in the way of happiness. I care too much maybe. See you soon and wish for the best."

Officers were not able to get any information about the incident from Detrie.

Ms. Meyer told investigators that she has been living with Detrie in attempt to help raise the son that Detrie and Vanderheyden had together.

George Burch has been charged with the murder of Nicole Vanderheyden. Deputies state that Detrie is still not a suspect in the murder of Nicole that occurred in 2016. Burch, along with his attorney, are attempting to pin the murder on Detrie and have filed motions to present evidence in the case.


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