Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekly Call Summary - 05/21-05/27/17

Sunday 5/21/2017

9:11 am - Hubbard St for a home fire.

9:23 am-Cross streets of Crooks & Chicago
Possible PNB Child (pulseless, not breathing)
Child unfortunately passed away.

10:15 am-1700 block Grant St
Missing person report. Caller's brother did not come home last night.

10:19 am - Broadway Chevrolet - Ashland Ave @ Hansen Rd
Commercial Fire alarm going off. Attempting to reach keyholder.
10:46 am Update - Evacuated personnel from the building. There is a smell of smoke inside the building.

10:30 am-Cherry @ Webster
Requesting EMS for a hypothermic runner.

10:41 am-Bart Starr @ Lombardi
2 vehicle accident in traffic, no injuries.

10:43 am-600 block Trojan Dr
Mother is calling because her son is suicidal. He was at crisis center twice yesterday (5/20) and was suicidal at that time.

10:48 am-Scheuring Rd
Baby is currently locked inside a vehicle.
11:03 am Update - Vehicle is now open.

10:55 am-1800 block VanBuren St
Female person is PNB (pulseless not breathing)
11:02 am UPDATE - Medical Examiner notified. Currently at St. Vincent Hospital and ETA is 25 minutes.

11:04 am-Main @ Mason
Older pickup truck has a door that will not stay shut.

11:05 am-Bellin Health - Eaton Rd
Respond to urgent care for a female with shortness of breath and chest pain. EKG shows cardiac activity (possible heart attack). Requesting EMS to transport to hospital.

11:58 am-1200 block S. Chestnut St
Son throwing things at mother. She locked him out of the house. Lots of prior calls at this address.

12:19 pm-Luxemburg Rd @ Sugarbush
Vehicle accident with injuries. Female is hurt, but is conscious and breathing. Head injury from the airbag.

1:57 pm-1100 block S. Norwood
Weapons call - male and female physical disturbance. Man put knife to the woman's throat and was walking behind her. He is now outside and no longer has the weapon.

Monday 5/22/2017

12:41 pm - Wisneski Auto Sales - S. Taylor St
Man is running from police in the area and police are in pursuit. He was last seen behind this business going through the bushes. Possibly related to a retail theft.

12:42 pm-Harvey @ Irwin
2 vehicle accident.

1:02 pm-1300 block Fairview
Man was let go from his job at Saputo Cheese and has threatened to go home and shoot himself. Last seen leaving the employer about 20 minutes ago in a silver Prius.
1:56 UPDATE - Officer is now requesting a new phone number to contact Saputo Cheese, number they gave is not in service. No update on condition of man.

1:47 pm-Angels of Arcadia
EMS call for resident who fell and cut their head.

1:53 pm-Voyageur Park
Rescue en route for a child who has fallen and has a large gash on his head. Child is on the playground. They are also sending police.

2:24 pm-
GV from 172 for a blue Hyundai Sonata that is driving recklessly, almost hit complainant, swerving across lanes and is currently in left turn lane, entering Target parking lot.

3:22 pm-Marina Ln

200 feet from shore line by 172 there is a male standing up in a boat, waving an oar and asking for help.

Tuesday 05/23/2017

10:48 am-Main Street
Car vs. pole - man crashed into the pole and left the scene with his car still crashed into the pole. Suspect is wearing jeans and gray t-shirt.

1:51 pm-Van Deuren @ Mech St (East Side)
Camper smoking in the driveway, no flames visible. Currently approximately 3 feet from the house.

2:06 pm-1100 block Cherry St.
Police and rescue en route for a man who overdosed on a controlled prescription medication.

2:37 pm-41 Soutbound near U
Construction barrel in traffic.

2:56 pm-Irwin @ Harvey St area -
Police chasing a man (unknown reason, did not hear on scanner). They are chasing the person westbound on Harvey St.

3:03 pm-Kimp's Hardware - Glendale Rd
There is a maroon Hyundai, partial plate 157-XXX, that has a man in it taking pictures of children.
UPDATE - Man is known by police and they state he is taking pictures for a court case. Officer stated that this person is, "wired a little tight". Man lives on Cardinal Lane.

3:11 pm-1000 block of Quail or Quell St (East Side), I am not familiar with the street.
Physical disturbance between male and pregnant female. Male is father of the child and female has scratches on her. He is on the front porch right now and she is in her car. He is known to carry guns, but currently no weapons involved. She is refusing rescue.

3:23 pm-Lineville Rd @ Velp Ave
Vehicle accident. Requesting rescue for a female that hit her head.

3:26 pm-Culver's 11820 Velp Ave
Fire alarm currently going off.
3:33 pm UPDATE - False alarm. Cancelling fire/rescue.

3:26 pm-Broadway / Mather St
Man left shelter on Mather, requesting welfare check on him because he is threatening suicide. Wearing black hoodie with jeans, gray hair. No means given. He was last seen walking on Broadway.

3:30 pm-Location Unknown - someone backed into an officer's car.

3:38 pm-
41 @ Shawano Ave (approximate location)
4 year old girl called 911 from a deactivated cell phone. It is plotting to this area.
Girl is having a lengthy conversation with the dispatcher. There sounds like there is a problem, but the girl cannot explain what. She keeps saying something about her mom sleeping and they have a white car and live in a green house.

4:21 pm-Shawano Ave @ Taylor St -
There was a hit and run accident. Run vehicle is a silver or gray vehicle that left the scene. The person whose car was hit pullied into Kwik Trip parking lot. Run vehicle should have driver's side front end damage.
An officer in the area spotted a vehicle that matches the description of the "run" vehicle. They pulled into a parking lot in the area and a male & female got out of the vehicle and ran into the store.
4:24 pm UPDATE - Officer is still with possible run vehicle and has not been able to make contact with the people that were in the vehicle and ran into the store.

5:13 pm-Huber/Courthouse Downtown

Male / female disturbance in front of the Huber center downtown. They are screaming at each other and arguing. There is also an 8 year old child with them. Officers see them walking upstairs to the courthouse. They also think the man may have a warrant active for his arrest.

Wednesday 05/24/2017 

8:56 am -Walmart (don't know if East or West location)
Calling to file complaint against person who attempted to break into their ammunition case at the store. The description of the suspect matches the person that police are currently out with - he was carrying a maroon colored backpack.

9:08 am-6000 block Morrison Rd
Injured deer in the ditch from an earlier accident. The deer is still alive, but has 2 broken back legs due to accident. Requesting officers.

9:33 am-Shawano Avenue
Police are at an address regarding a sexual assault that occurred. The officer is also going to the 3300 block of Spirit Way to speak to someone who witnessed the sexual assault.

10:22 am-Bellin Psychiatric 301 E. St. Joseph
Adolescent there destroying property and is currently out of control. Wearing blue scrub pants and black sweatshirt. 16 years old.

10:22 am-Luxemburg Rd
Theft of a hanging basket

10:45 am-Mile marker 172/173 on highway 43 for a gray Ford Focus that spun out into the median and landed in the ditch.

11:17 am-Broadway
Intoxicated male chasing customers out of the bar. He also hit a person's car head on near Shawano Ave. This was a hit and run accident. Suspect is in a silver Chevy.

11:25 am-Tower Drive/Leo Frigo Bridge
Man that lives on Dousman St threatened to go jump off the tower drive bridge. He does not have access to a vehicle, so he would be on foot.
Police checked the area and did not find anyone on the bridge.

12:10 pm-1100 block Emilie St
Requesting officers come to the home regarding a car break in that occurred overnight. The female has evidence from the break in. Said the person that broke into the vehicle took their shoes off while running from police and she found them in her yard. Asking police to pick up the shoes.

12:16 pm-PD Lobby - Meet person (complainant) in the lobby regarding a threatening voicemail that was left for him.

12:23 pm-41 Southbound, just south of Lombardi Ave exit
Semi stalled on the side of the highway, partially in traffic.

1:47 pm-800 block 11th Ave
Police are on scene and requesting rescue for a female who was strangled during a disturbance.

2:45 pm-Police responding to ER bay at hospital (not said which hospital) for a heroin overdose.

3:00 pm-41 at Golden Glow
Requesting police to clean up debris that is all over the roadway and in traffic.

3:11 pm-Main @ 10th (De Pere)
3 vehicle accident with no injuries, currently in traffic.

4:17 pm-Military Ave @ Western Ave
Child was riding a bicycle and was hit by a car. He is currently up and walking around, but his holding his elbow. Police and rescue are being sent to the scene.
4:20 pm UPDATE - The initial call said the vehicle may have left the scene of the accident, but the person pulled into the HJ Martin parking lot. Did not leave the scene.

4:15 pm-2800 block Viking Dr
EMS call for person having allergic reaction to something. Having difficult time breathing and speaking.

4:25 pm-1900 block Mulberry Ln
An outlet shot out a flame. There is currently no smoke/flames visible, but there was a flame from the outlet that prompted the call.

4:39 pm-515 Pine St - Central Library
There is an intoxicated male at the library in his 20s. He was passed out after throwing up in the bathroom. He is currenlty awake and sitting by the computers. Refusing to leave.

4:40 pm-200 block S. Jackson
Man in a yellow shirt was just attempting to get into complainant's house. They do not know who he is. Last seen to the right of their home. He arrived on foot - possibly wearing a Packer shirt or a shirt that has a 5K run on it. He is approximately 60 years old.

5:08 pm-400 block S. Clay
Nursing Home - there is a Native American male with a ponytail, brown shirt. He has been walking around the parking lot for the past hour and has been asking people for money.

5:14 pm-400 block Superior Rd
Male/female physical disturbance. Both are currently outside the residence. They are fighting over a truck and child.

5:18 pm-172 Westbound to 41 Northbound

There is a large trash receptacle in traffic. Getting multiple calls about it.

Thursday 05/25/2017 

10:10 am-200 block S. Clay St
There is a 911 call plotting in this area. Asked caller if there was an emergency and they said yes and something about mother and grandma. Person hung up and dispatch was not able to call the number back.

10:14 am - 1200 block Scheuring Rd
Man is in the hallway screaming about hearing voices. No weapons involved. Sending police and rescue. Complainant states the man is very paranoid.

11:35 am-Bellevue - Windsor Apartments (1600 block Princeton Place)
Officers are out with a female who is on the floor. She is conscious, but is not responsive. They are also administering Narcan on her.
UPDATE - Female is now responsive, but very intoxicated. Requesting EMS to come to the scene.

11:49 am-Taylor St @ Shawano Ave
2 vehicle accident in the roundabout. They have pulled out of traffic. No injuries

11:56 am-1200 block Dousman
Female/female verbal disturbance. One of the females suffers from dementia and is known to carry weapons.

12:00 pm-VA Clinic
Requesting an officer to transport a person to jail - currently in custody on a warrant.

12:02 pm-Fleet Farm E. Main St.
Parking complaint - vehicle parked in handicap spot with no tag/disabled sticker.

12:09 pm-Walmart (not sure if East or West)
Retail theft. Female is in custody and is currently being cooperative - requesting police.

12:15 pm-1600 block E. Mason St (in front of Gus' Guns)
Male approximately 65-75 years old has been in front of the store and is carrying a rifle (open carrying). Police receiving calls on it. The man has not threatened anyone with the rifle nor has he gone into the store.

12:20 pm-Grand Central Station - 2500 block W. Mason St.

EMS call for intoxicated man. He threw up and then passed out in the bathroom. He is now behind the building passed out. They are sending officers and rescue/EMS. He has been drinking all day.

12:24 pm - St. Vincent Hospital
Requesting police for a male who was brought in earlier by De Pere rescue for suicidal thoughts. He is currently being uncooperative and attempting to leave the hospital. There is also a warrant out for his arrest.
12:29 pm UPDATE - this is the man that was brought in earlier today from the Scheuring Rd call for man hearing voices/being paranoid.

1:33 pm - Perkins E. Mason St
EMS call for a person who fell outside and has injuries.

2:08 pm - 1700 block ZZ - Wrightstown
Elderly female currently suicidal. Requesting a welfare check on her. No means given.

2:10 pm - Shawano Ave @ 12th
Fire hydrant is open and shooting water all over everything.
UPDATE - They are currently flushing the hydrants/water mains in the area.

2:22 pm - Woodman Dr @ Duck Creek Pkwy
Honda vs. Ford 2 vehicle accident currently in traffic. No injuries.

2:34 pm - De Pere Dam near the bridge
Person calling states that he is on an 18 foot fishing boat with 2 other men and they have a dead battery.
2:43 pm UPDATE - 3 men on the boat, all men are fine, no medical issues and all are currently safe. They do have an anchor in the water and are not moving. Rescue assisting in retrieving men from the boat.

2:49 pm - Princeton Place
Person named Kelly got into a vehicle and drove away while intoxicated.

2:49 pm - Grant @ Fourth St
Police on scene for minor traffic accident. Currently assessing injuries. Vehicles are in traffic.

2:53 pm - 1300 block Walnut
Welfare check on 2 small children that are playing in complainant's driveway. There are no adults/parents around.

2:53 pm - 41 Southbound @ Lineville Rd
Vehicle with Michigan plates, looks like the person is falling asleep at the wheel, swerving in and out of traffic, one person (man) in the vehicle. Complainant is behind the vehicle with their hazards on.
2:55 pm UPDATE - Vehicle is currently 41 SB at Velp Ave
2:57 pm UPDATE - eastbound on Velp Ave
2:57 pm UPDATE - currently Northbound on Riverview Dr
3:01 pm UPDATE - Vehicle was last seen going onto Shawano Ave from Riverview Dr.

3:24 pm - 2300 block Sunny Ln - Urban Edge Apartments
EMS call for a female in her 70s who fell and is not able to get up. Unknown injuries at this time.

3:30 pm- Packerland @ W. Mason
Elderly female currently walking in traffic.

3:45 pm - Velp Ave @ Winford
Traffic stop on a maroon Lincoln. Officer is requesting backup.

4:01 pm - Missed location
police chasing vehicle, high rates of speed, approximately 100 mph at one point. Initially trying to stop the vehicle for suspicious activity.

4:42 pm - Missed location, but worth a share!Someone called police because there is a car parked, baby is wearing nothing but a diaper and is in the front seat while the man and woman are "engaging in relations" in the front seat of the car.

4:48 pm - Smith St
Police are looking for a man wearing white shirt and camouflage pants - last seen running down the street. Man may have stab wounds.

4:54 pm-900 block 13th Ave
Fire being dispatched for a vehicle fire. The vehicle is between 2 houses, approximately 4 feet from the homes.

Friday 05/26/2017

9:42 am- Jefferson School
7 year old boy left the school and was last seen crossing the street near Harrison

10:02 am - 700 block E. Walnut
Disturbance - female is currently refusing to leave and swearing at people.

10:09 am - 2800 block Packerland Dr
Meet complainant to discuss a battery that happened last night.

10:16 am - GV
There is a goose running into traffic making cars swerve around it.

11:33 am - Lombardi Ave
Caller states they may have found the missing teenager (19 year old) that was on the news. She has long black hair and is walking around, smoking.

11:52 am - 1100 block Kellogg St
Welfare check on younger kids playing in the road.

11:53 am - 1800 block Shawano Ave
Loud music complaint

12:17 pm - Walmart - W. Mason St
Ther eis a 1 year old locked in a vehicle parked in row 10. Older red Grand Am. The one year old is currently sleeping and all of the windows are rolled up. Police are calling a locksmith.

12:41 pm - Joannes Park
Officers are watching the park because a teacher states there is going to be a fight in the park at some point during the day today.

1:00 pm - Marquee Yachts
Commercial fire alarm - keyholder is being reached
1:02 pm UPDATE - They are doing testing of their fire alarm.

1:02 pm - Van Buren @ Doty St
Disturbance - people in a silver Chevy and a newer sedan are yelling at each other.

3:07 pm - 700 block Webster Ave
Patient with cardiac arrest, currently not conscious and not breathing.

3:16 pm - Chase Bank on Adams St
There is a male/female couple that are taking advantage of an elderly male and exploiting him for his money by using his checks/debit card. The elderly man seems very confused.

5:20 pm - 41 Northbound @ Lineville Rd
Currently an accident in traffic on the highway. Traffic is backing up quite a bit.

Saturday 05/27/2017

3:53 pm - Mackinaw's Bar & Grill
Vehicle is currently on fire in the parking lot

4:02 pm - Cedar St
Retail theft - suspect is currently on scene and is driving a Grand Am


  1. My son Evan Jack passed away of SIDS on the 21st that was our call ���� ��

  2. Words cannot describe how sorry I am to hear about the passing of your precious baby. Praying for you...

  3. So sorry to hear this, God bless.