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(Alleged) Sex Crime Saturday - December 16, 2017 to January 5, 2018

Roundup of Sex Crime Related Arrests - December 16, 2017 to January 5, 2018

No claims to the accuracy of this information are made. The information and photos presented on this site have been collected from the websites of County Sheriff's Offices or Clerk of Courts. The people featured on this site may not have been convicted of the charges or crimes listed and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal evidence. There may be persons listed who are not "newly arrested", but are being transferred from another Correctional Facility to Brown County Circuit Court for appearances related to Brown County charges. The release of this information is intended to education and protect the public and is NOT to be used to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any individual or their family.

Booking charges are usually amended with modifiers at initial court appearances. Charges may change without notice as a result of plea bargaining, court hearings, or jury trials.

Child Enticement - Sexual Contact (F)

  • Case 09CF725
  • Sentence - 1 year jail, 4 years extended supervision, 7 years probation
    • Maintain/obtain full-time employment, no contact with victim or her family, participate in follow-up Sex Offender Treatment programming
  • Violated probation terms on January 4, 2018

2. Chris Prazi
4th Degree Sexual Assault (M) - 3 counts

  • Case 15CM666
  • Case Open - competency hearing February 2, 2018
    • 6/19/15 - Arrest Warrant Issued
    • 12/21/17 - Initial Appearance / Return on Warrant, $1,000 signature bond set. No contact w/victim or residence. Signature bond signed.
    • 1/2/18 - Competency Hearing. Defendant does not appear in court because he passed out in the court house rotunda. Defense requests competency evaluation, court orders competency evaluation.

3. Corey Bergh
2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child (F)

  • Case 10CF302
  • Sentence - 1 year 2 months state prison, 6 years extended supervision
    • Maintain/obtain full-time employment. No contact with victim and no contact with children unless approved by agent.
    • Submit DNA Sample & pay surcharge. Registration on Sex Offender Registry. Continued sex offender treatment. Adhere to sex offender rules (including no contact with minors without approved chaperone). 
    • No use of the internet
  • Violated terms of probation December 21, 2017

2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child (F) - 97CF224
Sex Offender Registry Violation (F) - 14CF138

  • Case 97CF224 (Shawano County)
    • Sentence - 4 months jail, 3 years probation
  • Case 14CF138 (Shawano County)
    • Sentence - 3 months jail, 2 years probation. Revoked on 9/7/16. Sentenced to 1.5 years state prison, 1.5 years extended supervision
    • Full-time employment or 15 job searches per week, absolute sobriety, DNA sample provided to court, electronic monitoring at agent's discretion, no contact with anyone under 18 without agent approval, counseling as recommended, comply with sex offender registry

5. Devin Stasiek
2nd Degree Sexual Assault - Intoxicated Victim (F) (Deferred Prosecution or Sentence)
4th Degree Sexual Assault (M)

  • Case 16CF948
  • Sentence - 6 months jail, 2 years probation
    • Good time/huber for education or work, may serve at Manitowoc County Jail, Submit DNA Sample.
    • No contact with KRF. 
    • Compass evaluation and follow through. Sex Offender treatment/counseling. Any other conditions ordered by agent

Child Enticement - Sexual Contact (F) 
Use a Computer to Facilitate Child Sex Crime (F) - Dismissed, but Read In
Sex with Child Age 16 or Older (M)
2nd Degree Sexual Assault of Unconscious Victim (F)

  • Case 12CF232
  • Sentence - 9 months jail, 5 years state prison, 6 years extended supervision. Concurrent with 12CF1327 & 12CF1390
    • No contact with TG, CLB, or MS
    • No contact with anyone under 18 unless prior approval given by agent
    • Comply with any chaperone agreement recommendations of DOC, comply with sex offender registry program, participate in sex offender treatment/evaluation & follow all recommendations.
    • Not to purchase, possess, nor use a computer, software, hardware, or modem without prior agent approval or for employment.
    • Submit DNA sample, payment of supervision fees determined by DOC.
    • Absolute sobriety. Not to possess controlled substance without a valid prescription nor be in possession of any drug paraphernalia. No alcohol, no presence in taverns, bars, or liquor stores (anywhere liquor is served). Complete AODA assessment and treatment.
    • Pay for counseling for the victims
  • Case 12CF1390
    • Sentence - 9 months jail, 5 years state prison, 6 years extended supervision. Concurrent with other case.
    • Same terms as above case.
  • Violated Probation Terms December 29, 17

1st Degree Sexual Assault (F)

  • Case 89CF79
  • Violated Probation January 1, 2018
  • Probation revoked May 2014 and sentenced to prison

8. Courtney Jackson
2nd Degree Sexual Assault / Aided by Another (F) - January 3, 2018

  • No charges have been formally filed at this point.

9. Ricky Bridges
1st Degree Child Sexual Assault - Sexual Contact w/Person Under Age 13 (F)
1st Degree Child Sexual Assault - Sexual Contact w/Person Under Age 13 (F)

  • Case 17CF1066
  • 2/5/18 - Arraignment
  • 7/21/17 - Initial Appearance. $10,000 cash bond set. 
    • No contact with DJB, CL, DX, VMN, NMT or their residences/places of employment
  • 8/17/17 - Defense attorney requests competency hearing. Court orders competency examination. 
  • 10/6/17 - Court receives report and finds defendant not competent to proceed with trial. Treatment is ordered.
  • 10/9/17 - Order for commitment for treatment.
  • 1/4/18 - Hearing: Defendant found competent to stand trial. Present bond continued.  Defendant files waiver for Preliminary Hearing, court accepts & finds probable cause for trial/continued proceedings.

10. Sabrina Clarke
Sexual Gratification

  • Case 17CM185 (Sheboygan County)
  • Sentence - 1 year probation
    • Early discharge @ recommendation of agent if obligations are fulfilled after 6 months. Probation may be transferred to Brown County
    • If probation revoked or discharged with outstanding financial obligations, civil judgement shall be entered against defendant in favor of restitution for victims/government entities for balance due.
    • If revoked & sent to prison, DOC shall withhold 25% of all inmates monies to pay fines/court costs with balance due as condition of extended supervision/parole.
    • No alcohol, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia. AODA counseling and assessments as deemed appropriate by agent.
    • 2/27/17 - $250 cash bond posted
    • 5/22/17 - No contest plea entered
  • Violated terms of probation/parole on January 3, 18

11. John Vogel
4th Degree Sexual Assault (M)
4th Degree Sexual Assault (M)
Intimidate Victim/Dissuade Reporting (M)
Intimidate Victim/Dissuade Reporting (M)

  • Case 17CF347
  • Sentence - 6 months jail, 5 years probation (Total for each count)
    • Good time & huber
    • 3/7/17 - Complaint w/warrant filed. Initial Appearance. $10,000 cash bond set. No contact with RV, PL, or BD - their residences or place of employment.
    • 3/10/17 - Cash bond posted.
    • 10/25/17 - Defendant's motion to seal court records
    • 10/27/17 - Plea/Sentencing Hearing 

12. Bobby Wright 
Lewd & Lascivious Behavior - Exposure (M)
  • Case 18CM2
  • 1/2/18 - Initial Appearance. Defendant enters Not Guilty Plea on all counts.
    • $1,000 signature bond set. No contact with Regency Apartments Properties, LC, or DR - their residences or places of employment.

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