Thursday, June 8, 2017

Weekly Call Summary - 05/28-06/03/2017

Sunday 05/28/2017

9:29 am - 172 @ Oneida St
Dodge Stratus slid off the highway and the driver hit his head. Requesting rescue.

9:43 am - Reforestation Rd
Woman may have possibly committed suicide by taking an excessive amount of pills with wine.

9:01 pm - 1100 block Harvey St
There is a silver Nissan car with Indiana plates being driven by a very intoxicated female. She was last seen westbound on Harvey St. She was previously at Rumrunners on Broadway.

9:12 pm -Dousman @ Oxford
Check the area for a fireworks complaint.

9:18 pm - 1112 Roland Ln - Roland Lane Apartments 
Fire alarm was pulled - there is smoke coming from an upper unit. No flames visible. The apartment the smoke is coming from has a tenant who has a history of excessive drinking.
9:39 pm UPDATE - There was smoke, but no flames visible. The apartment was filled with smoke. All tenants were evacuated from the apartment building. Apartment is being ventilated. 

9:45 pm - Highway 54 at 172 
Reckless driver swerving all over the road and brake checking people. Driving a Land Rover with partial plates 891-R##

9:52 pm - JR's Bar - Velp Ave
Someone lit off a large amount of fireworks in the area. Complainant is calling because their red Camaro has burn marks all over it from the fireworks. Will be waiting in the parking lot for officers.

9:57 pm - 1500 block S. Oneida St
Someone called because there is a large bonfire in someone's back yard.

10:15 pm - Bay Park Square Mall - Food Court/Near Shopko Entry
Security is calling for police/EMS because a man is asleep inside his black BMW in the parking lot. They did not try to wake him up.
10:19 UPDATE - Man is alert and oriented. Cancelling rescue.

10:22 pm - Azko Noble Park
There is a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot.

10:23 pm - 172 Westbound near Riverside Dr
There is a white male walking on the side of the highway.

10:37 pm - 100 block Irwin Ave - 
Earlier noise complaint is now a disturbance. After police left the people that were being loud started harassing the complainant and calling them names.

10:45 pm - Missed location
77 year old female intentionally overdosed. She is unconscious, but is breathing.

10:55 pm - 1500 block Ontario Rd
Possible physical disturbance in upper apartment. The complainant can hear a man yelling and slamming things around.

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